This city amazingly shares its eastern border with the red sea in a beautiful stretch of coastline. This ancient capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, is characterised by its diversity in culture, intricately interweaving Chinese, Russian, and French cultures together, modern and ancient traditions to produce a blend of outstanding lifestyle. A touch of Mother Nature’s goodness comfortably place Hanoi on the hot spot on radars of thousands of foreign tourists.
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Best Things To Do In Hanoi

Main Things You Need To Know About Hanoi


Hanoi has a subtropical weather experiencing winter between December and February. Spring comes between March and April, and summer lasts from May to August. July is the hottest month and December is usually the coolest month of the year. The best months to visit Hanoi happen to be in March and April.

Travelling Here

Most tourists visiting Hanoi and Vietnam as a whole come into the city through the Noi Bai International Airport which is in the north of the country. The little airport receives flights from Russia, Japan, Singapore, Qatar, Malaysia, China, and many other neighbouring cities and countries. From the airport, you will find private cars, taxis, express buses, and public buses to take you from the airport to your destination. There are also trains to transport tourists from China, Hue, Sa Pa, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City, and many other cities in Vietnam. Travelling through the sea into Hanoi is not really feasible and not a viable option for foreign tourists.


Hospitality has a different and unique definition. In Hanoi, you can only appreciate this when you experience the 5-star treatment and service the hotels and guesthouses in the city offers. Of course, an ancient city like Hanoi should know how to treat its visitors right; and yes it does. Here’s a list of Hanoi top hotels and lodges. 1. Hanoi Royal Palace Hotel 2 2. Hanoi La Siesta Hotel & Spa 3. Essence Hanoi Hotel & Spa 4. Splendid Hotel & Spa 5. The Light Hotel 6. Oriental Suite Hotel & Spa 7. Sofitel Legend Metropole 8. Apricot Hotel


If you are sitting across a table in a restaurant with rice noodles, rice noodles rolls, steamed rice rolls, and sticky rice on your menu list; then chances are good that you are in a restaurant in Hanoi. Hanoi showcases Ecuador’s finest dishes and services in nearly all the restaurants around. Get a bowl of Hanoi Pho, Pho Bo, Banh Cuon, Che, or Pho Chien Phong in Hanoi, and you will be tempted to return to the city for another. If you are new in the city, then you might want to use our list here as a guide to some of Hanoi’s best cuisines and restaurants around. 1. Hoan Kiem Lak 2. Bún Bò Nam B? 3. Ngon Villa Restaurant 4. Marvel Restaurant 5. Gia Ngu Restaurant 6. Grandma's Restaurant 7. Aummee Vegetarian Restaurant 8. La Terrasse Du Metropole 9. Sen 60 Ly Thai 10. Xuan Xuan Restaurant


Hanoi is considered a safe city for tourists. There are minimal records of crimes against tourist. Notwithstanding; tourists should remain alert to be on the safe side. Explore the marvels of the city without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. Dressings should be modest, and you should not move along with your valuables unless where necessary.

Getting Around

Walk it if it’s short. This allows you to stop at will, go slow or a bit faster, all at your discretion. The best way around the city for long distance travels is by taxis, and you still get to enjoy the convenience. Buses are also a cheap and reliable option provided you know where you are headed, and you can communicate same to the driver. You also find motorbikes in all corners of the Hanoi. Motorbike drivers will be willing and eager to get you safely around the city at a fair fare. Or simply rent a motorbike and do it yourself, at your pace, and go wherever you want to go. Hanoi’s traffic can sometimes be a little tight and congested, but with a little patience, you are sure to get to your destination on time.

Top Attractions

Top attractions in Hanoi include its enchanting natural parks, ancient villages, white beaches, museums, temples, historical sites, and a several others. Some of these top attractions in the Hanoi include: 1. The Hanoi Hilton 2. Hai Ba Trung Temple 3. Ba Vi National Park 4. National Museum of Vietnamese History 5. Hanoi Opera House 6. Temple of Literature 7. Hoan Kiem Lake 8. Blue Butterfly 9. Thang Long Ca Tru Theatre 10. Ho Chi Minh’s Stilt House

Being Local

Like every other great country with a signature delicacy, Hanoi’s Pho is indeed the most famous food in the city and being a local here may require you learn a thing or two about its secrets. Eating with chopsticks may not be an everyday experience for foreigners but not as a local of Hanoi. Learn to use the chopsticks, speak and write a little Vietnamese, and you are ready to blend in.

Travelling In Hanoi

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