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Browse the range of Vietnam tours available here at TourOpp. Vietnam is a beautiful country with a rich culture and incredible cuisine. Find out more today! Experience everything Vietnam has to offer. Meet its friendly people, enjoy its unique cuisine, and discovery everything its capital city, Hanoi, has to offer! You may like to look through our range of Hanoi tours before you visit. With an extensive range of cultural and archaeological attractions, beautiful beaches, islets, and jaw-dropping mountains, Vietnam is one of Southern Asia’s best tourist destinations. If you’re planning a tour of Southern Asia, you may also like to check out our range of tours in the Philippines. Vietnam is a great destination in its own right, but it’s also a great base for visiting other parts of South East Asia. Start planning your next big trip to Vietnam.

Best Cities To Visit In Vietnam

Main Things You Need To Know


It is located in the Asian Continent.

Capital City

It's capital, largest, and major city is Hanoi.


Vietnamese people are considered one of the gentlest in Asia.

Exquisite Cuisine

Their fine and unique spices which are used in several dishes, but the vietnamese dish that highlights the most is a fantastic soup called Pho.

Best Things To Do In Vietnam

Main Things You Need To Know About Vietnam

The official currency used in Vietnam is the Vietnamese Dong. One US dollar is equivalent to 22779.04 Vietnamese Dong.
Vietnam Vietnamese
With up to one-third of its vocabulary borrowed from Chinese, Vietnam is the only country that speaks Vietnamese as their official language. Minor languages spoken in a few remote areas in the country include Chinese, French, English, Khmer, and a few other local languages. Tourists entering Vietnam will need the service of a local guide for effective communication with the locals. But there is nothing to worry about; there are great local guides scattered all over that are willing to assist you.

Visa Information
Vietnam allows visa application by mail or in person at the embassy. Touristic visitors are required to obtain a visitor visa before crossing its borders. However, the country allows members of certain countries to gain entry into it without a visa. Among these countries are Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Laos, Kyrgyzstan, Brunei, Myanmar, Indonesia, Belarus, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Chile, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Japan, Finland, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the Philippines. Requirements for a Vietnam visa include:
1.  A complete and signed application form.
2. A passport-size photograph taken recently.
3. An authentic passport that will remain valid throughout the course of your visit.
4. The visa application fees. The fee is placed at US$20 but may vary with time.
5. The visa fee. This fee is placed at US$45 but may vary with time.

Getting There
Vietnam has three major airports running international flights. The first in Tan Son Nhat airport in the south of the country, in Ho Chi Minh City; the next is Noi Bai International Airport on the north of the country, in Hanoi. The third is Da Nang International Airport located somewhat in the middle of the country, in Da Nang. There are direct flights into the ancient country from the UK, the US, Australia, New Zealand, through any of the three major airports in the Vietnam. Getting around Vietnam can be easily done through any of the domestic flights that serve the country.
Crossing into Vietnam by land can be done through three countries –Laos, Cambodia, and China. China offers three different border accesses to get into Vietnam at Lao Cai, Dong Dang-Pingxiang, and Mong Cai. There are seven crossing points Bo Y-Phou Keau, Nam Can-Nong Haet, Tay Trang-Sop Hun, Lao Bao-Dansavanh, Cau Treo-Nam Phao. Tinh Bien-Phnom Den, Xa Xia-Prek Chak, Moc Bai-Bavet, Le Thanh-O Yadaw, and Vinh Xuong-Kaam Samnor link Cambodia to Vietnam.
There is no convenient access for tourists by sea into Vietnam.
Vietnam 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
Another important question tourists have to answer before making their travel is –what time of the year will be best? Vietnam is a fine place to visit at any time of the year. The country gets really wet with extreme weather conditions within the months of July and September, making it a bad time for tourists. The country is at its best from January to April and from August to October. October to December seems to be the best time to visit the northern areas of Vietnam while visits to the southern parts are best made within July and September.
Vietnam tourist visa is valid for a period of 90 days but can be extended by another 90 days after paying the extension fee to allow tourists more time to explore all the beauties and wonders of the country.

Travelling In Vietnam

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