Do you long for a place you can enjoy a bit of everything? Now, you are probably saying- how is that even possible? But that is what San Francisco is all about. Located in the northern hemisphere of California, San Francisco, SF, is a hilly city on the zenith of a peninsula enclosed by the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. Renowned for delivery of fog all year round and colorful Victorian architecture, San Francisco is a city with a number of activities and enjoyable moments highlighting the hugeness such as restaurant, nightlife, sightseeing, among others. Also, it is a well-known place for great ethnic and cultural diversity plus one of the most visited cities in the world. Being the fourth most populous city in California, San Francisco offers visitors a couple of reasons to visit, ranging from the best weather, to great meal, the shopping experience, and others.
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Best Things To Do In San Francisco

Main Things You Need To Know About San Francisco


Talking about the best weather you can ask of anywhere in the world, you should consider San Francisco. The city is an absolutely comfortable place to live year round. Even though the fog takes over sometimes, the city is cooled off after all and tourists find this experience really amazing. Meanwhile, as a traveler or visitor, it is advisable to plan visiting San Francisco between September and November because of the warmest temperatures experienced during the fall. On the other hand, you may consider visiting during the spring because of the mild temperatures and lack of rain.

Travelling Here

There are some airports in San Francisco served by commercial airlines while there are a number of aviation airports in the city as well. San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is the busiest airport in the city which also represents the major international hub airport in California, next to LAX. It serves United Airlines and Virgin America. Getting to San Francisco comes with little or no hassles as you can connect the city from all parts of the world. SFO offers nonstop flights from over 31 international cities on 30 international carriers and it connects with 76 cities in the US nonstop. Besides, from other locations, you can connect San Francisco by train or bus via the Amtrak Coast Starlight line which goes through Oakland, across the San Francisco Bay. Buses are run into San Francisco to arrive at the Ferry Building. Also, you can travel into San Francisco by car because many visitors come in automobiles, with the most common approach being the I-80 West from Sacramento and Lake Tahoe, among others.


In San Francisco, you are very likely to be confused by the many choices of hotels to pick from because the city has many good ones, ranging from luxury to tiny boutique types. Meanwhile, the following are some of the recommended ones according to review and research, which are affordable and have amazing offers: 1. Travelodge at the Presidio San Francisco 2. Omni San Francisco Hotel 3. Clift Hotel San Francisco 4. Hotel Nikko San Francisco 5. Argonaut Hotel, A Noble House Hotel 6. Comfort Inn by the Bay 7. The Marker San Francisco, A Joie de Vivre Hotel 8. Holiday Inn San Francisco Fisherman?s Wharf 9. InterContinental San Francisco 10. San Francisco Marriott Union Square Besides, there are other options based on what specialties you crave- if you are a foodie, or if you want fresh seafood, coming with your family or you desire some Italian vibes.


San Francisco offers great diversity in terms of food. In the city, you are guaranteed discovery of great new cuisines from any part of the world. It remains a top leader in the game of culinary discovery with myriads of restaurants all around the city. In fact, San Francisco is to food what fog is to summertime. In fact, the meals are very affordable and diners do not have to worry about location as such because great cuisines are available all across SF. Some of the top places to eat during your visit are: 1. True Laurel 2. Brown Sugar Kitchen 3. BarVale 4. The Meatball Bar 5. Manufactory Food Hall 6. Eight Tables by George Chen 7. The Board 8. International Smoke 9. Ardiana 10. Dumpling Time


In terms of safety, like you should expect in many diverse neighborhoods, San Francisco is a relatively safe city. You just have to take little precautions. You can explore as much as you wish but be mindful of your surroundings because it is pretty easy to be overwhelmed by the lights and crowds. Moreover, being a fashion-forward city, you can dress down as a woman but be careful of traveling alone at night in San Francisco.

Getting Around

No worries! Even though San Francisco comprises 49 square miles of long boulevards, curvy streets, lots of hills and hidden alleyways, you can cruise the city easily and conveniently. Being a walking city, getting around San Francisco is fun. Just make sure you come along with your walking shoes. However, if you get tired of walking, there are some public transportation choices available for you around the city. In fact, SF has one of the best Public Transportation systems you can imagine. Choices in this include buses, street cars, Muni trains above and underground, BART, and boats. All of these are available for you to move around and get you to your desired locations in the process of exploring the beauties of the city. You can as well do yourself a lot of good by getting a map of the city to understand how places are laid out and for easy location of the attractions and other places you desire visiting, that is if you plan driving yourself which is not much of a big deal. On the other hand, you can settle for car rentals when the need arise.

Top Attractions

Shall you visit San Francisco without actually feeling the vibes of the most famous tourist attractions in the city? I doubt. SF affords visitors and locals a couple of places for sightseeing, relaxation and generally having an enjoyable moment. Some of these places include: 1. Alcatraz 2. Golden Gate Bridge 3. Chinatown 4. Fisherman's Wharf 5. Haight-Ashbury 6. Golden Gate National Recreational Area 7. The Exploratorium 8. Presidio National Park 9. Union Square 10. Pier 39.

Being Local

In the process of exploring the city, it is more fun when you can relate to the lifestyle of the locals. Eating the special meals offered by the city, visiting places of top attraction and doing as many things as you wish in the city gets more exciting when you can interact with the locals, make friends with them and allow yourself to be immersed in the entirety of the diversified life the city oozes.

Travelling In San Francisco

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