What To Do in New York

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New York is bustling with life, art, food, culture, and music. New York City recognised globally as a major hub of international finance, film, politics, fashion, music, and culture. New York bursts with life it’s elegantly lined with several magnificent skyscrapers, some of which, like the iconic Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, are among the most famous and beloved structures in the world. New York is a city dotted with some of the world’s finest boutiques, exquisite restaurants, luxurious hotels, stunning attractions, and impressive galleries, all added to a vibrant nightlife to make it a must visit for all. If you’re interested in New York, you may like to also take a look at our other last-minute United States tours and activity discounts — such as our Las Vegas tours and our San Francisco Tours.
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Best Things To Do In New York City

Main Things You Need To Know About New York City


Springs are usually wet and last for four months, from early March to mid-June. Summers follow after beginning in June and lasting till September before giving way to autumn. Autumn is usually cold and dry. New York City experiences autumn from September through to December, while winters take its toll on the city from December to March. Highest temperatures (reaching up to 38°C) are recorded in July while January snows bring the lowest temperatures to the Big City (sometimes as low as -18°C).

Travelling Here

Travelling by plane is the most popular way of getting here. There are two major international airports that serve New York with her visitors and tourists: John F. Kennedy International Airport and Newark Liberty International Airport. There are other domestic airports in New York like the Teterboro Airport, Long Island MacArthur Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and others. From the airports you will find several impressive shuttle services and even helicopter transfers to get you into the city. You can travel too by train from Boston, Florida, Chicago, Brooklyn, Washington, D.C. California, and other neighbouring cities. To travel by bus, you have to be in either Washington D.C., Boston, New Jersey, Baltimore, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Orlando, or Harrisburg to find a bus to New York. And if you don’t want to use the public transport service, you can drive you way into New York. It’s going to a long travel, so travel prepared. That’s not all; you can travel by sea too. It’s a great way to start your adventure. By cruise ship or ocean liner, you can enjoy a stylish and luxurious trip into New York.


However you want it, on a decent budget, or something modest, or would you rather have an exotic and luxurious to complement the city’s prestige, New York City has got it all. There’s something magical for everyone, so finding a good place to lodge isn’t a problem here. Here are only a few of such lodges that litter the city: 1. Courtyard by Marriott 2. Crosby Street Hotel 3. Fairfield Inn & Suites 4. Hilton Garden Inn Times Square 5. New York Marriott Marquis


New York has a phenomenal cuisine that’s exquisitely influenced by the cultures of different people. Chinese, French, Italian, English, or Spanish delicacies, they’ve got it all; you’re never truly far from home when you’re in New York. Let’s check out a short list of these fantastic places: 1. Ample Hills Creamery 2. Blue Hill 3. Ducks Eatery 4. Eleven Madison Park 5. Frame Gourmet Eatery


Well, this is one city with the crime rate that is actually lower than that of its country, the US. And that means it’s really safe for business and touristic visits. Albeit, New York City doesn’t boast of being a crime-free zone. As with any other major tourist destination, a few petty crimes like pickpocketing, petty thefts, and the likes still happen within its neighbourhood. The police department in the city is vigilant and responds to any distress call timely. However, tourists should stick to personal security tips and avoid attracting much attention their way.

Getting Around

One fast and convenient way to get around New York is the subway. It is well connected to just about every part of the city. But you’ll need to get your MetroCard first from the stations. Buses and taxis can take you anywhere you want to go to the city too. But renting a bike or taking a walking allows you to enjoy the privilege of stopping where you want to, staying as long as you want to, and moving at your own pace. You can drive too, but this is certainly not a great option in New York. Traffic is always congested, and the parking fee is so expensive –if you successfully find a parking space!

Top Attractions

The Big Apple seems to have big things all the way! The Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Top of the Rock Observation Deck, and lots more. But there are some excellent places too that aren’t so scarily big anyway. To mention just a few, New York City has: 1. 9/11 Memorial 2. Bronx Zoo 3. Brooklyn Bridge Park 4. Chinatown 5. Coney Island 6. Flatiron Building 7. Grand Central Terminal 8. High Line 9. Lincoln Center 10. Metropolitan Museum of Art 11. Rockefeller Center 12. Statue of Liberty 13. The Battery 14. Times Square 15. Wall Street

Being Local

You don’t need to be a New Yorker to be a local here. New York boasts one of the diverse populations in the world. Everyone is welcomed. With the famous Wall Street and a really big economy, New York is an international market and business hub, which means if you’re in NYC for business, you’re in for a really big business. Well, if you’re fluent in English, it makes things a lot easier when you hit the streets of New York City. Although English is the primary language, there are a few other communities where secondary languages like Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, and Latin are more predominantly spoken. But don’t be scared, the New Yorkers are quite friendly and always excited to have tourists and foreigners come around. They will be glad to teach a few tricks with their languages if you happen to stop by such areas.