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Browse the range of Las Vegas tours available here at TourOpp. Las Vegas is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US & it’s time you find out why! Las Vegas is in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, yet it boasts most of the world’s most impressive water fountain displays. Las Vegas is a city of surprises and contradictions. There’s nowhere else like it in the world. The essence of Las Vegas is in its vibrant nightlife, its casinos and entertainment options. Las Vegas is home to some incredible themed hotels, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Venetian Grand Canal and the Egyptian-themed Luxor. This city is the most populous city in Nevada State, and its gambling and entertainment options are unparalleled anywhere else in the world. While you’re in the US, however, you may also like to check out our San Francisco and New York tours. Las Vegas is an oasis of indulgence and fun in the middle of a desert and you have to visit! 

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Best Things To Do In Las Vegas

Main Things You Need To Know About Las Vegas


Las Vegas has a relatively favourable weather for all; citizens or visitors. As a city renowned for parties and all sorts of entertainment, it’s best visited from March to May and September to November periods of the year. The reason is no other one but for the the fact that a perfect enough weather is just okay for the pool side plus not roasting hot. Better put, the seasons or periods fall outside the context of the busy summer months. Meanwhile, if you are unbothered by cooler weather, early December is fine. Las Vegas is best visited for gaming and shows during July and August with an overall implication that the weather is some good enough one to make the city a vacation destination.

Travelling Here

Las Vegas, otherwise tagged the Entertainment Capital of the World can be accessed from many parts of the world. You can get in by the available means of transportation like cars, bus and plane. However, as an international explorer, you are received at the McCarran International Airport. This is the 24th busiest airport in the world on the basis of takeoffs and landings. There are two terminals therein and they serve different carriers. Alternatively, you can arrive at Henderson Executive Airport, HND or North Las Vegas Airport which serves a number of tour operations alongside other forms of general aviation. Also, four bus lines operated by RTC serve the McCarran International Airport. The flight from Los Angeles is about 1hour 10minutes. Other means of transportation include by rail, or shuttle buses.


Las Vegas offers you an utterly exciting travel experience with a wealth of option to choose from in terms of lodging. You can bag a nice and luxurious hotel that suits your budget and anticipated vacation experience. However, it may be somewhat difficult to make a perfect choice because of the many different options you are faced with in getting a place. Some of the top hotels that might interest you are: 1. Monte Carlo Resort 2. Cancum Resort 3. Cirque du Soleil 4. The Palazzo Resort Hotel Casino 5. Caesars Palace


There is variety of dining options, from the omni-present buffet to simple cafes and gourmet restaurants are offered by large casinos in Las Vegas. The city has a plethora of buffets and they are common with both locals and tourists. In Vegas, you can enjoy a simple interesting and affordable meal for as long as you want to stay. Some of the places you can consider are: 1. Le Village Buffet features dishes from the five French provinces and Classic French foods are offered here 2. Spice Market is known for all styles of food you crave plus some good seafood 3. Craftsteak is considered one of the best steak house in the country at large 4. Diablo’s Mexican Cantina is an excellent Mexican eatery with an great menu and bar.


Nicknamed Sin City, Las Vegas is visited by tourists for some endless nights of drinking and debauching. This makes it more prone to slight crimes. On the other hand, the city’s Strip is a relatively safe one with heavy presence of police. We can then infer that while some parts of the city are dangerous, the fact does not outweigh the safety level. You just have to watch out for such occurrences as pickpocketing, mugging, scams, natural disaster and be careful with transport and taxis. By and large, some of the safe neighborhoods are: Boulder City, Downtown, Henderson, North Las Vegas and the Strip.

Getting Around

Getting around Las Vegas is definitely an interesting one. You can cruise the town by foot since the hotel casinos are not far away from one another. You can walk along Las Vegas Boulevard but be careful of long walks during summer. Easy accessibility is granted tourists in other nearby towns or cities. Another exciting option is the connection of the hotels by bridge, by underground, by rail shuttle or some complimentary. In addition, running along the east side of the Strip is the Las Vegas Monorail and that comes at some few bucks. Other means are by bus, taxi and car or scooter.

Top Attractions

Watch out! You are probably going to get confused in making a choice in what to do first. There are tons of things to do in Vegas and with the fabulous Strip filled with over-the-top casinos, you can proudly visit different places and see some world landmarks. Some of the top attractions in Vegas include: 1. New York-New York Hotel & Casinos 2. Paris Las Vegas 3. Mob Museum 4. The Venetian Las Vegas 5. Fremont Street Experience -You do not want to miss this! 6. The Mirage 7. Caesars Palace 8. Stratosphere Tower 9. Bellagio 10. The Strip

Being Local

As many things as you want to do in Las Vegas, being a local helps you identify with even more of the events, celebrations and activities. Other things you are allowed to do to become a local are: eating off the Strip, becoming an arts lover, hunting for treasures, catching a Broadway Show, Walking the streets, etc. With all of the aforementioned, the citizens and tourists are brought together with an assurance of an enjoyable vacation.

Travelling In Las Vegas

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