Abu Dhabi

Nope! It?s not all sand and dust. In fact, if there were a list of places on the map where culture and adventure meet with luxury and comfort then this beautiful and magnificent piece of earth is among the top names on that list. Abu Dhabi is not just a city but a fabulous paradise steeped in the wealth of oil and adorned with the rich and colourful culture of its people. Abu Dhabi is a Middle Eastern city and capital of the United Arab Emirates. This elegant city is fringed with beautiful date palms and peppered with so many brilliant architectural edifices, museums, deluxe hotels and lots of other seductive charms that collectively make it must visit for all lovers of travels.
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Best Things To Do In Abu Dhabi

Main Things You Need To Know About Abu Dhabi


Abu Dhabi has a sub-tropical, arid climate. Summer in Abu Dhabi begins in the month of June and lingers till August before giving way to autumn in September. Of the three months in summer, August remains the hottest time to visit the place. Autumn presents a great time to visit with a lovely and pleasurable weather. It begins in early September and before the end of December winter's cold takes its toll on the city. Winter recedes in February for spring and before the first week of March the weather is all bright and warm. Spring endures until May and the cycle revolves again. Spring is as perfect a season as autumn for travellers and tourists to pay this beautiful city a visit. The thing is, whenever you decide to stop by, the city always has something special up its sleeve for you.

Travelling Here

Abu Dhabi can be reached by either land or air. Air travels is the most common means of travelling here. The Abu Dhabi International Airport is the major airport serving the city, bringing in foreign tourists from around the world directly into the city. There are well-organized shuttle services that take travellers from the airport into the city. Another great air travel option is to fly direct to Dubai International Airport and then proceed to Abu Dhabi afterward by taxi or bus. This option allows travellers to first experience the glory of Dubai even before their adventure in Abu Dhabi begins. Abu Dhabi has a great road network that makes entry from neighbouring cities possible. Neighbouring cities include Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, and Ajman. Tourists can decide to use the option of road travel provided they are in any of the cities mentioned here. There is also an option of cruising by water from Dubai for all lovers of adventures.


Think of pricey lodging options offering luxury, comfort, and first-class services and you are probably thinking of hotels in Abu Dhabi. Hotels are well serviced and well equipped with superb swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. 1. Al Raha Beach Hotel 2. Emirates Palace 3. Fairmont Bab Al Bahr 4. Four Seasons Hotel 5. Hyatt Capital Gate 6. InterContinental 7. Le Royal MÇridien 8. Marriott Hotel Downtown 9. Rosewood 10. Yas Viceroy


Once upon Abu Dhabi, you don't only enjoy eating healthy, you also get to eat in style and drink in style. Abu Dhabi has got dozens of classic restaurants and eateries offering first class services and serving irresistible dishes. Its fabulous cuisine is dense with delectable options nicely spoilt by the touch of many other cultures from different parts of the world; from Italy to India, to Iran, China, Europe, and even Africa. Among the city's finest eateries are these famous names: 1. Angar 2. Atayeb 3. BOA Steakhouse 4. Circo Abu Dhabi 5. Finz Restaurant 6. Hakkasan Abu Dhabi 7. Kuzbara 8. Origins 9. Punjab Grill Restaurant 10. Sambusek


Abu Dhabi is a safe town for all lovers of adventure and luxury. And as you would have expected from a famous tourist destination such as this one, local police officers make constant vigilant patrols around the town in an attempt to maintain order and protect properties. More officers are deployed to top tourist spots to make sure visitors are safe. However, tourists should stay smart and alert when they are out on the streets.

Getting Around

Well, walking on foot around Abu Dhabi is indeed a fine option to enjoy the beautiful sceneries around at your pace, but considering the heat in the streets, you will not be able to cover far this way. Hence, renting a car or a bike can give you that desired freedom and help you cover more grounds. There are taxis and buses also that can get you to just about any and everywhere in Abu Dhabi especially when you wish to visit a tourist spot. Charges are moderate and you are not compelled to tip up drivers.

Top Attractions

Here’s a simple rule you should cling to throughout your stay here never be in a hurry!? with so many awesome sights to behold and immortalise in a photo, the last thing you want to do is to be too much in a hurry to admire and gently soak in the wonders of these marvels. The list is almost endless, but we’ve managed to squeeze in some of the most visited attractions, here are just ten of them: 1. Aldar Headquarters Building 2. Al Maryah Island 3. Ferrari World 4. Formula Rossa 5. Saadiyat Island 6. Manarat Al Saadiyat 7. Sheikh Zayed Mosque 8. Umm Al Emarat Park 9. Women?s Handicraft Centre 10. Yas Island

Being Local

It's so exciting to blend in with the locals here. Being a local in Abu Dhabi begins with learning and speaking the Arabic language. Get a local guide teach you how to exchange pleasantries and a few other essential sentences to begin the journey into their culture. Next up is learning to prepare any of their local recipes. Harees is a good start off point because it's easy and so delicious. It's simply a mixture of cooked meat, wheat, and salt. Aha! The dress sense is simply one you can't ignore. Ladies should try the hijab with the abaya which is a long black robe for women, and the gandoora or dishdash with a headscarf for the men. One more thing, be sure to begin your day with a cup of hot kahwa, a strong Arabic coffee. Now you?re ready.