United Arab Emirates

Welcome to the United Arab Emirates, the ultimate tourist destination.  Often referred to as the Las Vegas of the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is strategically, geographically, culturally and economically positioned between the East and West as a perfect luxury destination for city breaks and family holidays.  This oil-rich gem in the desert is home to the world’s tallest building, beautiful structures, inundating sand dunes, camel caravans, artifacts and relics of time past, and fancy beaches. Barely known century ago as a composition of fishing villages and crumbling forts, the United Arab Emirates has risen to be an attention-grabbing destination with iconic attractions as Dubai’s 7 star Burj Al Arab hotel, the impressive sight of Burj Khalifa(World tallest building),  the architectural masterpiece of Abu Dhabi's Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, and several parks and world famous resorts. More than the domination of iconic and glitzy high-rises, this luxury destination offers culture connoisseurs plenty of things to do. Explore its Bedouin past on starry desert night before walking around the old typical forts that shielded the coastlines. There are also opportunities to explore nature’s finest mountains such Hajar Mountains and other nature’ appeal. Explore the United Arab Emirate and have an iconic view of the world’s wonders. 

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Main Things You Need To Know


It is also sometimes referred as the U.A.E, or Emirates, among others.

Architectural Achievements.

In the U.A.E, you can find man-made islands.

Incredible Architecture

In the U.A.E, you will find the tallest building in the world: "Burj Khalifa", which has 828 meters tall.

Little, But Powerful

The U.A.E can be a little country, but it is one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world.

Best Things To Do In United Arab Emirates

Main Things You Need To Know About United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirate which comprises of seven emirate uses the Arab Emirates Dirham abbreviated as AED, Dhs or Dh (shortly called "dirham”) as its official currency throughout the country. One US Dollar is equivalent to 3.67 AED. Travellers can change their currency on arrival at the airport or in major shopping malls. 
United Arab Emirates Arabic
The official language in the United Arab Emirates is Arabic, which is also the language of the Quran. However, English is also used as the main language in Dubai.  A lot of expatriates also speak Hindi, Urdu, Persian, Tamali , Bengali and many other languages.
Persian is spoken mostly by a small minority of Iranians who live in the UAE. Hindu is also widely spoken by Indian immigrants who make up 30% of the population of the UAE.
United Arab Emirates
Visa Information
If you wish to get into the UAE for tourism purpose, you may a need a visa depending on your nationality. Nationals from GCC countries require no visa to come into the UAE as they only need to produce their GCC country passport alone on arrival into the country. Other foreign tourists will have to apply for their tourist visas in advance, which will require a sponsor from inside the UAE. The sponsor can be arranged by your travel agent if you book your hotel through them.  The following documents are needed for the application:
1. A complete and signed application form.
2. A coloured passport-size photograph with white background measuring 4.3 x 5.5 cms.
3. An authentic passport that will remain valid throughout the course of your visit.
4. Round trip tickets.
5. Medical report showing that the tourist is in good health.
6. Bank statements to certify the ability of the tourist to cater for all his expenses financially.
7. Visa fee receipt

United Arab Emirates PLANE, BUS, CAR
Getting There
The best way to enter the UAE is by flight. The two main airports of the UAE are Dubai International and Abu Dhabi International. Aside from these two airports, small flights like charters also land at Sharjah International Airport and Ras Al Khaimah International Airport. The four major airlines that fly in and out of the UAE are Etihad Airways, Emirates Airlines, Air Arabia and flyDubai. There are several international flights into the country. These airlines offer direct services from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, Europe, China, Australia and many other locations. 
If you are considering getting in by sea, Dubai has a cruise liner terminal that caters to international cruisers. Ensure you have a valid UAE entry visa; you can get into Dubai on any ship that berths at its ultramodern cruise terminal. These ships arrive across the globe – the Caribbean, USA, Middle East, Africa, Australia and the Far East. 
You can also come into the UAE by land through car or bus services. Oman National Transport Company offers great bus services from Muscat (Oman) and Dubai. The buses are comfortable with onboard television and toilets. Buses are also available to and fro Muscat and Abu Dhabi via Al Ain. There are equally bus services from Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan to Abu Dhabi. 
If you intend to drive into the UAE, you must possess your passport, visa, driving license, car registration details and a valid insurance cover. 
United Arab Emirates 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is mostly a desert destination with very little rainfall during the year. Therefore, there’s enough sunshine wherever you go. Little rain is experienced between November and March. During the summer (June to September), the weather can be terribly hot, mostly on the coast where humidity is highest. The coldest months are usually between January and February. So, for the best of times to visit, November to April is the perfect time it represents the months with the most favourable conditions. 

Travelling In United Arab Emirates

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