Kusadasi is a beautiful sea city in Turkey that is known for its attractive beaches, elegance, deep culture and vibrant nightlife. You should never be in a hurry when you pay Kusadasi a visit because the city has lots of stories to tell. From its archaeological Greek ruins to its massive cathedrals, sacred mosques, amazing historic sites, beautiful beaches, museums, and amusement parks the city has plenty of attractions each telling its own unique story. They’ve also got great hotels and restaurants to complement its status as a leading tourist destination in Turkey.
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Best Things To Do In Kusadasi

Main Things You Need To Know About Kusadasi


Kusadasi has an ideal weather all year round. There are two major seasons here, the cold season which can be divided into winter and autumn and the wet season, summer and spring. Winter sets in the month of November and records the highest amount of rainfall in December and January, then fades away in March to autumn that continues till mid-June. Summer begins in June, records its highest temperature in August and in September Kusadasi experiences spring which lasts till November. The best time to experience the marvels of Kusadasi is in spring and autumn when the weather is not at any of its extremes.

Travelling Here

Land, air, sea, you can always find a way into Kusadasi. There are different daily ferry services that shuttle between Kusadasi and other cities of Turkey. It’s a great idea to start the adventure right at sea even before you begin your amazing discovery tour in the city. Ferries are comfortable and reliable. Adnan Menderes Airport is the closest airport to Kusadasi. From there you will find bus shuttles to take you right into the heart of the city as well as other parts depending on where you wish to go. Flights are of course the fastest and most luxurious way to travel. They’ve got routes to the city via road travel too. They understand what it means to be one of the top tourist attractions in Turkey and they got prepared for it. With four major six-lane highways connecting Kusadasi to her neighbors, you should expect a smooth ride once you’re in any neighboring city.


With warmly decorated rooms and offering one of the finest quality room services. Kusadasi’s exquisite hotels are among the best in all of Turkey. Some of the best places like the Ramada resort feature a golf course, a spa, and outdoor swimming pools. Others provide free pick services to customers too. The following names are among Kusadasi’s top lodging options for all class of tourists: 1. Grand Blue Sky International. 2. Golden Moon Apart Hotel. 3. Happy Apart Hotel. 4. Hotel Carina Studios. 5. Hotel Golden Day. 6. Palmin Hotel. 7. Ramada resort. 8. Sealight Resort Hotel. 9. Tuntas Family Suites. 10. Villa Konak Hotel.


Kusadasi’s cuisine is a reflection of their rich heritage and deep culture. The meals here are sumptuous. You simply don’t want to miss out on this one. It’s a good idea to save yourself the stress of cooking when you can step into any of the fabulous restaurants and eateries around, but a walk into the local market is another big experience on its own. There are several local markets in Kusadasi where fresh fruits and vegetables are sold at a decent price. So whenever you visit, don’t forget the marts. A look at some of the best eateries in the area reveals the following names. 1. Ali Baba Restaurant. 2. Avlu Restaurant. 3. Casablanca Restaurant. 4. Castle Restaurant. 5. Golden Boys Restaurant. 6. Kiwi Restaurant. 7. Kule Seafood Restauran. 8. Murphy's Restaurant. 9. Saray Restaurant. 10. Special Restaurant.


With so many tourists flocking in and out of the city, the locals directly or indirectly live on tourism. This slims the chances of getting into trouble with thieves or thugs around here. Kusadasi also has security personnel keeping guard in open areas where petty crimes are more likely to occur. Like when you visit any other tourist destination, stay alert and be on the watch at all times, petty crimes can still occur.

Getting Around

The minibus in Kusadasi is the cheapest and most common way of going around the city. You will find them everywhere and they can take you to a lot of places in the city. Before boarding of these minibusses explain to the driver where you want to stop and how much he will charge. There are taxis too for those who would love a little privacy and comfort. They are fastest than the minibusses. You can call any of the taxi companies and arrange one to get you around at your own pace. And then on foot, you can cover a lot of distance in Kusadasi strolling through the native streets and experiencing the life and culture of the locals in a deeper sense.

Top Attractions

Kusadasi attractions are a blend of everything. There is so much here to keep all tourists occupied throughout their stay and wishing for more time. You can hike, bike, sunbath, and surf all you want. Whichever you settle for, make you enjoy yourself to the fullest. It’s hard to tell the top best attractions but here are some of the finest: 1. Adaland. 2. El heykeli. 3. House of the Virgin Mary. 4. Kadı Kalesi. 5. Ladies Beach. 6. Pamukkale. 7. Tarihi Su Kemeri. 8. Temple of Artemis. 9. Tortuga Pirate Island. 10. Yalancı Burnu.

Being Local

The locals are a group of very friendly people. It’s great when you eat local, shop local, and explore the city with the locals. They are always eager and pleased to show you around to see all the marvels the city has to offer. Learning a few words in Turkish language is the first step in getting blend in with the locals. Try an evening life and get immersed in their ever vibrant nightlife and you may just be in luck to run into one a local musician along the way. One visit to Kusadasi will always make you come for more.