hen you step into Istanbul, it?s not just the dazzling and jaw-dropping landscape and sceneries, or its ancient ruins and museums, or its rich cultural heritage that makes gives the city its impressive uniqueness but the splendid diversity. Welcome to Istanbul, the bridge between two worlds and by far the largest city by landmass in Turkey. The superb blend of diverse cultures that had settled and journeyed through this land, like the Venetians, Romans, and Greeks, make Istanbul a striking beauty and a fabulous icon for travellers. So if you are in search of a superb escape destination with all the lures and charms of travels and adventure then you give Istanbul a try.
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Best Things To Do In Istanbul

Main Things You Need To Know About Istanbul


Istanbul enjoys a temperate oceanic climate with four lovely seasons. Winter in Istanbul is felt from November to February. The weather gets really cold and it rains a lot. Spring is considered the best season to travel to Istanbul. Spring begins in March and lasts till mid-June before summer comes calling. Summer sets in from mid-June and expires somewhere around mid-September. Temperature soars really high and the weather gets sweltering hot. From September and October are the only two months that residents of Istanbul enjoy autumn. The best times to visit the beautiful city of Istanbul are during fall and spring. During these periods the skies are clear and the weather is lovely.

Travelling Here

Istanbul is one of those major cities in the world that can be reached by air, land, and water. Whichever you would prefer there?s always a way through. Istanbul has two major airports that service not just the city but the entire country as well. Travellers can choose to fly into Istanbul through its Istanbul AtatÅrk Airport, or through its Sabiha Gîkáen Airport. Tourists will find comfortable and luxurious taxis and bus shuttles from these international airports that will take them into the city. There are also excellent ferry options that dock at Karakîy Port in Turkey. Tourists can then proceed from there to any destination of their choice joining a bus or boarding a cab. Trying this option gets the whole party started at sea, and this is surely a great option for all sea lovers and lovers of adventure. Buses and cabs can get tourists in nearby cities outside Istanbul into in by road travels. This means can sometimes be stressful depending on which route is used. You can drive your car or rent one to get into the city, but then again you risked been caught up in an hour-long traffic jam that is common on these routes.


Istanbul has several lodging options opened to travellers and visitors that come from all over the globe to visit its charms. Whether you would like to have it decently cheap, on a moderate budget, or luxuriously pricey; there?s always something for you. You can choose from the list below, but of course, this is just a short list of what Istanbul has to offer. 1. AkgÅn Hotel 2. Byzantium Hotel 3. Chambers of the Boheme 4. Grand Yavuz Hotel 5. Hilton Garden Inn 6. Lazzoni Hotel 7. Marmaray Hotel 8. Ramada Hotel & Suites 9. Sultan Hostel 10. The Peak Hotel


Get assured of finding the best tastes in all of the country here. Dine at one the superb restaurants sprinkled all over the city and you?re soon to discover that Istanbul is not just a geographical bridge between the two worlds of Asia and Europe but is also a cultural bridge between these two. Try any of these fantastic eateries and restaurants to experience the variety of Istanbul?s cuisine: 1. Antakya Restaurant 2. Constantines Ark 3. DÅrÅmzade 4. Erhan Restaurant 5. Fuego Cafe & Restaurant 6. Gulhane Sark Sofrasi 7. Magnaura Cafe & Restaurant 8. Mikla 9. No 19 Dining 10. Pizzeria Pera


Istanbul is considered a safe tourist destination with a low crime rate, and this is quite surprising for a large metropolitan city and a major tourist destination as Istanbul. However, there are still a few records of pickpocketing, purse-snatching and other petty crimes especially around major tourist spots that are crowded. It is important that tourists should not be too loose when they are out on the streets.

Getting Around

When it has to do with getting around in Istanbul, there are just so many options for tourists to select from. Tourist can walk, use a cab, take a bus, go by the metro lines, cruise over white waters, hike it, or board a train. Walking is a great option but you can't cover much this way. Renting a bike or preferably a car is an excellent way of going around. Istanbul public transport consists of reliable trams, taxis, and buses that are reliable and can get you anywhere around the city for a very moderate price. They are metro lines that connect the different areas of the city together. This also reliable but do not cover the entire the city. There are railways too that link the different areas of the city. Their public transport system is so well-organized that it makes provisions for the disabled to access it. Large liners and sea buses take tours across the city from the Asian side to the European side. What more can one possibly ask of from the transportation system of a tourist destination?

Top Attractions

As you should have expected from a large city like Istanbul pressed between two separate continents, Istanbul is city characterised by lush sceneries, breath-taking landscape, astonishing landmarks, and many other excellent sites. Just a few of them include: 1. Basilica Cistern 2. Bosphorus 3. Grand Bazaar 4. Hagia Sophia 5. Maiden's Tower 6. Rumelihisar? 7. Spice Bazaar 8. Sultan Ahmed Mosque 9. Taksim Square 10. Topkap Palace

Being Local

It all begins with exchanging pleasantries in Turkish and then a delightful sip of the Turkish tea next. The Turkish tea and the locals are two inseparable nouns. Most of the Turks are Muslims but they are accommodating to others outside the Islam. The Turks are also really sociable and welcoming. They are quite friendly and love to meet with visitors that come around for adventure. You will enjoy their buzzing night life too.

Travelling In Istanbul

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