Cappadocia welcomes all to a land of hills, rocks, and caves. Its incredible landform is splayed across the breath of the city making it one of the most exciting tourist spots in Turkey. The whole place is scattered with historical and archaeological marvels. Although most of its charms are locked away in caves and rocks, there are more to explore in Cappadocia underneath its surface. Underground cities, with underground churches, houses, and tunnels give the entire visit an extra taste of adventure. Don’t miss out on a hot-air balloon ride for a chance to see the city’s breath-taking settle from the skies. The view is specular. You’ll just love it here! 
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Best Things To Do In Cappadocia

Main Things You Need To Know About Cappadocia


Cappadocia generally has a hot and dry climate with little or no much humidity. Although the cave rooms seem to remain cool throughout the day, especially at night, summer usually gets sweltering hot. It begins in June and ends in August. There is very little or no rainfall during this season. Falls follows closely after Cappadocia’s summer and lingers to the first week of November when winter takes its toll on the city till February. Spring is enjoyed between March and May in Cappadocia. Winters gets really cold and summer really hot. Spring and fall present the best travel opportunities here for all tourists.

Travelling Here

There are three major means of entering Cappadocia; by land, air, and railway. Kayseri Erkilet Airport is the key airport that gets tourists directly in the city. Other flights stop at Istanbul Atatürk Airport before proceeding to Kayseri Erkilet Airport. This is the fastest and most comfortable way. Road transport by bus is the most common means of traveling here. There are about six routes by road; from Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, Canakkale, Istanbul, and Konya. So if you happen to be in any of these cities you might as well board a bus to the rocky lands of Cappadocia. Travel by train is possible from almost all the train stations in the country. Lots and lots of foreigners and tourists enter Cappadocia by train and it is often the cheapest means of entry. Whichever means you chose to take; it’s safe and reliable.


Luxury, cozy, casual, or decently cheap; whichever class you seek, this beautiful city has something great to offer. Prices range from as low as $28 to $420. Cappadocia has a number of excellent hotels, inns, and accommodations that offer excellent services with added features like outdoor pools, bars, event halls, and theatres. If you ever come by, you might want to give any of these fantastic hotels a try: 1. Agarta Cave Hotel. 2. Artemis Cave Suites. 3. Chelebi Cave House. 4. Goreme Inn Hotel. 5. Grand Cave Suites. 6. Local Cave House. 7. Magic Cave House. 8. Taskonaklar. 9. Unicorn Cave Hotel. 10. Vezir Cave Suites.


Turkish tea, Turkish ravioli, pottery kebab, aside, Turkish pizza… there are some things about Cappadocia’s cuisine that are totally irresistible! Your visit will never be complete without a tasty treat in one of Cappadocia’s finest restaurants and eateries. Like other Turkish cities, meals here are legendary. You can call in at any of these fabulous places for delightful meals: 1. Cappadocian Cuisine Restaurant. 2. Elai Restaurant. 3. Göreme Smile Steak House. 4. Lagarto Restaurant. 5. Old Greek House. 6. Omurca Art Cave Cafe. 7. Organic Cave Kitchen. 8. Seki Restaurant. 9. Seyyah han. 10. Sofra Restaurant.


There are no major security issues in Cappadocia. Tourists and foreigners experience a peaceful time in the city whenever they visit. They’ve got policemen and vigilant security personnel patrolling top attractions spots to ensure the safety of tourists. Tourists are advised to adhere to the basic personal security tips like never go out with heavy jewelry or take out a large amount of money in the public.

Getting Around

From the airport there several shuttle-bus services that operate between major airports to other parts of the city. You’re surely not going to have any problem getting around in Cappadocia. Even the name “Cappadocia” is interpreted to mean “land of fine horses”. Although not the best option cost-wise, a horse-ride through the city is a superb way of experiencing Cappadocia. You can take the public buses which are reliable and cheap but they are not too fast. You enjoy freedom and flexibility when you rent a car, a bicycle, or a motorbike or scooter to go anywhere because you move at your own pace. Taking a stroll through the streets of the city when the sun is down is a fine seeing the city. Call in a taxi for comfort and speed to get you to wherever you want to go. A walk through the city is not a bad idea either. You will only cover a short distance this way but you will experience Cappadocia from a closer sense.

Top Attractions

The volcanic landscape of Cappadocia is its first charm drawing thousands of tourists to marvel at beauty. The attractions are rear and fascinating indeed. Cave churches, underground cities, underground wineries, and the hot-air balloon ride are Cappadocia’s finest attractions. The whole city is a show of Cappadocia’s architectural prowess and excellent engineering strides: 1. Avanos. 2. Çavusin. 3. Derinkuyu Underground City. 4. Göreme Open-Air Museum. 5. Ihlara Valley. 6. Kaymaklı Underground City. 7. Red and Rose Valleys. 8. Soǧanlı. 9. Uçhisar. 10. Zelve Open-Air Museum.

Being Local

It’s really exciting to blend in with the locals here. It’s just another awesome side of your visit. Being a local in Cappadocia begins with exchanging a few pleasantries in Turkish. The locals will be glad to help you will that. Then up next will be to learn how to prepare any of Cappadocia’s special recipes. Learning how to make the pottery kebab will be a good start. Then an evening chatting and learning a lot about the history and story behind their lunar landscape from the enthusiastic locals brings your heart even closer. The locals are really friendly and are the least to put up a quarrel or fight with guests.