Things To Do in Seville

This is a beautiful city with many lures to keep the tourists that swarm in all year round pleasantly occupied without getting bored. Renowned for its gothic architecture and deep culture, the city of Seville has transformed its tourism sector and has grown over the years to become a leading tourist destination in all of Europe. Hotels, galleries, restaurants, spas, museums, and other superb attractions are scattered all over Seville to keep it alive. And of course, you can’t leave out their music, food, and exciting nightlife. 
Apart from the dazzling sights you’ll find everywhere, Seville also celebrates some fantastic holidays and festivals. The famous Flamenco in September and October, Feria de Abril in April, Semana Santa between March and April, and the Velá Santa Ana in July welcome you to enjoy all of the Spanish magic.

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Best Things To Do In Seville

Main Things You Need To Know About Seville


Whenever you wish to come by Seville, the weather is always welcoming. But spring is always the best time to visit this city. Apart from the lovely weather you get to enjoy in spring, lots of amazing things to do in the city contribute to making this season the favourite time for most tourists. Spring comes in March and stays till May. Summer is the next best time to visit. From June to the month of August Seville experiences summer and sometimes the temperature could reach up to 40°C in July or August. Fall, which begins in September and ends in November, is a great time to visit if you mean to escape the crowd and get the best prices and lower rates. It begins to get quite chilly in winter although it doesn’t get ice cold as other European cities. Seville experience winter between December and February.

Travelling Here

As with most European cities, the best way to travel here is by plane. The city’s Sevilla International Airport receives airplanes from different airlines from all parts of the world. A trip by flight is always the fastest and most comfortable way to travel into this city. From the airport, there are great shuttle services that transfer tourists and visitors to their hotels and other parts of the city. There are other fantastic options to travel. Sevilla Santa Justa Station offers tourists and visitors the option of travelling by train from other Spanish cities into Sevilla. From neighbouring cities, you can drive into Seville with a car. It’s going to be a long trip if you opt for this means so plan for it. The Spanish bus service offers another comfortable and reliable means of getting into Seville from other Spanish cities. Whichever way you’d prefer, you’re welcomed to Seville.


From chic to contemporary styled accommodations spread throughout the city, Seville offers fantastic lodging options to all its visitors. Rooms are exclusively styled to perfectly reflect culture and glamour. There are executive hotels with gyms, spas, impressive interior decor, amazing rooftop bars, swimming pools, free Wi-Fi services, and luxurious rooms offering fine room services. 1. Casa del Poeta 2. Casa Romana Hotel Boutique 3. Corral del Rey 4. EME Catedral Hotel 5. Palacio De Villapanes


Happy hour food, late-night food, and vegetarian options all combine to make Seville cuisine rich and irresistible. They’ve got exquisite restaurants and eateries that serve delectable dishes you just can’t afford to miss; let’s simply say your visit to the city just isn’t complete without a taste of their fabulous cuisine. 1. Al-Medina Restaurant 2. Al Wadi Restaurant 3. Bananna Food Concept 4. BBQ House 5. Fargo


The police do their best to keep the city as peaceful as it can get and it is as safe enough to foster touristic activities. But keep a low profile as best as you can. Avoid bringing out your wallet or purse in the crowded areas. It’s not advisable to move around with your valuables as this may attract the wrong attention to you. Be security conscious, and every other thing will be just fine.

Getting Around

Seville has a good road network that links the different parts of the city together. Their bus services can take you to almost anywhere you wish to go. You’ll need to get your bus card to board one of these buses. You can rent a car to move at your own pace and go wherever you want. But some streets are too narrow for cars, and you may have to park and walk through. This makes renting a bike a fine option. This is a biking service which allows you to grab a bike and leave it off at any station that’s closer to where you want to go. But if you don’t want to make a long trip then walking through the streets isn’t a bad idea to get around the city.

Top Attractions

From the magnificent Cathedral of Seville, considered as the largest church in the world by volume, to the iconic Plaza de España, Torre del Oro, and the Giralda, Seville has its own amazing collection of lures and attractions that will keep tourists and visitors wishing they had more time to explore all its marvels. Here’s just a short list of some of the most important attractions in Seville. 1. Alcázar of Seville 2. Plaza de España 3. Flamenco Museum 4. Seville Cathedral / Giralda 5. Torre del Oro

Being Local

How about starting with learning how to play football? Well, for a city with two football teams, Sevilla FC and Real Betis, that isn’t a bad way to blend in. The amiable locals wouldn’t mind if you cared to join them in a short street football section. Then go watch a thrilling bullfighting, or wander the corridors of her open-air markets. And of course, you’ve got to learn a few tricks in speaking Spanish language; you’ll find it really helpful.