Browse our range of Spain tours here at TourOpp. Spain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe — find out why & book at Spanish tour today! Spain is one of the largest countries in Europe and it offers a rich variety of landscapes and cities for tourists. You may like to check out our specific Seville, Madrid, and Barcelona tour pages tour pages. Spain has a rich cultural heritage, friendly people, and some incredible food. It’s a country filled with breath-taking landmarks, castles, medieval buildings, museums, and beautiful sandy beaches. Each city you visit has its own personality, so it’s absolutely impossible to get bored. Start planning your big Spanish adventure!

Best Cities To Visit In Spain

Main Things You Need To Know


The Spanish people are very particular about their food and wine, which is filled with vegetables, and a vast selection of fish and meat.

Places to Visit

Spain is the home of festivals, Carnivals, and all sorts of celebrations. The country also has enchanting tourists destination.


Some of the most famous festivals include the holy week, the Fallas of Valencia, La Tomatina, the April Fair of Seville, the August Fair in Malaga, & Festival de Los Patios in Cordoba.

Top Attractions

1. Alhambra 2. Mezquita of Cordoba 3. El Escorial 4.Sagrada Familia 5. Ibiza

Best Things To Do In Spain

Main Things You Need To Know About Spain

The Spanish were spending the Peseta, which was a national currency, since 1869 up until 2002 when the Euro was created. Along with 19 other European countries, Spain has adopted the Euro as their national currency. The Euro is the second most traded currency in the world and has a value higher than the America dollar.
Spain is a multilingual nation, and the constitution protects everyone in the country no matter what they speak. The national or official language, however, is Spanish or Espanol, recognized in the constitution as Castilian or Castellano. Other languages spoken includes Basque (in Navarre and Basque country), Catalan in Catalonia, and Galician.
Visa Information
There are different categories of visa for those traveling to Spain, depending on your purpose of visit. Through the Schengen agreement, citizens of the covered country are permitted to move freely for at least 90 days for tourist and business purposes. It is advisable to plan your trip if you want to get a Spanish visa. Citizens of EU countries, US, and Canada don’t require any visa to travel to Spain if they are staying 90 days or fewer. Citizens of other countries would have to get a Schengen visa by completing the application form, attaching relevant documents, applying at the right consulate, and wait for approval. The requirement for Schengen visa application includes:
  1. - Download and fill the application form with sincerity
  2. - Two passport photo attached
  3. - Passport and copies of previous visa – valid for three months before return. There must be at least two blank pages
  4. - Copy of return ticket reservation
  5. - Flight reservation
  6. - Hotel reservation
  7. - Bank statements of at least six months
Getting There
Air: The best way to get to Spain is by air, especially if you’re coming from outside the European continent. Spain’s national carrier is Iberia, which flies to 109 destinations in 39 countries, and through code-sharing agreement touches a further 90 countries. The busiest airports in Spain includes the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport in Madrid, Barcelona–El Prat Airport, Palma de Mallorca Airport, and the Málaga Airport. Just so you know, Madrid, Barcelona, and Bilbao have the most beautiful airports in Spain, designed by world-famous architects. Apart from Iberia, other airlines that travel to Spain includes Lufthansa, KLM, Air France, Japanese airlines, China Eastern flights, etc. If you prefer to enter Spain through low-cost carriers, you should consider Vueling, EasyJet, Ryanair, and Blue Air.

Land: In recent times, traveling to Spain by land is increasingly becoming attractive. You will find many companies offering bus transport from different destinations in Europe to all major Spanish cities. Most of these buses are well-equipped with latest features, like Wi-Fi and comfortable sitting. Traveling to Spain by road is reliable, except for the period where there are high crowd and holidays. The main bus companies in Spain are, Damas, Dainco, Garcia, Hife, iDBUS, La Serrana, Linebus, Conda, Daibus-Interbu, La Union, Lycar, OUIBUS, Therpasa, ALSA, Agreda, Andorinha Rail, and Bus Almeria Madrid BAM. Take advantage of the quality and comfortable bus design to ride in class, while you enjoy journals, magazines, free earphones, and choice entertainment in music and movies. These buses ply several routes within Spain, from Madrid to Granada, and from Pamplona to Bilbao. You can also enjoy rides to neighboring countries like Portugal, France, and Italy through thes
Spain 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
In Spain, the tourist season peaks in July and August. This is because at this time, the rest of Europe has gone on holiday and Spain has some of the most beautiful beaches you would wish to be. The best times to be in Spain is June and September because the weather is nice and the days are long. There are tourists everywhere, but not too much.

Travelling In Spain

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