From its neogothic palace of culture, a landmark that houses 4 museums to dozens of monasteries with flawless architectural designs that have stood the test of time, to its neoclassical cathedrals and theatres, memorial houses, natural parks, enchanting gardens, and down to the famed Eminescu?s Linden tree, Ia?i is indeed one of Romania?s golden eggs in tourism and culture. The city also comes alive with the bustling university students from all walks of life, lightening up it nightlife and turning the whole city one big landmass of everything fun, everything lovely, and everything beautiful.
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Best Things To Do In Iasi

Main Things You Need To Know About Iasi


Iasi experiences 4 amazing seasons every year, spring, summer, autumn, and winter. From December to February the city experience the cold weather of winter, it rains, and snows in small amounts and only a few tourists trickle in during this season. Spring follows through from March to May and summer begins in June and lingers till August. Autumn takes the remaining part of the year from September to November. The weather gets very comfortable during summer, and July accommodates the most number of tourists every year while spring and winter record the lowest attendance of tourist every year.

Travelling Here

Land or air, there?s always a way into Ia?i. The city boasts one of the oldest airports in the country. The small Ia?i Airport receives both domestic flights from other cities in Romania and international flights from foreign countries like Israel and Italy. Ia?i by flight presents an excellent way of entering the city. The city?s sound railway system allows trains move from the Romanian capital, Bucharest, to Ia?i. You can also use journey by train to Ia?i if you happen to be in Hungarian beautiful capital, Budapest. As a way of saying welcome to tourists who reach the city by train, there is a huge railway station known as the "Palace of Railway Station" with a real palace built in it; no wonder it's called the "Palace of Railway Station." Ride to Ia?i from neighbouring cities in your car or join any public transport on buses or taxis to Western Station or Vama Veche Station which are the two main bus stations in Ia?i. Ia?i has good roads connecting Ia?i to other parts of the country and beyond the country.


The increasing influx of tourists into Ia?i has slowly but steadily made the city to become one of Europe's most coveted tourist destinations. This has created a huge boost to the tourist sector of the city and as a result, has prompted the increase in lodging options for tourists. Ia?i?s innumerable hotels, guesthouses, and lodges make it easier for tourists to find a good place to lodge when they visit. 1. Ramada Iasi City Centre 2. Lassi Hotel 3. Pensiunea Velvet 4. Pleiada Boutique Hotel & Spa 5. Hotel Moldova 6. Hotel Arnia 7. Hotel Belleville 8. Hotel Astoria 9. Grand Hotel Traian 10. La Castel


Iasi doesn?t fall short of anything when it has to do with great foods. Many fine restaurants and drinking holes dot the entire city?s map serving meals with great tastes. No matter how short you plan your visit, make sure you get a treat of the city?s fabulous culinary. Here are some of the best restaurants in town. 1. Restaurant Tirol 2. Blue Aqua 3. Fenice Palas 4. Chef Galerie 5. Toujours 6. Buena Vista 7. La Pl?cinte 8. Harmony Cafe Ia?i 9. FireRibs 10. Panoramic


Iasi is a safe town for enthusiastic visitors and tourist that come into the city for touristic purposes. Local police officers patrol the town to maintain rule and order in the city. Albeit, tourists, are still advised against showing off valuable properties unnecessarily or taking out a large amount of money in public to avoid drawing petty criminals their way. Tourists should be smart, alert, stay faithful to their personal security tips and there?s nothing else to worry about safety when you visit.

Getting Around

Walking around the city is a fine way to for a curious tourist to uncover the city?s marvels. But since Ia?i is a large city, walking on foot could sometimes be tiresome, and tourist can only cover a small area like this. So another option for such a curious tourist who wishes to see every part of Ia?i, renting a bike may seem a better option. Renting a vehicle is also a good one especially if tourists go in a group. There are so many rental shops in Ia?i where tourists can get a car or a bike for a superb tour around the city. Taxis and buses are popular means of getting around for everyone in Ia?i. The choice of using the city?s trams and mini-buses is also open to tourists. These vehicles can take tourists to just about everywhere within the city. Iasi's public transport is reliable and affordable.

Top Attractions

There are so many things to see, so many to experience, so many to explore. Ia?i is an important cultural, historical, and academic city in Romania; so it's no wonder that the city is dense with so many lures and attractions in every corner, on every street, just enough sites to keep every tourist busy all through their stay in Ia?i. So many top attractions, but here is a short list of some of the most visited sites in the city. 1. Ia?i Exhibition Park 2. Palace of Culture 3. Ia?i Botanical Garden 4. Roznovanu Palace 5. Cet??uia Monastery 6. Galata Monastery 7. Golia Monastery 8. Muzeul Mihail Sadoveanu 9. Museum of Natural History 10. Eminescu's Linden Tree

Being Local

The locals in Ia?i are a people who have dedicated so much to preserve and promote culture and tourism. Being a local means you?ve got to share this dream, contribute to the promotion of Ia?i culture and tourism, and you are part of the city?s history. A vast population of the people who have unexpectedly makeup the locals of Ia?i are university students meaning the entire city bursts with fun and life. Ia?i is also known as the city of great love stories, so be sure you write yours before leaving its borders.