Bucharest, the capital of Romania, has seen worst times. Despite bombardments during the two world wars, the city still stands today with magnificent architecture and breathtaking buildings. The city serves as Romania’s center for arts, media, and culture, making it one of the most successful cities in the European Union. Tourists also love Bucharest for its peace, warmth, and joy. 

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Best Things To Do In Bucharest

Main Things You Need To Know About Bucharest


The closeness of the city to the Dambovita River contributes to its humid continental and subtropical climate. Proximity to the plains results in high winds during winter, even though urbanization is reducing the potency of the cold breeze. Winters in Bucharest can be freezing with temperatures dropping below zero degrees Celsius. The best time to visit is during summer and midsummer when the temperature is between 23 degrees Celsius and 40 degrees Celsius. Autumn is also an excellent time to visit when the temperature is around 23 degrees Celsius with mild periods of rainfall.

Travelling Here

Tourists have many options to get to Bucharest, but the best is through the two airports that serve the city. The Henri Coanda Airport and Aurel Vlaicu Airport connect the city to other major European cities, like Naples, Dublin, Amsterdam, and Paris. Tourists can also get to Bucharest by train, through the North train station or international train station. Getting to Bucharest by bus is also possible, but you should avoid it if you can't stand long rides.


Bucharest has very beautiful hotels tourists will find comfortable. The best hotels offer premium services that include pool, free Wi-Fi, and restaurants. Executive tourists with plenty of cash have many options for royal and premium hotel treatment and service. However, if you are on a budget, you should consider getting into one of those hostels. These hostels are safe, like every other hotel, and are under the management of very friendly and accommodating people. Here are some of the best hotels the city of Bucharest has to offer. 1. Grand Hotel Continental 2. Athenee Palace Hilton Bucharest 3. Radisson BLU Bucharest 4. Epoque Hotel 5. InterContinental Bucharest 6. JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel 7. Premier Palace Hotel & Spa 8. Marshal Garden Hotel 9. Sheraton Bucharest Hotel 10. Rembrandt Hotel


The people of Bucharest may not have the healthiest cuisine, but their food is sure tasty. No one visiting Bucharest should ever miss the traditional dishes, with traces of influence from the Russians and Turks. Try the Chiftele, which are large fried meatballs spiced with garlic and parsley. Tourists should also consider Mamaliga, made from corn flour, or ciolan cu fasole, which is a mixture of beans, pork, and cabbage. Below is a list of highly rated restaurants that offer traditional, American, and European dishes. 1. Lente & Cafea 2. Caru' cu Bere 3. Energiea 4. Hanul Lui Manuc 5. Vacamuuu 6. Arcade Café 7. Torna Fratre 8. Hanul cu Tei 9. Hard Rock Café 10. Simbio


Bucharest can be a dangerous place to drive during the winter, especially when the streets are wet or covered in snow. Drive careful at a moderate speed limit to avoid accidents. Beware of taxi rip-offs by asking the taxi drivers how much the trip will cost you before you enter. Like every big city, Bucharest has street criminals that will try to rob you of your valuables. You should also beware of wild dog packs. People who smoke will enjoy Bucharest more than those who don’t because there are no restrictions on smoking anywhere.

Getting Around

Bucharest is a city with proper transport network that reaches everywhere you might want to go. The city offers a robust surface public transport that includes bus, tram, and trolleybus. Public transportation provides the cheapest option for moving around the city and enjoying all the love it has to offer. If you don’t trust the taxis, you can try Uber. Taking long walks in the celebrated sidewalks of Bucharest can be an enchanting and rewarding experience for tourists.

Top Attractions

There are no limits to the fun tourists can have in the city of Bucharest. You can visit the museums, go on a budget-friendly tour of historical buildings, or take a walk in the nature parks. The city also boasts of numerous landmarks and points of interest like the Antim Monastery, Revolution Square, and the Stavropoleos Church. You can also visit the Muzeul National al Satului, with more than 300 authentic peasant farmhouses that represent the history of Romanian rural architecture. Here are the top places to visit in Bucharest. 1. Palace of Parliament 2. Former Ceau?escu Residence 3. Romanian Athenaeum 4. Ci?migiu Garden 5. Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum 6. Gr?dina Verona 7. Snagov Monastery 8. National Art Museum 9. Stavropoleos Church 10. National Village Museum

Being Local

Living like a local in Bucharest, the city of joy, is an experience you don’t want to miss. The city of full of life, both day and night, and offers an excellent sense of acceptance and liveliness. You can enjoy living like a local by visiting coffee shops, going to local diners, visiting the cinema, or dining at open-air restaurants to enjoy the morning sun. If you visit during a festival count yourself lucky. Bucharest festivals are full of spectacles and fun that will remain with you forever.

Travelling In Bucharest

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