Boasting as one of the largest and most fascinating countries in Eastern Europe, Romania is truly an enchantment of stunning scenic pleasures and attractions for tourists’ vacation. Few regions offer a more dazzling display of cultural and artistic treasures than Romania.  From the exquisite sites of ancient monasteries, mansions and castles; to the medieval towns in Transylvania, traditional villages in Maramures; the enchanting bliss of Mother Nature that showcases the forested mountains of Transylvania, to the Black Sea resort; Romania has it all to describe a perfect tourist destination for all and sundry. For lovers of wildlife, wolves, bears, red deer, wild boar and several others including a wealth of bird life are there to feed your eyes on. There’s an abundance of wine to explore and taste for wine buffs as Romania is home to one of the world's finest wines and is also one of the largest producers of wine in the world and sixth largest in Europe. Bucharest, the capital of Romania with its magnificent architectural treasures, National Museum of Art, the Village Museum, is a perfect destination to begin your tour of the country for an unforgettable experience. 

Best Cities To Visit In Romania

Main Things You Need To Know


Romania has the most beautiful waterfall in the world.


Romania is the ninth largest wine producer country in the world.

Film Place

The famous movie Cold Mountain was filmed on Romania.

Ancient Language

The Romanian language is 1,700 years old.

Best Things To Do In Romania

Main Things You Need To Know About Romania

Romania may be part of Europe, but the country doesn’t recognise the Euro as its official currency. The official currency in Romania is called "Leu” which means "lion” in English. Leu is internationally abbreviated to RON. One US dollar is approximately 3.94 Romanian Leu.
Romania Romanian
The official language spoken in Romania is Romanian. You will also find a minute percentage of people speaking English, especially amongst young people. Romanian is often referred to as a phonetic language, so words are pronounced as they are spelt.
As a foreigner, if you try to communicate with a native speaker in Romanian, expect positive reactions as most Romanians would be glad that you are making effort to speak their language. If you find yourself in large towns, communicating in English shouldn’t pose a challenge as a good number of people understand English. Other spoken languages include Hungarian, French and German but this is spoken only by a minority.

Visa Information
In order to visit Romania, you need to have a visa if you aren’t a citizen of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most European countries provided your stay does not exceed a duration of 90days. Nationals of the above countries only need their passport to get entry into Romania. Other foreign tourists are expected to have a tourist visa. To be eligible for this visa, the following documents are needed for the application:
1. A valid passport which is required for all non-EU and overseas visitors for at least three months beyond the duration of stay.
2. A duly signed and completed visa application form.
3. Two recent color photographs which should be 3 cm x 4 cm and on a white background. 
4. Return tickets.
5. A valid medical insurance that covers an extra day beyond your period of stay.
6. A valid bank statement that states that you are financially capable of sponsoring your trip and incurred expenses during your visit.

Getting There
Getting to Romania is not difficult from virtually all parts of the world, due to its position. Romania has 17 airports of which 12 serve international flights. Bucharest's Henri Coanda (Otopeni) Airport is the largest and busiest airport in Romania and has international flights to all major cities in Europe and few Middle Eastern capitals. Bucharest's Aurel Vlaicu (Baneasa) Airport, Traian Vuia International Airport, and Cluj-Napoca International Airport are some of the finest airports in Romania. Romania has three main important airlines serving the local and international flights: Tarom, Carpatair, and Blue Air. 
You can also travel into Romania through a bus or car service. Several bus routes connect Bucharest and other Romanian major cities with Copenhagen, London, Paris, Berlin, Athens, Munich, Rome, Frankfurt, Budapest, Vienna, and Istanbul. 
By car, you can easily drive into Romania from the western countries but will have a little challenge when coming in from the East as you’ll have to drive through Moldova. Driving your car into the country will require you to have the following: your passport, visa, driving license, car registration details and a valid insurance cover.
Train is another means to enter Romania though not fast, but it’s comfortable. Romania has a fine network of railway throughout the country and also links many European cities. From Budapest to Timisoara takes about 6 hours while London to Bucharest takes approximately 46 hours. 
Tourists can also access Romania through boats. Boat Cruise companies, mostly German and Austrian are available on the Danube River to Danube Delta and to the Black Sea Coast. These boat cruises will offer you the opportunity to have views of other countries as it stops along major ports of Austria, Serbia, and Hungary.  

Romania 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
Romanian’s location in south-east Europe gives reason for its temperate-continental climate with varying temperatures during the year. There are four distinct weather: Spring from March to May, Summer between June and August, Autumn stretches from September to November and Winter between December and February. However, sometimes incredible cold winters usually followed by very not summers are felt. Visiting Romania is any of the seasons offer its unique appeal as there’s always something nice to see and do. 
If you are a ski fan, the winter season is a perfect time for you; on the other hand, a beautiful tan on the Black Sea coast awaits you if you visit the country between June to September. 
Overall, the best time to visit Romania considering the weather conditions is between March and October as the weather will be less cold and the roads will have a clean look. However, if you are on a budget, the best time could be from September to June as flight rates and hotels will be less pricey. 

Travelling In Romania

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