Tours in Puerto Princesa

Puerto Princesa may have been a laid back city once, but with upgrades, the city is steadily picking up the pace in the Philippines. Raw nature, unspoilt by modernity, awaits every tourist that ventures this beautiful city in Southeast Asia. It still remains the cleanest city in Palawan. Take a tour to see the fireflies, wildlife reserves in underground rivers, a Puerto Princesa city tour to learn about its cathedrals, or the best Honda Bay beaches. The beaches are one of the city’s tourist jewels luring several tourists this way. Snorkel all you want, swim, and surf all you want. This is Puerto Princesa, the capital city of Palawan. 
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Best Things To Do In Puerto Princesa

Main Things You Need To Know About Puerto Princesa


Puerto Princesa enjoys two seasons, the dry and rainy seasons. The dry season is from November to May, while the rainy season starts from June and continues till October. It gets really rainy in the month of September. You should avoid it if you don’t like the rains. February is the driest of the 12 months, humidity is still at a fair level and it gets really hot during this month. The best time to visit Puerto Princesa is during the dry season, within the months of May and June.

Travelling Here

There are flights from a number of major cities in the Philippines that travel directly to the small airport of Puerto Princesa. Major cities like Cebu, Iloilo, Clark, Davao, and Manila are connected with Puerto Princesa. The airport in the city is located at the centre of the city making it easily accessed from any location in the city. However, unlike other standard airports, the airport in Puerto Princesa may close at different times in the afternoon. So don’t be late for your flight or come back the day after. Also, there are ferries from Manila and Iloilo to Puerto Princesa. The journey is long, in most cases taking more than 24 hours on at sea. Travels are not usually completed in one trip. From Manila, the ferry stops midway at Coron before continuing to its final destination. From Iloilo, the ferry’s stop is at Cuyo Island.


There are several accommodation options for all budgets. Luxurious hotels with exquisitely styled decors or just decent rooms to retire to at the end of each day, Puerto Princesa got you covered. Their accommodations come with other amenities like free Wi-Fi, cable TV, swimming pools, spas and gyms, swimming pools, and restaurants. There are just enough of them; a good lodge should be your least worry in Puerto Princesa. 1. Balay Tuko Garden Inn 2. Deep Forest Garden Inn 3. Fersal Hotel 4. Go Hotel 5. Grande Vista Hotel Palawan


Food in Puerto Princesa is always good, even though they sometimes come in small packages. Fresh seafood, prepared the Puerto Princesa way, are available in most of the restaurant options you’ll find around. If you want good coffee too or some fine drinks, you can trust the local restaurants for that, they'll surely not let you down on that one. Some places even offer free Wi-Fi to customers too. 10 of such fine spots to grab a bite include: 1. Badjao Seafront Restaurant 2. Captain Ribs 3. Haim Chicken 4. Kalui Restaurant 5. Kusina ni Tito Ernie


Well, you don’t need some martial skills to enjoy a safe visit here. The area is peaceful and chances of running into trouble are only as slim as any other famous tourist destination. All you need here is some common sense and strict adherence to your personal safety tips and you’ll be just fine. The police do a fine job in keeping the city and its occupants as safe as they can be. So you have little to worry about safety here in Puerto Princesa.

Getting Around

Except you wish to hire a bike or car, using public transport means you’re most likely going to get to your destination either on a tricycle or a multicab. They are the most common way to see Puerto Princesa. Tourists can access almost every spot on the city using them. There are lots of them and it won’t be difficult getting on one. Of course, you may also hire a bike or car and explore the city at your pace. But hiring a car is not a brilliant option in a city like Puerto Princesa with heavy traffic. You could be stuck in traffic for long. But getting a bike is a better option. You can always manoeuvre your way through with a bike and skip the traffic.

Top Attractions

Well, some of Puerto Princesa attractions are world record holders. The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River of one is the longest underground river in the world, stretching over 8 kilometres. It’s no doubt it’s the city’s best hotspot. What’s a bit surprising is that you’ll need a clearance or so sort of permission before you’re granted access to it. Puerto Princesa also has an institute almost entirely dedicated to researches on Crocodile. So, whether it’s nature or man-made that got your attention, Puerto Princesa has just enough attractions for you. Some of the most visited spots include: 1. Arrecife Island 2. Barlas Island 3. Honda Bay 4. Immaculate Conception Cathedral 5. Makesi Island

Being Local

Buy local, that’s how it starts. The locals make a lot of handcrafted gift items from wooden jars to carved animals, to mats, curtains, and accessories. The idea is that you don’t only buy local, but you also learn a few tricks to make them too. Then up next, head straight to the beaches where Puerto Princesa live their second life either snorkelling, swimming, diving, surfing, or just enjoying the feel of the sun rays on their tender skin- join them!