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Manila derives its name from nila, a flowering mangrove plant which grew on the marshy shores of the bay. Manila is the capital city of Philippines and is renowned for social social, economic, cultural and political activities. Manila is one of the Southeast Asia's best capital cities for sightseeing and culture. So, if either of these is your reason to visit Manila, you are right on track. Besides, it is one of the few places in Asia where you can look out to the west over the sea. Manila is situated on one of the finest sheltered harbours of the Pacific region, about 700 miles (1,100 km) southeast of Hong Kong. That means the city offers an intriguing point of difference to its neighboring countries cut across. In short, Manila is one place you should never miss visiting in a lifetime. 

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Best Things To Do In Manila

Main Things You Need To Know About Manila


The weather in Manila is quite favorable for all but as a traveler, the times and seasons ought to be understood. Manila has a humid tropical climate with two distinct seasons (wet and dry seasons). The city is protected from extreme weather conditions by the hills of the Sierra Madre and the mountains of the Bataan Peninsula and the tropical climate is characterized by a wet season that lasts from June to November and by a dry season lasting from December to May. The wettest months are July, August, and September, when thunderstorms are especially common. The average annual rainfall totals about 80 inches (about 2,000 mm). There is little monthly variation from the mean annual temperature, which is in the low 80s F (about 27 °C). As such, temperatures are high during March and April, therefore, it is best and recommended to travel during the cooler months, between December and February.

Travelling Here

Traveling to Manila is possible through several means by, road, railway and air. The public transportation network of Manila includes, buses, taxis and so on. The airport can be accessed in several ways which are slated as follows: - By car which is about 30 mins - By taxi at the specified rate - By public shared shuttle and - By private car transfer. The buses and taxis are reliable even as you can connect the soul of Manila from any part of the world. All international flights in and out of the city use one of the three main terminals of Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila’s south while the domestic flights make use of the fourth terminal. Besides, the city connects to the world via international carriers and Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific. You should however note that traffic congestion can get serious, especially at the bridges during the morning and evening rush hours.


Lodging in one of the very hospitable serviced apartments would require good hospitality services other than some bed and bathroom provision. Although, all over the city, and the country, hotels are spread around and these hotels are striving to stay on point and on top of their game because more and more tourists are visiting the country more frequently than ever. Regardless of your location in the city or what boutique experience you desire, the following are some of the hotels you can lodge in at Manila as follows: - Amelie Hotel Manila - Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila - Hotel Soriente - Chill-out Guest House - Casa Bocobo Hotel


In Manila, there are a number of interesting (and priciest) restaurants you can settle down to eat. Some of them are Makati and the Fort (BGC). Generally though, eating at Manila can be very cheap and easy even as there are a couple of places that offer fascinating meals at affordable prices. And within the restaurants, local and foreign cuisines are prepared. Some of the restaurants within the city are: - Malate, Erimita and Paco - Binodo (Chinatown) - Makati - Quezon City - Spiral


Manila is considered an unsafe place to go for adventure with loads of history, gorgeous environment with accommodating people. The city is generally regarded as unsafe for tourists. Even at that, it is simply advisable to adhere to safety precaution measures. The safety precaution measures could be in form of staying sensitive while going on adventure to visit a place and as much as possible, trying to be observant with the environment and the responses of people in terms of communication. This would help to know where to go and where not to. Safety measures are very important to put into consideration at all times for pleasant visit of a place and particularly for a visit to Manila, you should consider some. There are pick-pockets in the city, therefore you are advised to go out with stuffs you are only going to need and move where you possibly understand enough.

Getting Around

Getting around the city for a visit is pretty easy. A large pedestrian zone or walkway is made available for pedestrians. Cabs or Taxis are similarly available for easy transportation from one place to another. Moreover, at the rate of 0.87PHL/km, you can get comfortable taxis and learn about the price variance of the taxi drivers. Previous visitors did observe that the local taxi drivers do offer ride at affordable prices and for easy accessibility. In Manila, there are two main types of taxi – the yellow airport taxis and the white metered taxis, and another interesting part is that unlike places such as Mexico City, no real safety warnings come with Manila’s taxis. Thus, you can confidently use either.

Top Attractions

There are various citadel of attractions at Manila that you as a tour person would never miss for nothing. The top attractions in Manila are as follows: - Intramuros - San Agustin Church - San Agustin Museum - Ayala Museum - Manila Baywalk - Fort Santiago - Bayhay TSU

Being Local

Manila is a place to visit and see how things are being done. Often times, people go there because of the “goodness” the city exhumes. Meanwhile, as a newcomer in Manila, to enjoy your stay to the fullest, you are demanded to understand the culture and norms of the locals. Relate well enough with them, eat their food and with time, start learning their language. With that, you will fit in appropriately in little or no time.

Travelling In Manila

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