Coron Tours

Scripting a list of places to visit, pause and start with a ‘C'. Attractions in Coron are among the Philippines’ best and most popular sights and this city should top that list. Some are yet to discover this small and quiet paradise but the few who had discreetly discovered its marvels had been left with the question of how beautiful nature had grown. Baiting one of the seas that preserve the WWII shipwreck ruins sunken into the deep and finding its final resting place that nurses the growth of natural reefs that had drawn thousands of tourists its way, Coron is where all the magic happens. The blue sea water makes diving and snorkeling mysterious, so does the eerie underwater lagoons.
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Best Things To Do In Coron

Main Things You Need To Know About Coron


As you prepare for an exciting expedition, you must also know what the weather will be like to avoid the risk of a hurried exploration. Coron maintains a hot temperature all year long with suitable sea warmth ideal for swimming and diving but the best months to visit Coron are January, February, March, April, November and December. The wettest months are June, August and September as the climate gets soppy with daily short but heavy rains. Get to know the best time to visit the Island to avoid wrecking your adventure.

Travelling Here

The quickest and most convenient way to get on the Island is to fly. Once on a trip to Coron, you'll get to the Coron Palawan Airport in Coron Town, and taxi drivers who are knowledgeable with the flight schedules will be waiting to take you to your desired destination anywhere in Coron Town. You might also consider a ferry trip that ferries from Manilla and Puerto Princessa to Coron as there are attached benefits other than jumping on a plane. Aside from being normal and cheaper, it exposes you to the deep for a relaxing and mind-blowing marine experience and it's a great opportunity to meet the locals. However, it is not safe to travel late as the ship will arrive late and you would be at risk of being robbed if you are not familiar with some Philippine areas, just be sure to book for an early flight or ferry cruise.


Set right at the heart of Coron are hotels and lodges featuring a glassy sea view and other exciting activities you've always lusted on for a remote holiday experience. The hotel experience on this Island accommodates all brands of visitors, and it features for all types of budget while offering a quiet space of relaxation. Check out their most popular hotels – one of them might be your next holiday residence. 1. Coron Westown resort 2. Asia Grand View Hotel 3. Sunlight Guest Hotel 4. Two Seasons Coron Hotel and Suites 5. Coron Soleil garden Resort


This Filipino city has a kitchen diverse enough and their menu's got something that will definitely bless your stomach. The atmosphere stays adoringly professional with an incredible setting and classy décor you absolutely need to experience. Fresh seafood delicacies also make up a large part of the people's regale with lobsters topped with garlic buttered shrimps which go down well with a mango shake. The Selection is wide and quite good to suit every palate and taste 1. Ding Ding Restaurant 2. Lobster King 3. Kawanayan Grill 4. Coron Villa's Wild Fern 5. Big Mama's Pinoy Hot Pot and Grill


The Island is a mix of the good and bad as some pretty desperate addiction and conditions have made some people opt into stealing from tourists. Some areas are extremely rough and be sure not to venture into lonely and deserted parks alone especially at sundown. Basic security measure is highly recommended for a safe tour experience. If you're not abreast with how safe some streets are, this is where you need a tour guide or assistance from a local.

Getting Around

Whatever you do, don't miss a walk around the city especially if you're staying close to your tour areas. But if you're staying a bit further, tricycles are the best option because you can get a clear and close view of the major street attractions and arts, and the tricycles are relatively cheap as well. For independent tour freedom, hiring a scooter would be preferable, and they cost between 400-700 pesos to rent one.

Top Attractions

Submerge your whole body to Coron's adventure and melt into a lifetime session of a twinkling experience of nature the natural way. Coron houses a good number of beaches that can pump up your dopamine and hormones while you sit on a smooth sandy beach and watch the sun retire to sleep or take a deep dive into the clearest lake surrounded by rare granite stones. Here are a few adventurous things and places you shouldn't miss while exploring the city. 1. Hike Mt. Tapyas 2. Maquinit Springs 3. Siete Pecados 4. Coron Bay 5. The Battacuda Lake

Being Local

All-in-all, with all the buzz and vibes the city's got if you look out for an ultimate paradise experience, zip up your routine style of living and relate the local way – the special way. The Filipinos are pleasantly warm and friendly and are always ready to offer assistance if only you flow with their spree. Over time, the best way to live local had always remained eating locally. So follow the locals and see where and what they order, and order the same. Mind you, the local culinary is themed with a sweet blend of Spanish, Italian and Chinese delights. Join the crowd of tourists for a breathtaking adventure in one of Filipinos’ Best Island while scanning through a handful of WWII shipwrecks that are steadily entombed in the shores of Coron. Now, that's a perfect adventure.