With an incredibly mountainous spine and a sprawl of rainforest and fresh waterfalls, Cebu in the Philippines is definitely a place to visit.  With its extraordinary shade of blue and white waters, beguiling spots for waterfall jumping, canyoning, rock climbing and rappelling, this hidden gem is perfect for adventure seekers. 'The Queen of the South' a name it earned for its large span across the Visayas Region and its lively commercial and industrial hub houses the Malay, Chinese, Filipino and an ever-growing number of the westerners. The variety of coastal areas that nurses beaches, mangrove forest, and fishing grounds will tempt you to choose this city over and over as a desired destination for your holiday.
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Best Things To Do In Cebu

Main Things You Need To Know About Cebu


If you're looking forward to enjoying sunny days and cool nights, you should consider visiting during the winter season which ushers in the colorful Simolog Festival where you get to experience Cebu and its culture at its best. During the summer which lingers from March to May, the weather is extremely hot and humid and may not be comfortable to travel around the city. The rains visit between June and August with heavy downpour and typhoons and some of the city sights may not be reachable at this time; it is advisable to delay visiting during this season. To get the best of your visit, you should visit during the winter season.

Travelling Here

Either by air or sea, there’s a way for you to enter Cebu. If you choose to come in by air, you will land at The Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) on Mactan Island serves as the foremost gateway to domestic and international routes to or from Cebu City. The airport receives several tourists every month from Seoul, Singapore, Dubai, and several others. On arrival, you have the option of choosing between a bus and taxi in order to get to your desired location. You can travel here using boat through the Cebu International Port which is the largest shipping hub in the Visayas region. The multi-tiered port is connected with the rest of the country through several speedy ferries, slower roll-on, and roll-off ferries. There are several shipping companies to choose from. Some of them offer purchase of tickets at their departing piers while others offer online bookings.


Buckle up for an exciting stay in the best lodges that commands an excellent ambiance with access to the city's biggest attractions. This city's got the perfect lodges for just any class of tourists with friendly and professional service. Here is a list of some of their best hotels. 1. Quest Hotel and Conference Centre. 2. Mandarin Plaza Hotel. 3. Waterfront Cebu City Hotel. 4. Radisson Blu Cebu. 5. Cebu Parklane International. 6. Castle Peak Hotel. 7. Marco Polo Plaza Cebu. 8. Bayfront Hotel Cebu. 9. Harolds Hotel. 10. Red Planet Cebu.


Craving for a tantalizing taste? Cebu has something to suit every taste. Themed with a trick of Chinese-inspired dishes to local Filipino delicacies, one of the Islands most exotic dishes is Bakasi (salt water eels) and Tuslob Buwa (pig brains) which has been announced by tourists as the best pork in the world. It is better tasted than doubted. It is advisable to book for the next morning as some of these restaurants might not open till 7am. Whatever the case, be sure to spice up your diet and fill up your cheeks before leaving this city. You can sample these restaurants for a start. 1. LA Mares. 2. Moon Cafe. 3. Choi City. 4. Da Vinci's Pizza. 5. La Lucha Taquiera. 6. Anzani. 7. Stk Ta Bai. 8. Cafe George. 9. Spice Fusion. 10. Lantaw Floating Native Restaurant.


There are no restrictions while exploring the city, but there might be pickpockets and snatchers around town so be vigilant and extremely careful with your valuable stuff and gadgets. Steer clear from deserted areas and be sure to grab tight flashy gadgets while you're in highly urbanized places. There are a few security tips you should consider practicing while in the city. It is wise to board a taxi some yards away from your lodge and alight a short meter from your estimated destination. And be on alert that no one is following you. Be sure to stay safe.

Getting Around

The chief means of spinning around the city is by taxi. They can be easily spotted everywhere within the city and they charge per meter. If you wish to connect with places outside the city, you will have to pay a different agreed fare. There are local companies that you can hire cars for personal use at a discounted rate for long destinations. You can also hire a driver to help you around; you don't want to miss your way. For a more adventurous journey, you might consider touring with the Jeepney(colorful mini-buses). They are a great way of having a steady local ride around the city and they are super cheap. You can get to meet the amazing locals while using this means.

Top Attractions

Soak yourself in the beauty and charm of the colorful Cebu city. Tourists view its ambiance from these amazing sites. 1. Basilica Del Santo Nino. 2. Kawasan waterfalls. 3. Simulog Festival. 4. Mount Busay. 5. Macyan Bndy. 6. Island of Camotes, Bantayan, Malapascula and Mactan. 7. Whale Sharks in Oslobs. 9. Osmena Peak(Island of the Negroes). 10. Tartanilla(Horse drawn carriage).

Being Local

If you are a travel enthusiast dreaming of exploring the natural aura and flora of nature, Cebu is your best stop. The locals are friendly and will be happy to show you around and help you out. To get the best of the island you can do a lot of exciting things and live like the locals. Step off your fanciful dish routine and try the local food. Cebu is famous for Lechon(roasted pig) and Puso(hanging rice) so don't think of leaving the Island without trying them. Oh....don't forget to have a ride in the Jeepney and hum along to the local beats in the Filipino way.