When travelers and tourist alike visit the amazing city of Bohol they are defencelessly embraced by so many exciting vacation opportunities to explore. Bohol Island has something in stock for everyone, a chance at beautiful beaches for all lovers of sea and sands; enchanting wildlife and lush mangroves for all admirers of nature’s gifts; beautiful sceneries to be captured by photographs and the heart, the jungles to dare for the wild and brave at heart, the comfort and luxury for lovers of fine taste, and of course, the laid-back streets for those who would prefer village life, there’s just something for everyone. So next time you’re considering a visit to the Philippines be sure to add this enchanted city of Bohol to your bucket list.
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Best Things To Do In Bohol

Main Things You Need To Know About Bohol


On a general note, Bohol has fantastic weather conditions all year round. The rains fall more frequently between the months of November and February. Summer season begins late in April and lingers through July. Bohol is at its driest in April, wettest in November, hottest in May, and coolest in January. December has the city bubbling with so much life yet; the best time to experience the marvels of Bohol seems to be between April and August.

Travelling Here

Bohol can either be reached by boat or plane. Both ways offer an exciting experience. You wouldn’t have much trouble finding flights directly to the Tagbilaran Airport in Bohol. The airport doesn’t run at night currently so all flights to the island are made in the day. Since Tagbilaran is the gateway to the province of Bohol, there are several routes which Bohol can be accessed by boat. There are boats and ferries from Tubigon, Dumaguete, Plaridel, and a few other neighbouring cities. Any way you chose, you’re absolutely welcomed to explore the wonders of Bohol at your own pace.


Sites like the Chocolate Hills and the like have made Bohol a popular tourist destination. And in quick response to this, hospitality in the city has been favored. Hotels, resorts, and guest houses that offer quality services to guests litter the city. You will easily find some with great extra features like free Wi-Fi, outdoor pool, free breakfast, and excellent night bars at your disposal. As a quick guide for first-timers that visit, here’s a short list of some of the fabulous lodging options in Bohol: 1. 717 Cesar Place Hotel. 2. Amorita Resort. 3. Blue Star Dive Resort. 4. Chriscent Ville Pension House. 5. Darunday Manor. 6. Dumaluan Beach Resort. 7. Gomez Guest House. 8. Hayahay Resort. 9. Metrocentre Hotel. 10. Vest Grand Suites.


Bohol has got lots of fantastic restaurant options that cover all class of travellers. From children’s delight to casual, cosy, café, and special cocktails, you can always find a superb place to suit your taste without stress. For a beautiful patch of land surrounded by water seafood are served at its finest and freshest. Some of Bohol top eateries and restaurant include: 1. Black Forest Hut. 2. Tamper Coffee & Brunch. 3. Fumagalli Pizza. 4. Gerarda's Place. 5. Paprika Restaurant. 6. Personal Che'f. 7. Saffron Restaurant. 8. Shaka. 9. Sunset Grill. 10. Tamper Coffee & Brunch.


There isn’t so much to worry about safety in Bohol. You can trust the security within this area to do their job quite well. There are several checkpoints around the city to ensure the safety of tourists, locals, and properties. However, just like in every other top tourist destination around the globe, we do not discount the possibility of theft. Tourist should remain faithful to their personal security tips and stay alert for petty crimes like pick-pocketing and the rest will be just fine.

Getting Around

The only way to get around Bohol is by road transport. There are several options to go by on road depending on the distance and the accessibility of your destination. Normally, when you reach the pier of Bohol you will find several agents of local resorts and hotels waiting and enticing you to patronize them. These taxis will take you to their resorts and hotels where you can book in a lodge or where to stay. But there are other ways of getting around. Tricycle is the most common means of going around. You can also place a phone call to any of the taxi companies in the city to send a taxi your way. It’s easy to spot the taxis at the pier too and at the entrance of shopping malls and a few other places. Minibuses and buses cover longer distances. While V-hires cover as much as the buses go faster, they attract almost twice the amount the buses charge. But hiring a rental car or bike will allow you so much flexible; you move at your own pace and stop wherever you want.

Top Attractions

Its most reputable spot, the Chocolate Hills, remains a wonder to even the locals of the city. And of course, Chocolate Hills is not the only attraction to claim a spot on the list Bohol’s marvels, in fact, it’s only the first. There are several other dazzling spots like this all over the city. Here’s an inspiring list of top attractions you definitely have to consider when you visit the city: 1. Abatan River. 2. Alicia Hills. 3. Anda Beaches. 4. Candijay Rice Terraces. 5. Hinagdanan Cave. 6. Kawasan Falls. 7. Nalusuan. 8. Panglao Beaches. 9. Sea of Clouds. 10. The Philippine Tarsiers.

Being Local

Experiencing Bohol has another exciting side of it, the part where you actually become a local! Learn the art of coconut winemaking, nipa making, and the famous ubi kinampay making and you’ve found the perfect way to blend in. The locals always seem glad to show tourists a thing or two about the process of making of these. As you chat with the local through the process of making any of these you’ll get to learn much more about Bohol than you’ve ever read or known before.