Lima: The King Of Cities

The capital city of Peru is situated on the arid Pacific coast of the country. Amassed with tan exciting preservation of its colonial center, Peru is yet a bustling metropolis as well as one of the largest cities in the South American space. Being a home to several collections of pre-Columbian art, you need no soothsayer to further convince you to visit the "Goddess of the threshold” land. Already, you should be ready to get fascinated with the amazing natural and cultural treasures within.

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Best Things To Do In Lima

Main Things You Need To Know About Lima


As an international tourist, you might want to give landing in the Peru Capital city a large consideration. The climate ranges from desert dry to tropical lush and its proximity to the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean, which brings about much lower temperatures than the tropical desert is enough reason that justifies giving Lima a second thought and making it your choice among others. Better put, you can enjoy mild desert climate in the two distinct seasons; December through April and June through October. Also, on some mornings, there are occasional coastal fogs and high clouds in the afternoons and evenings.

Travelling Here

To experience and enjoy Lima’s ancient ruins and culture, or even see some firsthand diversity or whatever reason you have to visit Lima, it is easy to connect the beautiful metropolis by plane from any part of the world. Jorge Chavez International Airport is ever ready to receive foreigners and as many others as are interested in exploring the world of Peru. The airport connects most South American cities with regular flights to other states, especially in the United States. In addition, Lima serves as a hub for a number of regional and domestic flights. Meanwhile, you should expect some iota of chaos upon arrival at the airport thanks to the time consumed in getting through immigration and customs but no cause for alarm. The congestion has just forced airports to cease assigning gates to flights until less than two hours before departure. Conversely, you can connect Lima by bus to and from Miraflores, and enjoy a comfortable trip in an hour or two.


One thing tourists do not have to worry about in Lima is an affordable and comfortable accommodation just good enough for you. You can have a sound sleep and enjoy great cuisines within the stipulated period of stay in Lima in the top hotels and even save some money afterward. Some of the suggested top-ranked hotels include: 1. Atton San Isidro 2. Thunderbird Hotels Fiesta Hotel & Cuisines 3. Crowne Plaza Lima 4. Tierra Viva Miraflores Lareo 5. Hotel Stefano’s 6. Sonesta Posadas del Inca Miraflores 7. El Pardo Double Tree by Hilton Hotel 8. Wyndham Coastal Del Sol Lima Airport 9. Arawi Lima Miraflores Hotel 10. Del Pilar Miraflores Hotel


Peru has and offers one of America’s best cuisines and not only does it hold a variety of ethnic mixes, even in Chinese meals offered in restaurants across the city. Interested individuals are also offered a platform to indulge in the varied cuisines and interesting desserts throughout. In Lima, like other cities or towns in Peru, you are guaranteed of a spicy, heavy, yet delicious Peruvian meals with must-try options in Lomo Saltado, Ceviche Mixto, Empanada, Tiradito, and Bultifarra. Many restaurants in the city also provide tasty and top-quality coffee with bars around for interested individuals. Some top-notch restaurants in Lima include 1. El Señorio del Sulco 2. Astrid & Gastón 3. La Picanteria 4. Osso 5. Rafael 6. Malabar 7. La Mar 8. Chez Wong 9. 1087 Bistro 10. Maido


You have to be conversant with certain security warnings lest you fall victim of any kind of danger. Truth be told, the alluring capital of Peru, as a city resting in the Pacific, has some hidden dangers inherent in the beach, and it is expected of you as a tourist on visit to keep an open eye and stay sensitive. This is not to scare you away; it is rather to let you have a perfect tour experience. Fortunately, if you choose the suburbs, the neighbourhoods are considered very safe. It is just the city that displays certain dangerous situations such as thieves roaming the street, and this is found almost everywhere, not just in Peru. Tourists are advised to stay friendly and heed very warnings about possible dangers.

Getting Around

Cruise Lima as much as you want and even though you might find the process a bit challenging because you are not so familiar with the city; you can get basic understanding of how things work there and follow to the letter. It is easy to hail a taxi literally everywhere in Lima, or you may choose to use official taxis upon your arrival at Lima. You can arrange airport shuttles with your travel agency to see you through your period of stay or go with the public transit system with Metropolitano Express Bus to explore Lima and move from Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidro. Also, walking and cycling through the city are generally safe ways to cruise Lima. You just have to take necessary precautions and do not walk later than 10pm.

Top Attractions

The Peru capital offers tourists a great deal of scintillating travel experience, and to a large extent, Lima stands above the crowd. Blessed with a number of natural and cultural treasures, there are a thousand and one reasons to visit Lima. The following are some of the top attractions within the city: 1. Musoe Nacional de Arqueologia, Antropologia, e Historia ( Archaeology, Anthropology, and History Museum) 2. Convento de San Francisco 3. Cathedral 4. Miraflores 5. Musoe de la Nacion (Natural Museum) 6. Santo Domingo 7. Larco Museum 8. Huaca Pucllana 9. Las Nazarenas 10. Barranco 11. Circuito Magico del Agua (Magic Tour Water)

Being Local

One of the most interesting feelings is getting to meet people. You can as well experiment new cultures in Lima, and this experience is even made more enjoyable as you are bound to relate with hard workers, extremely polite and peaceful citizens. You can share your stories with them and make them learn about other places and afterward, a memorable and unforgettable stay in Lima is assured.

Travelling In Lima

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