Cusco: The Imperial City

Cusco is a Peruvian city located in the Southeastern part of the country. It is found near the Urubambia Valley of the Andes mountain range and serves as the capital of the Cusco region and the Cusco province. Also, according to the constitution of Peru, Cusco is the Historical Capital of Peru. Cusco has earned credits as a major tourist destination in the world hosting about 2 million visitors annually. The beautiful city is riddled with contrasts between the indigenous styles and the modern western world. If you want to see the Inca walls and other highlights, you are on course with a visit to Cusco. Cusco is beautiful, large, comfortable and fascinating

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Best Things To Do In Cusco

Main Things You Need To Know About Cusco


Cusco has a subtropical highland climate which is generally dry and temperate, as the two defined seasons. The dry season (May to August) has a lot of sunshine and some nighttime freezes every once in a while. Conversely, July is the coolest month of the year in Cusco with an average temperature of 9.7 degrees Celcius. During the wet season (December to March), there is less common night frost. Hence, even though temperatures fluctuate in the mid-to-upper 60s all round the year, fewer rain showers are experienced during its winter months and the best time for you as a tourist is from June to Mid-September. Avoid visiting between late November and April when heavy downpours are likely to delay and dampen your exploration. Whichever choice you make, come along with warm clothing to cater to the chilly nighttime temperatures.

Travelling Here

Cusco's airport is located at the edge of the city and from and to Lima, Arequipa, plus other small jungle airstrips in the Amazon basin; you can get daily internal flights. However, from and to Cusco, you can choose any of the following airlines for flight; Latam- OneWorld, Avianca - Star Alliance, Peruvian Airlines, LC Peru, StarPeru, Viva Air and Amaszonas. To avoid overbooking and weather delays, you are advised to book your flights earlier. To get to Cusco, the closest major international airport is Lima. Other options of getting in Cusco are by bus (the Terminal Terrestre) and by rail (Cusco is connected to Machu Picchu and Puno by rail).


In the streets, squares and valleys of Cusco live seductive, striking and natural history. Nevertheless, there are loads of options in Cusco that suit all budgets when it comes to lodging. There are small, clean and affordable rooms for you across the city. Some of the best hotels include: 1. JW Marriott El Convento Cusco 2. Palacio del Inka 3. Palacio Manco Capac 4. Costa del Sol Ramada Cusco 5. Abittare S 6. Illa 7. Atiq 8. Casa Cartagena 9. Hilton Garden Inn Cusco 10. Terra Andina Colonial Mansion


Cusco has some great and extremely good international dishes that are tasty and fit all budgets. The soups in the city are amazing, especially the sopa de zapallo (a pumpkin soup), the pizzas are the best, and if you seek some traditional Peruvian food, you find the best in Iomo Saltado, aji de gallina, or papa rellena. In fact, when leaving the city, you can enjoy delicious meals at Boing Appetit which is just in front of the Airport to have a breakfast or sandwich. Generally, food is not a problem in Cusco and the restaurants around even make things way better off. Some of which include: 1. El Encuentro: vegetarian restaurants 2. El Balcon; for soup, main course and dessert 3. Al Gustitos de Loli; for real good food especially the homemade pastas 4. Inka Grill where you can try guinea pig 5. Ajjla Wasi (Peruana) and loads of many others. On the other hand, if you want to go where the locals go- you can go for Super Cafe Extra or Qenko Chico (where you do not need a tourist ticket to access the unique Inca ruins)


Note this! Street crime such as thefts and muggings are significant safety issues in Lima, Cusco, Arequipa and many other major cities in Peru. British tourists, residents and other foreign nationals have been victims of thefts at gunpoint in cities within the country. In fact, number of cases of rape in Cusco is on the increase. Hence, Cusco is not an averagely safe place, to say the least, but with little precautions, as it were, you can avoid falling into the pit. Be vigilant in public places, do not walk alone in quiet areas or at night and use a registered taxi, among others. Once you do your assignment properly enough, you can be sure you will have no regrets after all. Just a reminder- thousands of people visit Cusco every year, and we can infer that if the safety level was so poor, people would have probably stopped visiting.

Getting Around

You can walk around the center of Cusco, but you may need to get a bus or taxi to the bus station or airport. In Cusco, taxis are very common and they officially cost 2-4 soles, depending on the distance you want to move. Also, if you intend staying for a relatively long time, use the Combis which are cheaper and more reliable than other forms of transportation in the city. Combis are Volkswagen vans and small buses which cost about 60 centimos to ride them.

Top Attractions

Cusco has dazzling temples, ancient cities and the best access to the most of Inca ruins. In short, you as a visitor are enchanted already, and the gorgeousness of the city leaves you with a forever memory. Some of the top attractions you can see in Cusco are: 1. Centro Historico De Cusco 2. Sacsayhuaman 3. Cultural Tours 4. Inca Trail 5. Plaza de Armas 6. Hiking & Camping Tours 7. Catedral del Cuzco o Catedral Basilica de la Virgen de la Asuncion 8. Convento de Santo Domingo 9. San Blas 10. Cerro Colorado Vinicunca

Being Local

Whatever you are in Cusco for- as a tourist, you do have to learn to live like the locals, eat where they eat, do what they do and speak their language. That is the only guaranteed way to enjoy your trip and keep some good memories. The citizens are very lovely and interesting to relate with. As a city of many nations and with a tradition that is still very much active, being a local in Cusco is achievable.

Travelling In Cusco

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