Remarkable for its stunning beauty, impressive and timeless canals, grand museums, lush natural parks, and magnificent cathedrals and churches, this is Amsterdam, the capital city of the Kingdom of Netherlands. Take a trip to Amsterdam, the Netherlands? centre of culture and spoil your holiday the Dutch way. 
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Best Things To Do In Amsterdam

Main Things You Need To Know About Amsterdam


Amsterdam shares an oceanic climate with its country with mild weather that never gets really extreme all year round. Winter?s cold is moderate and so is summer?s heat. Winter lasts from December and lingers until February, will spring falls between March and May. Summer follows in June, records its peak temperature in July and gives way to fall in August. Falls remains for the three months of the year, September, October, and November. Most travellers find April to September to be the best time to visit when the temperatures are loveably seductive.

Travelling Here

Land, sea, or air, however, you want it, there is always a way in. The most popular way of entering this beautiful city from outside the country is by flight. The major airport in the city is its Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This international airport receives thousands of visitors and tourists every month. Other airports used to get to Amsterdam are located in other neighbouring cities around Amsterdam, then using the railway, bus, or a car to get into the capital. Some of these airports include The Hague Airport in Rotterdam, Eindhoven Airport, and others. Entering by land offers many good options, whether, with a car, taxi, bus, the choice is yours. This is the best option if you?re coming from other cities within the Netherlands. The bus services into Amsterdam offering both inter-city and international rides are reliable, convenient, and can be used to get in and out of Amsterdam quite easily. Using one of these buses offers you the fun of seeing lots of spectacles scattered around. Railway also connects the world to Amsterdam. Amsterdam Centraal Station, Sloterdijk, Bijlmer-Arena Station, Amstel Station, and Duivendrecht Station are among the most used railway stations in the city. These high-speed trains offer a wonderful way of getting here.


Amsterdam has several comfortable spots to lodge during your visit to this beautiful city. Whether you?ll prefer a luxurious treat, a cheap but decent room, there?s always something for everyone. So finding a good place to lodge here will not be a problem. Here?s a list of some of the finest places in Amsterdam: 1. Meininger hotel 2. Hotel Casa 3. Xo Hotels Couture 4. The Student Hotel 5. Hotel Mercure Train lodge 6. Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy 7. The Lazy Lodge 8. West Side Inn 9. Tulip Inn 10. West Cord Fashion Hotel


Good food is completely synonymous with Amsterdam. The capital is renowned for its fabulous taste and excellent culinary. The city has several restaurants and bars littered all over serving some of the finest foods in all of Europe. Your visit is just not complete without a taste of Dutch in any of its finest restaurants. From bitterballens to thick Dutch fries, kibbelings, ontbijtkoeks, and lots more, you can count on their eateries for that extra yummy taste. Some of the finest restaurants around include: 1. Koh-I-Noor Restaurant 2. Yu Family Kitchen 3. The Seafood Bar 4. Brasserie Ambassade 5. Waterkant 6. Blue Pepper Restaurant 7. CafÇ-restaurant Kerkwijk 8. Restaurant Zaza's 9. Tulsi Indian Restaurant 10. The Happy Bull


There is no such thing as an ideal city with a zero crime rate. And Amsterdam does not claim to be first, but it's a safe city for all tourists. Trivial crimes like pick-pocketing, phone snatching and petty thefts occur at times but no regularly. However, the city has dutiful policemen patrolling round it, and they are more frequency around the famous attractions in the city. But you?ve got to keep to the personal safety tips like avoid drawing unnecessary attention by wearing expensive accessories or taking out your wallet or purse in rowdy areas.

Getting Around

Navigate your way around the city with buses, cars, and even boats. With Amsterdam?s safe streets, walking around seems to be a good option to discover the city for tourists and adventurers. Live in the streets anyhow you want it and soak in as much as you can. Renting a bicycle at any rental shop in the city is a great option that affords you both wider coverage and lots of freedom, plus you get to skip most of the city's traffic. The most of Amsterdam?s public transport system is regulated and operated by Gemeentevervoerbedrijf. A recently introduced system in the city makes it almost impossible to get around the city without the recently introduced card or chipkaart. They've good a system of public buses, trains, taxis, and metro with great connections. There are ferry services that take tourists on discovery tours along the IJ River. One of the city's famous boat companies is the Canal Company which offers many options for rides that to fit into any kind of budget.

Top Attractions

Amsterdam is the Netherland?s top tourist spot for so many reasons. With lots of charming natural and man-made places to explore, you can't just get enough of it. Some of the most visited sites in Amsterdam: 1. Supperclub 2. Joy Ride Tours 3. Hortus Botanicus 4. Tourist Run 5. Body Worlds 6. Van Gogh Museum 7. National Monument 8. Magere Brug 9. Anne Frank House 10. Rembrandt House Museum

Being Local

Live in Amsterdam like a local. Meet and chat with its warm and nice people who are always delighted to meet foreigners and tourists. To begin, you can start with getting to learn some key phrases and how to exchange pleasantries in Dutch. Don?t forget to attend their festivals and be part of their vibrant nightlife because the locals at Amsterdam seem to never get enough of them. You certainly can?t be a local without their delectable foods. This is life in Amsterdam, fun and vibrant. One visit to Amsterdam will always make you come for more.

Travelling In Amsterdam

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