Known as the gateway to tourism in Nepal, this city wields this title for so many reasons. Beautifully set in the valley of Kathmandú by the breath-taking Himalayan Mountains, Kathmandú, Nepal’s capital and largest city, is littered with dozens of beautiful and charming attractions. This city is known as the country’s centre of economy, art, and culture. Kathmandú’s pagodas, sculptures, palace buildings, and stupas are a marvel to behold and a must-visit in Asia.

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Best Things To Do In Kathmandu

Main Things You Need To Know About Kathmandu


Kathmandú is a fairly warm temperate region that houses the Kathmandú valley. With an average humidity of 75%, June to August experiences the heaviest rainfalls while its driest months are in January, February, November, and December. Its coldest season is observed in the month of January while its hottest season is observed in May. The months of September and November are considered the best months to visit Kathmandú. Although Kathmandú’s weather can be so unpredictable, the weather is usually mild and friendly during these months.

Travelling Here

Nepal’s only international airport is located here in the capital city. The airport does not only feed Kathmandú, but the entire Nepal with foreign visitors swarming in to explore the wonders littered all over the country. Domestic Flights carry passengers into Kathmandú from neighbouring cities, and nationals of Nepal flight fees are way lesser than what foreign nationals pay. There are efficient bus services that shuttle between Kathmandú and neighbouring cities. They are fast and convenient and are a good option for anyone who wishes to enter the capital city from nearby cities.


With so many fun sights and tourist destinations, the city offers great options for housing and hosting its foreign tourists swarming in for touristic purposes. Kathmandú has lots of luxurious hotels and lodges that offer 5-stars services to its guests. The city also has decent and conducive accommodations for tourist on low-budgets. A few of these options include: 1. Kathmandú Guest House 2. Shangri-La Hotel & Resort 3. Hotel Moonlight 4. Fairfield by Marriott Kathmandu 5. Heritage Home Hotel & Guest House 6. Holy Lodge 7. Hyatt Regency Kathmandu 8. Rokpa Guest House 9. Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee 10. Mirage Lords Inn Kathmandu


From Nepali dishes to Mexican dishes, to Indian dishes to Middle Eastern dishes; Kathmandú restaurants lack no good food. Exquisite bars and coffee cafes offer great drinks, fine wines, excellent teas, perfectly brewed beers, and superb coffees. Some of the finest cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants have free WiFi to lure customers. A few of these places include: 1. Third Eye Restaurant 2. Revolution Cafe & Restaurant 3. Gaia Restaurant & Coffee Shop 4. Atithi Satkaar Restaurant 5. Western Kitchen 6. Kathmandu Steak House Restaurant 7. Sarangi Vegetarian Restaurant 8. OR2K Restaurant


Although Kathmandú is a safe city that encourages touristic visits, it is not unusual for petty crimes to be observed in a large metropolis like Kathmandú. So tourists should be careful. Kathmandú like several other tourist cities has vigilant police officers patrolling the city.

Getting Around

In Kathmandú you will find amiable bus drivers to take you around the city. Buses take tourist to longer destinations conveniently and fast. Prices differ with the distance but are always relatively cheap. Taxis and rickshaws will take you around tourist sites within short distances for a good price too. You can pick private cabs to take you to all your planned destinations and make stops where you wish to make them. Tourist can take a short sightseeing walk around the city to gently admire the attractions in the city.

Top Attractions

Kathmandú is one of those few places that never run out of enchanting attractions options. The valley city of Kathmandú is notable for its ancient religious sites. Its unique position on the earth and breath-taking landscape also give it some natural sites. The 15 most visited sites in Kathmandú are: 1. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park 2. Durbar Square 3. Hanuman Dhoka 4. White Monastery 5. Casino Royale 6. Nagarkot 7. Garden of Dreams 8. Boudhanath Stupa 9. The National Museum 10. Narayanhiti Palace Museum 11. Kirtipur 12. Ashok Binayak 13. Royal Botanical Gardens 14. Langtang National Park 15. Chitwan National Park

Being Local

Kathmandú locals are a group of highly religious people, a vast majority of them practicing Hinduism and Buddhism, while a minority are Jains, Muslims, and Christians. Art is another integral part of Kathmandú. Paintings, Metal art, Stone art, Wood art, sculpture, and lots of other art forms are very common among the locals. So, Engross yourself in Kathmandú fantastic life during your brief stay, and it promises to be unforgettable. They are known to be very friendly and willing to offer help to foreign tourists that come visiting the city.

Travelling In Kathmandu

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