Welcome to the "Land of God," one of Morocco's finest and imperial cities. A city is well famed not just in Morocco but in all of Africa for its beauty and charm. The city has a wonderful culture rich with festivals, food, music, and arts. It celebrates so many vibrant and colourful festivals in different seasons throughout the year, like the Marrakech International Marathon in January, the International Magic Festival in March, Marrakech Popular Arts Festival in July, International Film Festival in November, and many others.
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Best Things To Do In Marrakech

Main Things You Need To Know About Marrakech


Marrakech is generally a hot city that experiences unique seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. Springs begins in March and lingers till May. This is a good time to pay the city a nice tourist visit when the weather is pleasantly warm with an average temperature of 19?C. Summer takes its toll from May to September, and the temperature gets sweltering hot during this months, and it's at its peak in the month of July. Fall falls in October and lasts only two months. This is another fantastic time to visit the city when the sun seems a bit tamed. The coolest time of the year for Marrakech falls between December and February when the city enjoys winter which has mild days and even cooler nights. Many agree that this is actually the best time to visit.

Travelling Here

Marrakech-Menara Airport is the city's international airport that serves it with foreign tourists from a number of countries, most of which happen to be European countries. This is the most convenient means of travelling here if you're coming from other countries. Where your country does not have a direct flight straight into Marrakech, it's still possible to stop in other international airports within the country of Morocco and then take a bus or car into Marrakech. Other international airports in Morocco include Royal Air Morocco, Al Massira Airport in Agadir, Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca, Hassan Airport in El Aai£n, and many others. Marrakech buses mainly run between cities and are not a common means of entering the city from other countries. However, tourists from neighbouring countries may choose to cross the Moroccan border with buses to Marrakech. You can also drive into the city from neighbouring cities with cars so get you move at your own desired speed and enjoy the spectacles of the city. Trains from other neighbouring cities like Tangier, Rabat, Casablanca, etc. are useful in connecting tourists with the beautiful city of Marrakech.


Posh hotels with luxurious rooms that are stylishly designed to give tourists that feeling of home away from home, Marrakech understands that it is one of the country?s favourite cities for tourists and it makes the needed step to keep them coming by providing several lodging options to receive such eager tourists and travellers. 1. Berber Lodge 2. Riad Al Badia 3. Equity Point Hostel 4. Hìtel Du Golf 5. Manzil la Tortue 6. Eden Lodges 7. Riad Lola 8. Hotel Medina 9. Quaryati Ecolodge 10. Riad Dar Najat


Morocco itself is well known for its unique culinary, so when it comes to the issue of food, Marrakech offers tourists delectable delicacies that will ever remain indelible and will keep tourists wishing they could come back to the city for some. And as you will expect, they?ve got so many fine restaurants and eateries littered around; here?s a very short list of some of them. 1. Latitude 31 2. The Red House Restaurant 3. Cafe Chez Zaza 4. Kech Burger 5. Cuisine De Terroir 6. Restaurant Kui-Zin 7. Cafe Kif-Kif 8. Le jardin 9. Corner CafÇ 10. Chez Mado


Marrakesh is not exactly a completely safe tourist destination for travellers. With a medium level of crime, you've got to stay smart and conscious whenever you are out at rowdy areas and major tourist spots within the city. Watch out for fake tourist guides that will tend to lure you into believing that they are genuine. Another point where you've got to be very careful about is when taking out your wallet or purse, changing your money.

Getting Around

Except for the blazing heat of the sun in the summer season, taking a tour on foot would have been an excellent means of discovering Marrakech's beauty. But renting or buying a bicycle for your expedition is a fantastic way to go. There are so many buses and taxis around the city, and you will easily find one to get you to your desired spot within the city. Buses and taxis are an efficient way to explore Marrakech as long as you do not venture into dense areas where traffic may be a little bit too tight. Also, note that sadly Marrakech is not considered as a completely safe tourist destination, so be security conscious as best as you can be, especially if you're boarding a taxi or bus late at night. For lovers of anything fun, then you should get a ride in a caleche. A Marrakech caleche is a small carriage driven by a horse. Prices for rides are not too expensive, depending on how far you go on them. It's best to negotiate and agree on a fixed price before getting in one.

Top Attractions

It's Marrakech's lures and attractions that entice tourists to stop by when they come to Morocco. Some of the top attractions to visit when you are in Marrakech include: 1. Tizi-n'Test Pass 2. Dar Si Saãd Museum 3. Bahia Palace 4. Djemaa el-Fna 5. Toubkal National Park 6. Medina Souks 7. Medersa Ben Youssef 8. Koutoubia Mosque 9. Majorelle Gardens 10. Saadian Tombs

Being Local

Being a local in Marrakech is quite fun. Learn a few key sentences or phrases in Arabic and then go bargaining in one of the city?s most visited place, the Medina Souks, how to charm a snake, and enjoy the city?s vibrant nightlife at any of its finest bars and nightclubs. Dig even deeper by learning how to prepare their signature dishes like the Couscous, Nihari, Kebabs, and many others.

Travelling In Marrakech

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