Morocco’s largest and most developed city, Casablanca is not just another one of Africa’s best, but one of the world’s most coveted destinations. With the largest artificial port in the world, the renowned mosque Hassan II, The Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman, a beautiful white beach, an amazing oceanic view, a bubbling nightlife, and many other enchanting sites in the city sufficiently support its worthy claim. 
Although most predominant in the northern parts of the city than in the southern parts, beautiful architectural buildings and structures, museums, great art galleries, and fine eateries and restaurants litter the city to make it arguably the best tourist site in all of Africa.
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Best Things To Do In Casablanca

Main Things You Need To Know About Casablanca


Summer begins from June and stays until August; falls lasts the next three months of September to November, and winter’s cold from December through to February. The hottest months of the year in Casablanca are from August to September. Casablanca records its peak number of tourists swarming to behold its lures in the month of March. March to October is considered the best of months to visit.

Travelling Here

The best means of entering the city from outside the country is by flight into the Mohammed V International Airport, the most important airport in the country. Once at the airport, you will easily find a train or cabs to take you from there to where you want to be. However, if you are moving from any city in the country, the railway system happens to be the best mode of shuttling between cities. They are comfortable and convenient, plus most of the trains are usually divided into first and second class sections. Intercity buses, known as CTM coaches, cross from neighbouring cities into Casablanca. They are a good option and offer a relaxed means of travelling here. Along with the CTM coaches, a few taxis that will cross the Casablanca borders for an agreed cost. Provided you’ve met the requirements, and you’ve got your papers intact, you can use the option travelling your car into Casablanca.


With so many choice spots for lodging in Casablanca, tourists and visitors will never have to break a sweat to locate a perfect place to lodge during their short stay in the city. They’ve got great hotel and lodge options for just about any class of tourists. From superbly styled suites with swimming pool and free Wi-Fi to decently cheap rooms, this city has got something nice for everyone. 1. Hyatt Regency Casablanca 2. Hotel Mor


Although they’ve got excellent options with a unique quality of service offering several mouth0watering dishes, most, (if not all), restaurants and eateries in the city do not open for service before 7am. So if you have an appointment of some sort and need to eat before then, you have to call and make arrangements for breakfast before the morning of your appointed. Choice wine options to wash down your the sumptuous meal is presently served in the city also. A good number of these locations have free Wi-Fi Among their finest eateries are these ones. 1. Le Riad Restaurant 2. Don Camillo 3. Restaurant Al-Mounia 4. Le Petit Rocher Restaurant 5. Pasapalos Latinos 6. Le Bistrot Chic 7. Organic Kitchen 8. Bondi Coffee Kitchen 9. Le Cabestan 10. Blend Gourmet Burger


Casablanca is considered as an unsafe city with a high crime rate; so tourists need to be vigilant and careful when they are out on the street. Pay particular attention to the people around you and make sure no one is following you. Be sure to adhere to basic personal security tips like avoid bringing out your wallet or flashy phones in the busy streets of the city, leave expensive valuables at home, and steer clear of actions that might make you a target. It is also advisable to enter a cab some few metres from your lodge and stop a short distance from your destination also.

Getting Around

Here, taxis serve as the major means of getting around. You will easily find one to just about any and everywhere within the city. Casablanca’s taxis often times charge up to 50% more than what is charged during the day against when used at night. But they are convenient and fast. Railways also link some parts of Casablanca with some other places of the city. The city’s railway system can be trusted for a comfortable, fast, and relatively cheap trips around the city. You can rent a car or motorcycle or buy one. Tourists are allowed to drive themselves, but they must strictly adhere to traffic rules and laws. Violating traffic rules in Casablanca attracts a charge.

Top Attractions

There is so much to do, to see, and to explore. Casablanca has an endless seam of magnificent attractions, but you could check out these ten cool places for a start. 1. Hassan II Mosque 2. Magic Forest Mahkama du Pacha 3. Casablanca Cathedral 4. Crazy Park 5. The Shrine of Sidi Abderrahman 6. Praia Mariluz RS 7. Place des Nations Unies 8. Parc Sindibad 9. University Park 10. Dream Village

Being Local

The locals use French as a universal language, but Arabic remains the city’s official language. A vast majority of the city’s population are Muslims. Casablanca, as with the entire country, is mostly populated by Muslims and generally considered as an Islamic city. There you go, enjoy your visit and remember to seek the consent of any Moroccan before taking a photo of them, so you don’t get one offended.

Travelling In Casablanca

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