Welcome to the place where every ardent admirer of nature must pay a good visit. The large tracts of awesome deserts, rugged mountainous landscape, and an amazing long stride of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, plus a whole lot of other excellent attractions makes Morocco one of the best tourist sites in all of Africa. 
Officially known as the Kingdom of Morocco, Morocco is a sovereign country spotted in the northern part of Africa. With Rabat as the country’s capital, Morocco opens the opportunity to hike the rugged mountains, sunbath in one of Africa’s longest beaches, surf the waves, taste its tantalizing dishes, and many other exciting experiences.

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Main Things You Need To Know


Morocco is around California's size.

Plurilinguistic Country

In Morocco they speak mainly four languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, and Bereber, but they aren't all official languages though.


Bereber people have lived in Northern Africa for centuries, but their main settlement is in Morocco.

Popular Beverage in Morocco

Green tea sweetened with sugar is very popular in Morocco.

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Main Things You Need To Know About Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco uses the ‘Moroccan Dirham’ as their national medium of exchange throughout the country. One US dollar is equivalent to 9.46 Moroccan Dirham.
Morocco Arabic
The Moroccans speak Moroccan Arabic (Darija) and Amazigh (Berber) as their official languages throughout the country. However, French is used as the primary and universal language of communication; hence Morocco is considered as a francophone country. Spanish and English are also widely spoken within the country.

Visa Information
Nationals of South Africa, Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, USA, Japan, and other EU countries do not require a tourist visa to enter Morocco for a maximum period of 90 days. Foreign tourists of other countries will need the following documents in order to obtain a visa for legal entry into the country.
1. Fully completed and signed visa application form.
2. A valid passport that will remain valid for 6 months at least and a copy of the first page with photo.
3. Four recent passport-sized photographs.
4. Medical reports stating that tourist is in good shape.
5. Current bank statement indicating that you have sufficient funds to cater for your all expenses that may be incurred. 
Getting There
The quickest and most convenient way to get into Morocco is, of course, to fly. Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport, Agadir International Airport, Rabat International Airport, Fez International Airport, Marrakesh International Airport, and Tangiers International Airport are among the most preferred International Airports in Morocco that welcomes ardent tourists into Morocco. 
Alternatively, you can cross the Moroccan border by sea in a ferry from Ireland, France, and Britain. Spain has open sea routes through Melilla and Ceuta in Morocco. There are also reliable ferry services from Spain’s Algeciras into Ceuta and Tangier. The shortest route which is just 35 minutes apart is the Tangier-Tarifa link.
The only crossing points by land into Morocco is moving through the no man’s land of  Mauritania into the West Sahara and then into Morocco. The border crossings from Algeria have been closed for over 10 years now due to some unresolved disputes between both countries.

Morocco 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
The best period to visit the Kingdom of Morocco all depends on what you intend to do or see during your touristic visit. The best travel periods to visit the Fes and Marrakech are within September and November, and within April and May. The weather is superb and quite favourable, plus traffic is less with fewer tourists arriving within these periods to allow you tour the wonders of Morocco at your own pace. But the country’s most celebrated cultural festivals come up in summer, and it always witnesses the massive influx of excited and tourists thirsty for fun and adventure. 
Springtime from March to May is also one of the best times to visit the kingdom. The coast begins to get warm up; the crisp mountains blow its fresh air into the lands, setting up just the perfect stage for your holiday.
The month of Ramadan suffers a huge decline in tourism as some sites are closed and touristic activities fall. Notwithstanding, you can join in during this spiritual time to experience how the Moroccans do it.
Morocco’s visa is valid for an initial 90 days. However, at the expiration of this period tourists are free to apply for an extension of the validity of their visa. This usually attracts a reasonable charge.

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