Puerto Vallarta

Remarkable for its stunning beauty and home for a diversity of habitats, Puerto Vallarta is one of Mexico’s most enticing tourist destinations. Time and time again, Puerta Vallarta has seized tourists’ applause and admiration with its surreal poise. From the Vallarta Botanical Gardens, beaches with the clearest waters that glittens at the meeting of the Pacific Sun, the Cuarte archaeological museum which houses arts that have almost gone distinct, Puerto Vallarta is known for lush palm-covered mountains has got something for everyone.
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Best Things To Do In Puerto Vallarta

Main Things You Need To Know About Puerto Vallarta


Whether you fancy a warm or chilly atmosphere, Puerto City's got all. The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is between April and June, as these months come with exquisite and pleasant weather with scarce rain and if at all, it stealthily blesses the atmosphere with light drizzles that help complement the golden sunny hue all day. Just prepare yourself to get the best of strolling, long beach walks, skipping and a bonus of sweet hotel deals. However, if you plan on whale watching (Puerto Vallarta is the best place to see whales!) and Surfing you should consider visiting between May to November; during these months the sea is usually calm and the weather's mild. Puerto Vallarta warm water, sandy beaches, and gentle winds provide a cozy atmosphere for surfing in the north side of the bay beyond Bucerias.

Travelling Here

Depending on your interest, budget, and desire, there are several options to use. However, the best means to use is by Air which lands you to the City’s Airport, Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport. This international airport receives thousands of visitors and tourists every month from the USA, UK, and Canada. On arrival at the airport, taxis are waiting to take you to your desired location within the city. Entering by land offers many good options, whether, with a car, taxi, bus, the choice is yours. This is the best option if you’re coming from other cities within the Puerto Vallarta. Using one of these buses offers you the fun of seeing lots of spectacles scattered around.


There's so much to Puerto Vallarta than its hallowed beauty and calm. Tourists get blown away by the loveliness and affordability of its lodgings. Located conveniently at the heart of Puerto, are well furnished and ventilated rooms, with Wi-Fi and they, are family friendly. So finding a good place to lodge here will not be a problem. You can sample an impressive list of their lodgings. 1. Tropicana Hotel Puerta Vallarta. 2. Hotel Posada De Roger. 3. Vallartasol Hotel. 4. Pinnacle Resorts. 5. Villas Del Sol en Los Tules. 6. Costa Club Pinta Arena. 7. Club Regina Puerta Vallarta. 8. Hotel Hacrende de Vallarte Las Glorias. 9. Zenharmony Suites. 10. Casa Anita.


When it comes to quality seafood and friendly service, Puerto Vallarta delicacies will hit your vibe. One of the best things about visiting this Mexican city is their staple of a range of culinary delights themed with the best shrimp Fajitas and aquatic blends that can tempt your appetite and satisfy your hunger. When in a Restaurant, you can politely say “La cuenta por favor” locally interpreted to mean “The check, please”. This is necessary as waiters would hardly bring it without being asked to. Restaurants around town remain closed till 7 am almost seeming disappointing to tourists who might have an early morning appointment or the need to eat before that time. Reassuringly, you can book for breakfast of your choice before the morning of your appointment. You wouldn't want to rush over a presentation because of a bowling stomach. Here is a list of its best restaurants. Mind you, the rates are affordable, and the services are professional. 1. Salud Superfood. 2. Martini en Fiego Grill Bar. 3. Bravos Restaurant. 4. Barrio Bistro. 5. Ke Kliff. 6. Pulpito Gastro Bar. 7. Veggiitalia Pizza and Osteria Vegetariana. 8. Gaviotas. 9. L'Angolo do Napoli. 10. Cafe does Artistes.


You should be sure to observe premium caution while in the city especially in popular beaches and parks. Be observant and alert to the environment especially if you notice any unusual movement around you. You wouldn't want your vacation ruined by pickpockets hence be sure to detain valuable items at your lodge and avoid flaunting expensive gadgets on the major streets.

Getting Around

There are taxis and buses ready to make touring around town a smooth experience for you. The city buses are advanced, comfortable and safe but the taxis are more convenient because they are cheap, fast and can be found everywhere within the city at any time of the day or night. All you have to do is to wave as one approaches, agree on a price, sit back and enjoy the ride. Besides buses and taxis, you could tour the city using a boat. This is especially when you want to access the beautiful beaches on the southern side of the bay which is mostly accessible by boats alone. You may also hire Private yachts and "Lanchas" (motorboats) from around M$350 per hour from the southern side of the Playa de los Muertos pier.

Top Attractions

The city's unmatched beauty will welcome you to a world of adventure and breathtaking experience. If you are looking for an even more adventure, check out these places. 1. Los Arco's and El Malecon. 2. Zona Romantics. 3. Whale watching Tours. 4. Bucerias. 5. Playa Los Muertos. 6. Island Rio Cuate. 7. Vallarta Botanical Gardens. 8. Playa las Gemelas. 9. Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 10. Vallarta Food Tours.

Being Local

The best part of traveling has always been the people and their culture. The Mexican people are extremely friendly and have the friendliest smile, don't forget to take the initiative and mingle with the locals. They will be happy to help you. So when you're at the beach, be sure to grab a mango and if you crave to enjoy it like the locals, have them put chili powder on top. The taste is grandly juicy. Be warned; you might never want to leave.