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Best Things To Do In Mexico City

Main Things You Need To Know About Mexico City


The city’s weather can be divided into the rainy and dry seasons. From the May to October the city experiences the rainy season and from November to April the experiences the dry season. Winter gets really chilly in Mexico City and begins in December, and runs to February. Spring is felt from March to May and is considered by a lot as the best time to visit the city. Summer comes after, from June to August and temperature amazingly remains friendly with only a little precipitation during this period. Fall sets in in September and lingers till November. Prices go down during fall in due to significant snowfall in this period which slows down tourism. On the whole, every season is a good time to visit the city.

Travelling Here

The most preferred means of getting into the city has always been by air travels. But tourists can travel here with taxis, buses, cars, metros, and trains. The Benito Juarez International Airport is the major international airport that serves the city. Every day, the airport receives hundreds of visitors coming into the city from all over the globe. There are direct flights from Chicago, Houston, Amsterdam, Buenos Aires, Panama City, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Toronto, London, Tokyo, Santiago, and many other major cities around the world. There are other international and domestic airports in the country that receive foreign passengers coming into the country. Travellers can use any of the available options and then proceed to Mexico City with buses, metros, or taxis. Road travels offer travellers several options to select from. Buses, taxis, metros are among these options. Metros run to and fro neighbouring cities. This presents a cheap, fast, and reliable means of travelling here. Long distance buses can get tourists into the city too from other cities within Mexico. Taxis mainly take passengers from airports into the city proper. The railway system in Mexico City doesn’t leave travellers with many options and still isn’t a viable means of travelling here, but there is a train that leaves for Cuautitlan daily. Whichever you wish to take, there is a fun story in every ride.


If you’ve got any problem in Mexico City, lodging is certainly not one of them. The beautiful city is littered with so many decent and luxurious hotels and guesthouse to give tourists and visitors a safe and comfortable haven to retire to after the pleasure or business of the day. Among these superb lodging options are the few listed here; but of course, Mexico City has much more than these names. 1. Emporio Ciudad de México 2. Hotel Casa Blanca 3. Hotel Castropol 4. Hotel Corinto 5. Hotel del Ángel 6. Hotel Fiesta Americana Reforma 7. Hotel Marlowe 8. Hotel Parque Satélite 9. Hotel Segovia Regency 10. Isabel


There are only a few places in North America that can contest with Mexico City’s culinary. The city’s culinary services are a big part of the city. Pleasure or business, your trip just isn’t complete without a good time in any of the finest restaurants in Mexico City. As a guide, here are some of the best names in Mexico City. 1. Condimento Restaurant 2. Contramar 3. J&G Grill 4. La Capital 5. La Casa de Toño 6. Puerto Madero Polanco 7. Pujol 8. Restaurante El Cardenal 9. Rosetta 10. Zéfiro


Mexico City is a safe spot for enthusiastic visitors and tourist that come in for touristic purposes. Local police officers patrol the town to maintain rule and order in the city. Albeit, tourists, are still advised against showing off valuable properties unnecessarily or taking out a large amount of money in public to avoid drawing petty criminals their way. Tourists should be smart, alert, stay faithful to their personal security tips and there’s nothing else to worry about safety when you visit.

Getting Around

Tourists can go around Mexico City with a bus. The city operates two types of buses, those controlled by the government and the private ones. Whichever one, they can be trusted to get you anywhere in the city. Metros also run underground and offer an excellent means of getting around. Taxis seem to be the most used way of going around. There are so many taxis along the streets that can get tourists anywhere and just about any time. But it’s advisable to negotiate the price for the trip with the driver before embarking on one. You can get around with a rental car, or bike it to explore more attractions at your pace with all the freedom you can get. Mexico City is a huge one to consider a walk around. You could if you wanted to but you sure can’t cover much this way.

Top Attractions

While there may be no single lure in Mexico City that can cling tightly to the top spot as the best attraction in the city, there are just so many fabulous fascinations locked within it. From its Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, the biggest of its kind in North America, to its Plaza de la Constitución, the biggest square in the world, to several other wonders, Mexico City is just a marvel to explore. Other fantastic sites in the city include: 1. Acuario Inbursa 2. Chapultepec 3. Museo de Arte Popular 4. Museum Memory and Tolerance 5. Plaza de las Tres Cultural 6. Pyramid of the Sun 7. Six Flags México 8. Xochimilco 9. Zócalo 10. Zoológico Los Coyotes

Being Local

It all begins with learning to say a few Spanish sentences because in Mexico City it’s Spanish all the way. By the way… don’t call the city Mexico City, stick with DF day-ef-ai). Then on to the next task –street food. Yep, that’s something you just can’t take away from the Mexicans. Scary delicacies like crunchy grasshoppers, spiced ant eggs, sumptuous worms… and many others. Most consider this their favourite task! Don’t escape, you don’t have to be gringo here.

Travelling In Mexico City

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