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One of the most dynamic and thrilling cities in all of Mexico, Mérida is rich with a wealth of colourful and vibrant cultural heritage that reflects true beauty and a pleasant diversity. With fabulous ancient ruins, magnificent cathedrals, and masterpiece architectural edifices all around, this city is a delightful blend of ancient and modern marvels. A city of delightful contrasts and a thousand indigenous festivals, Mérida is not only the largest city in the Yucatán Peninsula state but also its proud capital. Plan a trip down here and you are sure to enjoy every bit of it.

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Best Things To Do In Merida

Main Things You Need To Know About Merida


Mérida enjoys a tropical climate. For most of the year, from late April to early November, Mérida experiences a hot and humid weather. In July and August the city experiences the highest temperature records. Tourism is slow and prices drop during this period. Like other parts of Mexico, December through to March is the coldest part of the year. Blooming with visitors from all over the world, January records the busiest and best month to visit the city. January’s secret is not only the fine and chilly weather, the Mérida Feast, the biggest festival of the year, is also conducted in this month; and you simply don’t want to miss this.

Travelling Here

Mérida can only be reached by land and air. Manual Conscencio Rejon International Airport is the city’s major airport serving the city with foreign visitors. The airport is located south of the city. Flights arrive daily from Miami, Houston, Guadalajara, Mexico City, Cancun, Atlanta, and many other locations around the world. Tourists can also choose to fly to a nearby city like Cancun or Mexico City, and then proceed to Mérida by bus. With only 3 major bus stations in the city, travelling here with a bus leaves tourists with only 3 options. They can choose to arrive at CAME bus station in El Centro, Terminal de Autobuses de 2a Clase bus station linking Campeche, Quintano Roo, and other cities to Mérida, and Fiesta Americana bus station that takes passengers from the airport into the main city, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and other places.


Business or pleasure, you are sure to find great hotels and guesthouse options everywhere in this beautiful city that can suit just about any budget. Rooms are decent, comfortable, and are located in serene and conducive environments. Some of the finest options offer outdoor swimming pools, gyms, night bars, and other exclusive provisions. Here’s a short list of some hotels in Mérida. 1. Fiesta Americana 2. Gamma Mérida El Castellano 3. Hotel Caribe 4. Hotel Casa del Balam 5. Hotel del Peregrino 6. Hotel María del Carmen 7. Hyatt Regency 8. InterContinental Presidente 9. La Hacienda Xcanatun 10. The Diplomat Boutique Hotel


Getting served with delectable local foods by professional waiters in a nice atmosphere spiced up with live music is what eating in a typical Yucatán restaurant in Mérida feels like. Mérida culinary is part of the city’s pride long preserved over the years and influenced by different cultures of people who come to this city and settle over time. Spotting a decent eatery in the city comes easy. Among the finest eateries around include: 1. Amaro 2. Bistrola 57 3. Bruno Bistro Gourmet 4. LoQueHay Cafe 5. La Casa de Frida 6. La Chaya Maya 7. Mercado 60 8. Pita 9. Rosa Sur 32 10. Younghee's Kitchen


Mexico may have a bad reputation, notorious for violence, drugs, and other vices, but the ancient city of Mérida is a safe haven and charming tourist destination for all its visitors. Famous tourist destinations within the city are usually crowded and petty crimes are sometimes noticed, but there are vigilant security operatives around such areas that make watchful patrols so tourists do not have to worry too much about their safety. Just be faithful to your personal security tips and everything will be just fine.

Getting Around

Tourists got several options to get around the city. One of these is to take a pleasant walk around its lively streets and get closer to their culture while admiring the beautiful sights around. But you won’t cover much ground this way, especially when the temperature gets too high. It’s easier if you rent a bike or rent a car for your tours. With any of these you get to decide where to stop, and how long you spend at each attraction you visit. You can choose to absorb the dazzling sights of the magical landscape of the city cycling or driving. Tourists will also find city buses that are scheduled to drive to different places in the city. You can flag down taxis too if you don’t want to use the bus. Drivers are well-mannered and will appreciate tips offered. If you wish to get around with a taxi is best you negotiate the price with the driver before moving. Prices vary depending on the distance covered. Long queues at traffic jammed areas can be annoying at times will ease up with a little patience.

Top Attractions

The beauties of Mérida are not to be explored in a hurry! From rusty caves to peaceful streams, breath-taking architectural marvels, magnificent landscapes, lush gardens, and many other wonderful sceneries are spread out across the city, but we’ve managed to squeeze in some of the most visited sites, here are just ten of them: 1. Acuaparque 2. Cenote Xlacah 3. Mayan World Museum of Mérida 4. Monumento à la Patria 5. Museum of Anthropology and History 6. Parque de Las Américas 7. Parque Hidalgo 8. Parque Zoológico Animaya 9. Quinta Montes Molina 10. Sistine Chapel

Being Local

Enjoy life as a local attending some of the greatest festivals in the world held in the city throughout the year. Hike rocky landscapes, crawl through ancient caves, bike rugged hills, and live with the wildlife. Everything in being a local here is just fun. But you’ve got to learn some basic Spanish sentences before you can truly blend in.

Travelling In Merida

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