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Experience Guadalajara, one of the most vibrant cities in all of Mexico. It’s a city of light, music, culture, and adventure. There are plenty of local shops, ancient monuments, lush gardens, magnificent museums, archaeological sites, exquisite hotels, and gorgeous food throughout the city. But you’re probably already convinced by Guadalajara and you’re just looking for great deals on one or two tours. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We source last-minute deals on tours that need to make up the numbers; this allows us to secure the best possible discounts on Guadalajara tours and activities. You might also like to check out our Los Cabos and Mexico City tours!

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Best Things To Do In Guadalajara

Main Things You Need To Know About Guadalajara


January to May in Guadalajara is cold and the next best time to visit the city. The nights get even colder especially in January when the temperature is at its least. Tourist activities are heavy during this time and prices do not drop. Guadalajara gets wet with the rains from the month of June through to the beginning of September. Temperature rises but doesn't exactly get sweltering hot. Prices drop during this period and tourism slows down a bit. The best time to visit Guadalajara is between the months of September and January when the weather is pleasant.

Travelling Here

Guadalajara can be reached by land and air transport. There is an international airport, the Libertador Miguel Hidalgo International Airport, located south of the city. The airport welcomes both domestic and foreign flights from other cities in Mexico and outside the country. Although there are airport taxis that take visitors into the main city from the airports, most hotels in Guadalajara provide special taxis to take them to the hotel. From the airport, cars can be hired for the tour around while your stay lasts in the city. There are also bus terminals in the city that receives and dispatches busescome in and leave to nearby cities in the country like Mexico City, Tlaquepaque, Tonala, Nuevo, Coyula, El Verde, El Quince, Santa Anita, among others. Buses are comfortable and reliable. There are taxis too that shuttle between Guadalajara and nearby cities.


Lots of guesthouses and hotels are spread across the city, some elegantly located close to the city’s attractions, offering excellent customer services. From the reception to the quality of their room service, there’s always a touch of professionalism. Whatever the budget looks like, there is a fantastic accommodation option around the corner. Listed below are just a few of them. 1. Camino Real 2. Hotel Casino Plaza 3. Hotel Malibu 4. Hotel El Tapatio 5. Hotel Demetria 6. Hotel De Mendoza 7. Hilton Guadalajara 8. Hotel Morales 9. Hotel Riu Plaza 10. Quinta Real


Discover some of the best restaurants, bars, and cafes in Mexico and get seduced by meaty delicacies, Mexican eats, and even some great European recipes that have stolen their way into their beautiful culture. A special treat to a traditional Mexican dish like pozole rojo, chilaquiles, menudo, cemita, or flautas with guacamole, and you’ll always long to return for some more. You could try any of these for some really great meals. 1. Anita Li 2. El Italiano 3. I Latina 4. Restaurante Allium 5. Restaurante Lula Bistro 6. Restaurante Ofelia Bistro 7. Sagrantino 8. Saint Coyote 9. Suehiro 10. Tacos Providencia


Concerns for safety and security in Mexico may have risen over a couple of years but security in Guadalajara has been beefed up as the city is recognised as a popular tourist destination for visitors. Local police patrol top attractions to ensure order and safety. However, just like in other big cities, be advised against walking around with valuables and expose large sum of money to avoid attracting petty thieves. For safety, important valuables can be kept at the hotel's security box and be sure to arrange your tour guide through the hotel's service.

Getting Around

Walking through its narrow streets is a fun way of getting around the streets of the city meeting with the folks and discovering the uniqueness of their culture. Go along with your hat to steer away from the heat of the afternoon from your face. A bottle of water will come in handy too. But for the stylish adventurer who wishes for something more classic at a slow pace so he or she can gently soak in the marvels of the city, get a Calandria is a fantastic option. Yep! They still exist, horse-drawn carriages called Calandria can be spotted across the streets and will take tourists on a short ride for a moderate fee. A number of bus routes get everyone around the city on prescheduled trips. It’s easy to get one once you’re at a bus stop, but it can sometimes be a little puzzling to locate a bus stops in the city. Tourists can hail a taxi too to take them to popular attractions in the city. But of course, you can always rent a bike or a car and move at your own pace, slow down when you wish to, and stop when you’re tempted to.

Top Attractions

Walking through the narrow streets of Guadalajara, cycling through, or driving through it opens one to the endless beauty of the city. Lush gardens, magnificent pyramids, ancient ruins, historical museums, and lots of other attractions that lure thousands of tourists to Guadalajara are seen all over the city. Some of the finest include: 1. Barranca de Oblatos 2. Guadalajara Cathedral 3. Guadalajara Zoo 4. Instituto Cultural Cabañas 5. Liberation Square 6. Los Colomos 7. Parque Agua Azul 8. Regional Museum of Guadalajara 9. San Juan de Dios Market 10. Selva Mágica

Being Local

Walk through the ancient and beautiful streets of Guadalajara and meet, exchange a few pleasantries in Spanish, and chat with the locals along the streets to get along. You don’t have to get hooked by the city’s name Guadalajara, just call it Gaud; the folks won’t have a problem understanding that. Shop at the local street markets and taste the delight of their traditional dishes to feel what it’s like to be a local. Live in the streets and become a part of it!

Travelling In Guadalajara

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