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Cancún is truly one of Mexico’s best tourist destinations: from the nearby ancient Mayan ruins to the modern theme parks, from its lush grasslands to its white pristine beaches, from its rugged mountain landscapes to its traditional architecture. With a population of over half a million people, Cancún also boasts one of the best and finest waters in the world. It waters are clear and diverse, presenting a great spot for snorkelling and other underwater games. You’re probably already sold on Cancun and you’re just looking for the best possible prices on tours and activities. That’s where TourOpp comes in! We make sure to fill last availability on tours to get customers the best possible deals. If you’re visiting Mexico, might also like to check out our last-minute tours in Mexico City and Merida! Or, just browse below and start planning your ultimate trip in Cancun!

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Best Things To Do In Cancun

Main Things You Need To Know About Cancun


Cancún enjoys two beautiful seasons throughout the year, rainy and dry season. You can experience taking a walk through the sunny dry parch land in the dry season or enjoy the lush view of greenery and clean wisp air in the rainy season. The weather condition in Cancún is quite exceptional and favourable as it varies in temperature and humidity specific during different months throughout the year. January is the best time of the year to visit and explore this city. The month has the lowest temperature which is around 43°F and the warmest 81°F. If you ache for lovely a sunny weather with mild dampness in the air to add a soothing balm to your trip, then you might want to visit in April, August or September. The other months are also quite enjoyable.

Travelling Here

Luckily, getting there wouldn't be much a problem for anyone. Cancún International Airport, the city international airport, makes it a lot easier to access the marvels of this Mexican city and boasts the second busiest airport in the country. The UK, the USA, France, Colombia, Canada, Germany, Argentina, Portugal, Russia, Cuba, are among many other countries that have direct flights to Cancún through this airport. Cancún can also be reached by ground travels with buses. Two major companies AutoCentro and Grupo ADO provide bus shuttle services in the city bringing visitors from nearby cities in Mexico in. These buses make frequent stops along the way to drop and pick up passengers as they travel. Currently, the city has no dock for boat travels or ferries and only air and ground travels are the feasible means of travelling here.


There are a lot of guest houses and hotels were accommodation can be secured in the city for tourists at affordable prices. Some of the best in the city are well serviced and equipped with swimming pools, restaurants, and bars. As a means of encouraging tourists, some offer discounts on booking and an extra day free lodging. Below is a short list of some of the finest hotels around: 1. Comfort Inn 2. Hard Rock Hotel Cancún 3. Hotel Riu Cancún 4. Hyatt Ziva Cancún 5. Krystal Urban Cancún Centro 6. Marriott Cancún Resort 7. Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort 8. Omni Cancún Hotel and Villas 9. Paradisus Cancún 10. The Westin Resort & Spa, Cancún


Cancún is not only rich in history but also in culture as reflected in its cuisine. It houses exquisite restaurants, bars and cafes for relaxation and refreshments that are not wanting in taste and style of food. A popular meal staple is "Chiles en Norgada” spicy pepper filled with mint and covered in batter and nut sauce. Feel free to dine and experience the taste of local Mexican dishes at any of these restaurants/cafes: 1. Fantino 2. La Habichuela 3. Locanda Paolo 4. Les Cèpages 5. Bovino´s 6. Fred's House 7. Rino's 8. Le Basilic Cancún 9. Vegan Planet 10. Lorenzillo's


The city is good and quite a safe tourist destination for tourists and visitors to enjoy their holidays with little or nothing to be scared of in terms of security. However, it’s important to always stay alert and be aware of what's going on around you. Don't take out a huge amount of money outside or wear expensive valuables that will only attract petty criminals and make you a target for them.

Getting Around

Getting around is quite easy. Cancún has a good road network that connects all the parts of the city. There are comfortable buses that take visitors to top attractions in the city for a fair price. Sociedad Cooperativa de Transporte, Transportacion Turistica, and AutoCar are the major bus companies that provide local bus services in the city. Interestingly, although paying drivers in Mexican pesos is the best, drivers still accept the US dollars. Taxis are another easy to come by means of going around the city. Taxis can get you just about anywhere in the city for decent prices that vary depending on the distance you wish to travel. Taxis sometimes stop on the way to pick other passengers on the way, but if you want the taxi all to yourself, you can negotiate a good price with the driver. Well, you can have all the freedom you want when you ride your own car, rent a car or bike, and make trips to famous sites in the city. Since Cancún is a big state, walking around is not much of a good idea.

Top Attractions

Cancún is a place blessed by both natural and man-made attractions. The city is filled with great sites and tourist spots, even walking along its street offers a lot to explore. Let’s just simply say that your days in Cancún are sure to expire before you run out of places to visit and things to do here. Here are a few places you’ve got to visit once you’re in the city: 1. Cancún Underwater Museum 2. Cancún Wax Museum 3. Coba 4. Ik Kil 5. Interactive Aquarium 6. Isla Contoy 7. Parque Garrafón 8. Playa Delfines 9. Xcaret Park 10. Xel-Ha Park

Being Local

Although Spanish is the official language in Mexico, you will surely find a number of them speaking English too. But the first thing you can’t take away from these Mexicans is their peculiar native language- the Mayan language and this is where identifying with the locals begins. The next is their thrilling nightlife. The city clubs and night bars just never sleep. Life in Cancún is spent on, in, or next to the white waters of the sea. Whichever way, being a local in Cancún is such a wonderful experience.

Travelling In Cancun

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