It’s a country where the beautiful palm-fringed beaches swerve to the airy breeze of the North Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, where the rhythm of resounding brass and the beats of a thousand drum answers to the fiesta shouts of street carnivals and national festivals held all year round. This is Mexico; undoubtedly one of North America’s finest. 
Ranked as the 8th most visited country in the world, Mexico is blessed with both manmade and natural marvels. From lush green lands to white sandy beaches, natural aquariums to Eco-archaeological parks, rocky landscapes to rugged caves, ancient memorials, architectural edifices, Mexico is just beautiful with so many dazzling views

Best Cities To Visit In Mexico

Main Things You Need To Know


Mexico is home of delicious meals, wines, and tequilas. Mexican kitchens are steeped in their rich and diverse culture. A few famous eateries around include Amaro (Mérida), Boccaccio (Culiacan), Bunker Food Crew (Tijuana)

Places to Visit

You will never run out of places to visit in Mexico. The land is vast and its unique position on the earth surface gives it so many beautiful natural sceneries. Some parts rugged landscape, the other plain grasslands that slope over its length. Mexico is just a place to experience by yourself.


Mexico enjoys a rich, thrilling, and colourful culture that has been pleasantly soiled by both American and European influences. A vast land with different regions having their unique cultures and native languages but united with by music, dances, colourful festivals, and foods, Mexico is place to be.

The People

Mexicans are known to be extremely welcoming with foreigners. They also tend to be really respectful among each other, playful, and courteous.

Best Things To Do In Mexico

Main Things You Need To Know About Mexico

The Mexicans use the Mexican Peso as their official medium of exchange throughout the country. Although there are other countries that use the Peso, only Mexico uses the Mexican Peso. Currently, one US dollar is equivalent to 18.17 Mexican Peso. Tourists can choose to change their currency to the Mexican Peso before travelling or done it in the country. ATMs in Mexico can be used to withdraw but your home bank may charge a fee for the service.
Although there are over a hundred local dialects spoken within the country, Spanish is the official language spoken in Mexico. Most of the population are monolingual speaking Spanish and at least one other local dialect. With the predominant population speaking Spanish tourists may have to employ the assistance of a local guide or teacher to guide them while in the country.
Visa Information
Entering Mexico requires a valid passport except for those who have obtained a Blue Tourist Card. Mexico visas are generally valid for 90 days with exceptions for nationals of a few countries like Venezuela with only 30 days validity and nationals of countries like Andorra, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, and Switzerland whose visas are valid for an initial duration of 180 days. At the expiration of the validity period for the tourist visas, tourists can apply for an extension of up to 90 days after the expiration of the validity of the first period.
For a tourist visa, applicants need to present:
1.A duly completed visa application form
2.A valid passport with a photocopy. The passport will not be accepted if it will not remain valid or if it expires six months after the date of entry into the country.
3.A recent passport-sized photo
4.A valid document stating the purpose of visit
5.Visa application fees
6.A valid utility bill or proof of permanent residence in home country

Getting There
The most preferred means has over the years been by air travels. There are direct flights to Cancun and Mexico City international airports directly from many locations in Europe including Munich, Amsterdam, London, Paris, Rome, and other places.
 It’s cheaper to fly into the USA first and then catch another direct flight to Mexico for tourists from Asia, but there are also direct flights from Japan, China, and Russia to Mexico City international airport. 
From Australia, there are direct flights from New Zealand and Australia. Flights are available from Brisbane, Sydney, and Auckland. But again, a better option will be to fly into the USA first before proceeding to Mexico. This way will not only save cost but offer the opportunity of exploring other places even before entering Mexico; so the fun begins on the road.
There are so many flight options from Canada and the USA since these two are neighbouring countries to Mexico, from San Diego, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and many other states in Canada and the USA.
By land, tourists can drive or board a bus. With one of the best transport systems in the world Mexico operates a well-organised inter-city bus system that is efficient and reliable. There are accessible routes at the borders from Los Angeles to El Paso, Panama City to Tapachula, Guatemala City to Tapachula, Belize City to Merida and Cancun. Moderate rates are charged per trip depending on the distance covered. 
Expect delays if you're driving across the borders. The border’s notorious reputation for drugs, weapons, illegal weapons, and the likes make border crossing a hectic one. Delays can sometimes last for up to two hours at busy crossing points. Insurance against theft, accidents, and other legal papers must be available when crossing the border. 
There were several routes into Mexico using trains
Mexico 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
Peak travel period in Mexico is from December through to the first week of March. But in Mexico, every time is a good time to spend the holidays. The country is indeed very vast and the weather varies over its large landscape, but the major part of the country experiences a clear, chilly, and pleasant weather during this period. Prices fall within summer in these areas but climb in places that are close to the beach as visitors who come into the country during this period for touristic purpose seem to swamp to the beaches for an enjoyable sunbath under the summer sun on the white sands. 

Travelling In Mexico

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