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Discover the diversity of Nairobi’s numerous safaris, and the charm of her many natural parks. Nairobi is arguably the best place to visit in Kenya, and it’s a must-see for wildlife lovers. Explore the uniqueness of Nairobi’s vast and colourful culture; enjoy the unique taste of its native dishes; and live the vibrancy Nairobi’s nightlife. There are so many reasons why Nairobi is considered one of the best tourist destinations in Africa! Nairobi is not just Kenya’s capital and largest city, it’s also one of the largest cities in all of Africa. Welcome to Nairobi, the land of cool waters, warm people, and incredible wildlife. If you’re travelling to other parts of Africa, you might also like to check out our Marrakech tours and Casablanca tours in Morocco!
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Best Things To Do In Nairobi

Main Things You Need To Know About Nairobi


Essentially, Nairobi has two seasons, the wet season and dry season. Nairobi short rainy season runs from October to December while the city experiences its highest rainfall from March to June with April recording its highest amount of rainfall. Nairobi gets a bit chilly from July to September. The driest month of the year falls in July, and in August it records its coolest period of the year. The best time to visit Nairobi falls within the months of January and February and from July to October

Travelling Here

Kenya is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Africa, and the tourist industry strives well to maintain the industry. As a result, the country has made impressive advancements in its transport industry to encourage tourism. There are several access routes into Nairobi from other cities in the country and beyond. The best means of entry remains air travel right in JKIA Jomo Kenyatta International Airport which is Nairobi’s most important airport. The airport receives thousands of visitors every year who come from far and wide to explore the marvels of the city. There are efficient buses and taxis to pick tourists from the airport to their intended destination. The only functioning link to the city is the one to Nairobi from Mombasa. The train is fast and standardly reliable. Also, tourists can get to Nairobi by buses, and cars, matatu. The matatu is a minibus that is convenient and shuttles between neighbouring cities along with the buses and cars.


As with many other top tourist destinations in the world, Nairobi has great accommodation options for its visitors. Wherever you are in the city, you are sure to find a good spot to retire to after the pleasures of the day. Covering for light budgets to moderately priced, and to luxuriously priced hotels, guest houses, and lodges, there will always be room that’s good enough for you. So here are some of the 10 finest in Nairobi. 1. The Nairobi Safari Club 2. Eka Hotel Nairobi 3. Sankara Nairobi 4. Sarova Stanley Hotel Nairobi 5. Radisson Blu Hotel 6. Hilton Nairobi 7. Southern Sun Mayfair Nairobi 8. Hemingways Nairobi 9. Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel 10. The Bedelle


Tourism in Nairobi will just not be complete without some very good spots to stop by and get refresh, and the locals of Nairobi understand this quite well. With restaurants that serve the luscious native dishes of the countries to cuisines with intercontinental dishes, this city scores high in terms of their quality of food and the service offered. 1. 45 Degrees Kitchen 2. Habesha Restaurant 3. The Lord Erroll Gourmet Restaurant 4. 360 Degrees Pizza 5. About Thyme Restaurant 6. Open House Restaurant Ltd 7. The Talisman Restaurant 8. Misono Restaurant 9. Kilimanjaro Jamia 10. Tamambo Karen Blixen


Nairobi is not one of the cities considered as a safe destination for tourists. There are records of petty crimes like pick-pocketing, snatch and run, petty thief, and lots of vices. So once in Nairobi, never get too loose, watch out for strange faces trailing you, and also adhere to your personal safety tips. If you notice any suspicion, then you should report to the nearest police station.

Getting Around

Getting around Nairobi is primary by land with taxis, cars, buses, and matatu. However, the road system in the city is not at its best, plus the city is filled with drivers that offend almost all the traffic rules.

Top Attractions

Where do you want to begin your tour, with the giraffe of Lang’ata, or the orphan elephants of David Sheldrick, or maybe you will prefer the Karura waterfalls? Whichever one of them, Nairobi is just a piece of earth astonishingly characterized by both natural and man-made attractions. 1. Karura Forest 2. Hell's Gate National Park 3. Uhuru Park 4. Giraffe Centre 5. Ngong Forest 6. Nairobi National Park 7. Snake Park 8. Nairobi Safari Walk 9. Matbronze Art Gallery & Foundry 10. David Sheldrick's Elephant Orphanage

Being Local

With native dishes that leave you coming back to Nairobi for more, locals of Nairobi are great cooks with great tastes. Provided they know you’re a tourist, locals show great hospitality and willingness to help. Over half the population in Nairobi are Christians while a few fraction practice other religions with Islam as the largest of the minority.

Travelling In Nairobi

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