Enchanted Kenya

Enchanted Kenya is undoubtedly one of the best tourist countries in Africa. There is just an endless seam of amazing spectacles all over the country. Experience an unforgettable encounter with nature at Kenya’s enchanting savannahs with the finest of world’s wildlife. From chilly snow-capped mountain views to admirable wildlife, beautiful Indian Ocean coastline fringed with dancing palms, incredible cultures, and delectable dishes, Kenya is arguably the favourite tourist destination in all of Africa. The capital of Kenya, Nairobi is home to several adorable giraffes, black rhinos, zebras, lions, elephants, and lots of other fantastic wildlife. Nairobi sits proudly in the heart of the country and welcomes the highest number of tourists than any other city in Kenya. 
Kenya’s diverse tourism options give it another boost. Its diversity is the product of the country superb position on the earth, lying close to the equator, under an excellent climate and within perfect landscapes. Plan a trip to Kenya and discover why the tourism industry is Kenya’s second largest source of foreign exchange revenue.

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Main Things You Need To Know


Kenya is located in the African continent, in the Equator line.


It is home for lions, rhinos, tigers, among other species.


Kenya gained their independence from the USA in 1963.


It is estimated to have around 43 million inhabitants.

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Main Things You Need To Know About Kenya

The Kenyans use the "Kenyan Shilling” as their medium of exchange across their country. One US dollars is equivalent to 102.88 Kenyan Shilling.

Kenya Swahili
The country’s official languages are Bantu Swahili and English. Along with these two languages, members of different ethnic groups have and speak their own native language as their mother tongue. Although Bantu Swahili comes first in order of importance, English is taught at schools and used more often at formal gatherings. English tourists will not find communication within the country as a barrier.
Visa Information
Application for a Kenyan visa can be made online or any Kenyan Embassy. Entry requirements for crossing Kenya’s borders include:
1. A dully completed and signed visa application form.
2. A valid passport that will remain valid for at least six months.
3. Two recent passport-sized photographs.
4. Doctor’s report stating that tourist is medically sound and not a threat to the country.
5. Flight itinerary.
6. Visa fee. US$50 for single entry and US$100 for multiple entries.

Getting There
Kenya shares her borders with Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda; of the five bordering countries, all except South Sudan have crossing points into Kenya. Entering Kenya by land or road network will mean you have to be in Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, or Uganda. Tanzania has the highest number of crossing points. Tourists can cross into the enchanted country from Tanzania at Namanga, Taveta, Isebania, Holili, Loitokitok, and at Lunga Lunga. Ethiopia has the least crossing points with just two of them, Rhamu and Moyale. Somalia has Dhobley, Lafey, El Wak, and Liboi, while Uganda has Busia, Lwakhakha, Suam, Lokitanyala, and Malaba.
Although traveling into Kenya by land offers you more spectacular sights and affords you the opportunity of been to different exciting places, the best and most convenient way of entering the country for countries who do not share borders with it is by flight. Located in the capital city of Kenya is the country’s main international airport, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. Moi International Airport is Kenya’s largest airport offering both international and domestic flight. Also, another important Kenyan airport is Kisumu International Airport, ranking as one of the largest airports in the country. Other airports are Nanyuki Airport and Wilson Airport. 
Major entry into Kenya by sea routes are for imports and other commercial purposes. 

Kenya 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
March to May come with heavy rainfall, and most attraction and amenity providers are closed down, making it the worst time to visit the country.  July to November record the highest influx of tourist into the country. During these months Kenya comes alive again graced by thousands of tourists, lovers of Mother Nature, and other fun-seekers. There is usually a little increase in the prices of things within these periods.
Kenya’s tourist visa is valid for an initial period of three months but can be extended for another period of three months maximum. This extension usually attracts a considerable charge.

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