Venice is a city that combines a lot of benefits in tourism with commercialization and industrialization. A city situated in Italy that doubles as the capital of the Northern Italy’s Veneto region; Venice is one of the tourist destinations you want to visit in a lifetime. Thanks to its celebrated and cultural treasures, Venice is the right place for holidays and a worthwhile one at that. The city has no roads, just canals and that makes the experience even more interesting. Also, Venice is the place you want to visit for romantic vacation.
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Best Things To Do In Venice

Main Things You Need To Know About Venice


The location of Venice makes it even more possible to experience more dark and rainy times than other parts of the country. It has a compromised temperature between Spring and Fall (being the best time to visit) and just between November and January; you can have Venice all to yourself. The weather during the winter months can be wild, windy and damp plus some extra hazard of fogs. You should be mindful of these conditions of course if it is your first time in Venice. Visiting this destination during the summer leaves you with no regrets whatsoever.

Travelling Here

Marco Polo Airport is the closest commercial airport in Venice, located on the mainland near Mestre. From various parts of the world, you can connect Venice and be received at the airport. Marcopolo Airport connects the railway station of Mestre easily and offers a convenient link to Milan, Padova, Trieste, Verona and other parts of Italy. Also, Treviso Airport is just 25km from Venice, and this has become the main destination for Ryanair, Wizzair and Transavia budget flights. Aside from Air transportation, Venice has a city bus and a shuttle bus that can convey you from Marco Polo to Piazzale Roma. You can as well choose Water Taxi, boat and train options- depending on your budget.


As an irresistible and magnificent city that appeals to all sane minds, Venice records an average of 50,000 tourists a day. Hence, lodging in the hotels or securing an appropriate accommodation calls for adequate information about the right time to visit lest you visit at a time where there are outnumbering of persons in the hotels and city at large. On the other hand, there is little or no reason to worry because the city has about 2,000 hotels to host you. The price range of these hotels is within 17-1,000 Euros per night, depending on how close you are to the center of the city. For instance, Hotel Do Pozzi has good ratings and recommendations that fit an average lodging need and budget. Among Venice’s luxurious hotel options are the following: 1. Palazzina G 2. Bauer Villa F 3. JW Marriott Venice 4. The Gritti Palace 5. Aman Canal Grande 6. Belmond Hotel Cipriani 7. Hotel Danieli 8. Ca Maria Adele 9. Palazzo Sant'Angelo sul Canal Grande 10. Hotel Metropole


You can discover the “real Venice” and enjoy every bit of its cuisines. It does not matter what specialty you desire, if you are the Italian-Cuisine-loving type or the ones that seek some American delicacies; you have them all in Venice. In the city, it’s a sure bet that you would enjoy fresh and simple meals seasoned with local ingredients and at affordable price. In addition, a bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables and delicious fish and seafood are delivered to all and sundry. In Veneto- the region where Venice is located, you can enjoy some of the best and world-class wines like Prosecco, Valpolicella and Soave. And to cap it all, there are wonderful restaurants all across that deliver special foods in cuisines- the exact way you want them. Some of the finest restaurants are: 1. La Zucca 2. Ristorante Riviera 3. Antiche Carampane 4. L’Alcova Restaurant 5. Ristorante Alle Corone 6. Osteria alle Testiere 7. Antico Martini 8. Osteria All’Arco 9. Osteria Enoteca Ai Artisti 10. Locanda Cipriani


To a very large and reasonable extent, Venice is considered one of the top safest cities in Europe. No city has 100% immunity when it comes to security and safety concerns, but violent crime in Venice is rare unlike other parts of Italy. In fact, the Police are not highly visible; after all, there is no need for their presence or reason to engage them. With a 78% rating of Italy in the safest and most dangerous countries, Venice stands a better chance in safety for tourists.

Getting Around

Venice is the world’s only pedestrian city as most times, you will find yourself doing more walking on foot especially from the parking garage, train station or the nearest waterbus jetty. Aside this, you can go with Water taxi or decide to cruise by boat or train from the mainland through Mestre to the Venezia Sanata Lucia train station or by car- which can only arrive on the far western edge of the city and parked at the entrance because there are no roads in Venice.

Top Attractions

Already, you can see some good enough reasons to consider Venice as your next tourist destination. Meanwhile, apart from the local enjoyable cuisines and other interesting reasons, Venice is rich in culture and vast in architectural, artistic and musical heritage. The city’s appeal is not only in its large sights but in the canals and bridges that you marvel at always. Some of the top attractions include: 1. Movie locations 2. Canals 3. Picnic on the banks of the Grand Canal 4. Famous Bridges (Ponte di Rialto) 5. Acqua Alta (Sightseeing the sinking city) 6. The venetrian carnival 7. Saint Mark’s Basilica 8. Doge’s Palace 9. Piazza San Marco 10. Scuola Grande di San Rocco

Being Local

Venice, like other great cities, has its own unique ways through which you can identify with the excitement therein. You can incorporate and learn the styles by asking simple questions like how do you do this? Keep an open mind and ask a local citizen what to do, how to go about it, what to eat, how to eat and others. Walk around and explore like a local and you just will never get lost.

Travelling In Venice

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