Sensational Rome! Endowed with an enormously rich historical heritage, and blessed with the finest minds and brains in history, this is the Eternal City of Rome, the undisputed capital of Italy. Rome Houses the Vatican City, the incredible Colosseum, unconceivable Alcántara Bridge, magnificent Pantheon and countless timeless other architectural ruins and structures, mind-blowing artworks of painting, sculpturing, carving, and many others, some dating all the  way back to 508 years before Christ. 
Rome still remains a vibrant city, and an important centre of art, politics, culture, tourism, and business in the world. Some say Rome is the finest piece of Earth, some say Rome is a poem pressed into service as a city, some say Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of yearning, others say it’s a city frozen in time; but whatever the clause, Rome is simply a sensational beauty. 

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Best Things To Do In Rome

Main Things You Need To Know About Rome


Rome has a generally good weather all year round. Winter runs from the months of September and runs till early April, although not extremely cold it does get really wet during this period; but no need to worry, the rains don’t last. January tends to be the coldest month. Weather gets really hot during the summer in Rome. Summer begins in June and ends in September. The weather gets more swelteringly hot in the months of July and August. Spring begins from mid-way April and continues to early June. The best months to visit the beautiful city of Rome are within the months of September and October. During these months the weather is mild, and spirits are high.

Travelling Here

The best way to get into Rome is air travel. Two airports connect Rome with other cities and countries of the world - Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino International Airport. From the airports, you will find taxis and buses that will take you from the airports to other parts of the city. There are good and efficient road networks that connect Rome to the rest of the world. Driving to Rome is a great option if you’re coming from nearby cities. Roads are good, convenient, and safe for travels. Rome can be easily reached also from Spain, France, and Sardinia by sea through ferries, cruise ships, and boats. So you happen to be in any of these places you could decide to pick this option for a little taste of sea adventure to spice up your tour. Leonardo Express and the suburban train are two major railway systems that bring travellers into Rome. Trains are safe, convenient, and cheap. Use this option if you’re in the neighbourhood of Rome.


Great lodging options are available for all class of tourists. From late June to sometime in September, crowds swarm into Rome and prices climb. Rooms are usually filled within these periods but thanks to the many hotels and guestrooms in the city, there is always enough space to cater for all its tourists. 1. Grand Hotel Palace 2. Hotel Pineta Palace 3. Margutta 54 Luxury Suites 4. J.K.Place 5. Hotel de Russie 6. Hotel Aldrovandi 7. Baglioni Hotel Regina 8. G-Rough 9. Hotel Indigo 10. The St. Regis


As expected from a great city like Rome, they got a fine cuisine with mouth-watering recipes and delicacies that make you want to return to Rome for another taste of their irresistible dishes. With basic but fresh and seasonal ingredients, Rome has one of the finest cuisines in all of Italy. Among Rome’s classic recipes include roasted lamb, Carbonara, Crispy pizza Bianca, Bruschetta, Carciofi alla romana, etc. once in the Rome, make sure you treat yourself to any of their delectable meals from any of the excellent restaurants around, here’s a list of great eateries you should try. 1. Armando al Pantheon 2. La Torricella 3. Flavio al Velavevodetto 4. Roscioli Caffè 5. L'Arcangelo 6. Pizzarium 7. Litro 8. La Gatta Mangiona 9. Colline Emiliane 10. Glass Hostaria 11. Osteria Bonelli 12. Trapizzino 13. Supplizio 14. Nonna Betta 15. La Pergola


Rome is considered a safe tourist destination, but still, there are rare cases of petty crimes in the streets. There are active patrols around major tourist sites so you won’t need to get worried about your security or the safety of your properties. However, it’s advisable to keep a close watch on your belongings and stay alert always. Stick to helpful personal security tips and you will be fine.

Getting Around

You should get a Roma Pass that allows you enter your first two archaeological sites or museums free of charge and access to public transportation. Taxis are not so much of a great option considering the heavy traffic that is common with roads in Roman. They do not really give the much freedom that tourists would love to have. The most discouraging part about using taxis is that they are quite expensive. They charge based on the reading on the taximeter on the cab. When you call for a taxi or summon one, the driver starts the meter the moment you make the call and not when you are picked up. Buses are a more reliable option but do not promise so much comfort. They are the next best thing from walking and cycling. They are cheap and more efficient. Rome has so many fun sights, so it’s cool if you take a walk around the streets if you want to, or rent a bike and cover more sights. It gets even better when you rent a car from any rental shop and make your travel at your own pace, but the traffic in Rome can get crazy at times especially during the peak periods. Just to remind you, Rome is the biggest city in Italy; and you will need a map to navigate your way around if you wish to take a walk, or ride a bike, or drive a car if you are new. One more tip you sure will find helpful –get a camera.

Top Attractions

In a city like Rome that is filled with so many icons of antiquity, excellent architectural structures, and many other spectacles, every tourist site is a top attraction. And it has an endless list of them; here are just 12 of the countless attractions. 1. Colosseum 2. St. Peter's Square 3. St. Peter's Basilica 4. Galleria Borghese 5. Baths of Caracalla 6. Tiber 7. Vatican Museums 8. Spanish Steps 9. Piazza Navona 10. Sistine Chapel 11. Arch of Septimius Severus 12. The Roman Pantheon

Being Local

The Romans are a set of highly cultural and religious people with Christianity as the predominant religion practiced here. Italian is the official language of this city, but it’s not uncommon to hear Latin and Greek among them. As they say, Rome never changes; the Romans still celebrate beautiful artworks, a colourful culture, and a superb political air. They are peaceful and loving, giving tourists a decent and warm welcome whenever they meet the travellers.

Travelling In Rome

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