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Browse the impressive range of Florence and Tuscany tours and activities available here at TourOpp. Visit Florence, the art capital of the world, taking in the incredible galleries and artistic masterpieces the city has to offer! You can try to see Florence in a day, or a few days, and then explore some of our other Italy tours and activities — perhaps a short visit to Venice as well? However, there’s so much to see and do in Tuscany, so it’s highly advisable that you spend at least a week in Florence, using the city as a base to take tours of the wider Tuscany region. Why not take a wine tour of Montalcino, Pienza, and Montepulciano, or a small group tour of Cinque Terre? You can even take a Tuscany-in-a-Day tour, if you’re in a rush! Sightseeing in Florence and Tuscany has never been as easy or as good value. Book today and save 30% of your next trip to Florence!
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Best Things To Do In Florence

Main Things You Need To Know About Florence


Florence is known to have a charming weather all year round, always humming with enthusiastic tourists. January and February's cold cuts down the crowd a bit and makes it the best time for tourists who wish to avoid the crowd to visit the city. The hottest month is August. And the coolest is January. The best months to visit Florence are arguably considered to be in the months of April to June and September to November.

Travelling Here

Amerigo Vespucci International Airport is the city's only airport that feeds the city with foreign tourists from other countries within Italy. Transportation by air may be a little pricey, but it remains the fastest and convenient means of entering the city. "Vola in Bus", the city's bus service, picks passengers from the airport to the city's train station where they may join the train to their final destination or pick a taxi. These buses mainly shuttle specific destinations to and from the airport. There are good railway systems that connect Italy's major cities to Florence. These trains are far and moderately cheap. Trains are a good option for tourists from neighboring cities. There are good roads that lead out of Florence to other nearby cities making it possible to cross into these cities with buses and cars. You will find comfortable buses into Florence from neighboring cities like Milan, Rome, and Bologna. The buses will charge a moderate fee for this journey. Or drive into Florence with your car if you've got all your papers intact and don't forget to adhere to traffic rules.


Of course, Florence offers many excellent spots to stay during your short visit to the city; who wouldn't expect a great tourist location like this to have fine lodging options. From luxuriously pricey lodging options with 5-star services to moderately priced accommodations, and decently cheap options, Florence has some good surprises for all tourists. Among Florence luxurious hotel options are the following: 1. Palazzo di Camugliano. 2. Hotel Bernini Palace. 3. Italiana Hotels. 4. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze. 5. Portrait Firenze. 6. J.K. Palace 7. Grand Amore Hotel & Spa. 8. Hotel Lungarno. 9. Villa Cora. 10. Relais Santa Croce.


Apart from its charms and marvels of its architectural buildings and structures, experiencing Florence's culinary is just another part of your tour that should never be missed The Florentines have a rich cuisine with fresh foods and basic ingredients that are rich and appetizing. Among their famous signature meals include Lampredotto, Antipasti, Bistecca alla Fiorentina, Pane Toscano, Panzanella, Pappardelle sulla leper, and many others. For a start, you can visit any of the following excellent restaurants for the best of Florence: 1. La Bottega Del Buon Caffè. 2. Trattoria Sostanza. 3. I' Tuscani 2. 4. Trattoria Mario. 5. La Buchetta Food & Wine Restaurant. 6. I' Pizzacchiere. 7. Coquinarius. 8. La Ménagére. 9. La Giostra. 10. Caffè dell 'Or.


Like most tourists cities in Tuscany, Florence is a safe tourist destination for visitors and most tourists alike. The streets are safe, the neighborhood is quiet, and locals are friendly. Although quite rare, there are a few cases of pickpocketing, bag snatching, and petty thief. The streets are patrolled by policemen to ensure it maintains its status as a safe tourist spot. But just be careful for nothing when you are out on the streets.

Getting Around

Since there are always spectacular sights in every street in this marvel of a city, you can take a short walk around nearby areas of the city to soak in the marvels at your pace. Or cover more areas with a bicycle. You can buy or rent one in any of the rental shops around. There is also the options of renting cars which give you the freedom you deserve. But don't let your freedom make you violate traffic orders because you will be billed a fine once you do. Taxis and buses can also be quite effective in taking you around the city. These are usually the best ways to get around Florence if you are not driving. At a good price, you can make stops wherever and whenever you want.

Top Attractions

Florence is not so much of a piece of earth blessed with so much natural spectacles, but it owes its flamboyance to the dedicated efforts and hard works of great nationalists and patriots. Museums, architectural wonders, and many other man-made marvels littered the streets of Florence. 1. Duomo Cathedral. 2. Arno river and the Ponte Vecchio. 3. Palazzo Vecchio. 4. Boboli Gardens. 5. Piazza del Duomo, Florence. 6. Stibbert Museum. 7. Florence Cathedral. 8. Galleria dell' Academia. 9. Uffizi Gallery. 10. Ponte Vecchio. 11. Vasari Corridor.

Being Local

Colorful festivals and vibrant cultures are an integral part of the locals here. Every years locals hold various celebrations in honor of several historical events, some of such dating as far back as 1478. People speak Italian as a general language but use the Florentine language as their native tongue. The Florentines are loving people and always feel excited to meet foreign tourists.

Travelling In Florence

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