Dublin is the capital of the Republic of Ireland, which is also located on the country’s east coast at the mouth of River Liffey. The Irish heritage and culture are outrightly explored by the National Museum in Dublin. The town has great suburbs plus an ideal place for shopping. It is also the capital of Ireland where you can get very good food, temple bar, nice ambiance, among others. Why wouldn’t someone want to visit Dublin? I ask- because just in a short period of time, you will explore and discover the amazing city in totality. In fact, because tourism is one big contributor to the economy of the country, much attention is given to tourists visiting the country by its government.
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Best Things To Do In Dublin

Main Things You Need To Know About Dublin


If you want to enjoy your vacation in Dublin, you might want to schedule your visit at the right time, lest your vacation is marred by the climate you are not used to. The weather is a bit warmer between May and August than the rest of the year in Dublin. Coupled with that, the season is renowned for festivals, hence the high cost attached. In Ireland as a whole, summer visit is different than a trip in the winter. Also, you should note that rain is constant in the Irish weather with just a bit of sunshine every once in a while. While it can as well be chilly in Dublin at any time of the year, winters can be brutal yet. Deep snow is rare, and the temperature hardly changes much below freezing point, indicating a fairly temperate weather overall.

Travelling Here

In little or no time, regardless of where you are traveling from, you will get to Dublin. You can come into Dublin by plane or by boat. It is true airports can be a bit of a chore especially for tourists, but not all of them are as horrible as they seem. Dublin is one of the few lucky places as you can connect the city from any part of the world and be received at the airport where you can get to your hotel and/or every other place you intend visiting. Also, from over 100 European countries and destinations, flights arrive at Dublin while there are other daily flights to and from 29 UK airports.


Just like everywhere and anywhere, choosing the right place to stay during visit goes a long way in defining how much fun you would have and how interesting the trip comes. A number of the hotels in the city are exquisite, classy and serve every need you have to give you a worthwhile vacation experience. Some of these hotels include; 1. Hilton Dublin Airport Hotel 2. Hilton Dublin Kilmainham 3. The Morrison, a DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel 4. The Spencer Hotel Dublin IFSC 5. Herbert Park Hotel 6. Jurys Inn Dublin Christchurch 7. Hilton Dublin 8. Trinity City Hotel 9. Jurys Inn Dublin Parnell Street 10. Stauntous on the Green


Dublin houses many fine restaurants, cafes and eateries. These places, in turn, offer locals and visitors nice meals that cut across every taste and interest. Some of the restaurants include: 1. Fitzsimons; offers extensive menu that contains an exciting selection of Irish and European dishes that are of top quality and very affordable 2. Cassidy’s Bar; a real Irish bar that serves both traditional and international foods all day plus some host of entertainment 3. Cape Greko (Malahide); the first Greek and Cypriot restaurant in Malahide And many other glorious foods that range from bustling foods to fresh seafood straight from the coast and a number of tasty Irish classics.


Like in some other European cities, Dublin is generally safe but has some grittier areas than the others. A major city even though, relatively small in size, Dublin has about the same problems of any major European city but is largely considered a safe city with the majority of crime experienced there being non-violent such as pick-pocketing. Meanwhile, to be on the safer side and avoid ruining your short vacation with safety concerns and worries, just go with a few things and apply common sense among other necessary little precautions.

Getting Around

Getting around Dublin won’t eat into your holiday times as such, thanks to the numerous transport options available in the city. Some of which include buses, trams, city trains, Dublin bikes, etc. You might also want to get the Leap card for convenient travel and it will serve you as the perfect companion as a first-time visitor to Dublin. With the handy pay-as-you-go smart card, you can save some money and travel the entire Dublin easily. Conversely, you can go for any of the three modes of public transport namely; 1. Dublin bus- which serves most parts of the city 2. Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART)- A light-trail network 3. LUAS- the city’s newest mode of public transport

Top Attractions

One other interesting thing about taking a trip to Dublin is that you are guaranteed great value for money as you are spoiled with choices in terms of quality and sightseeing. Some of the top attractions in Dublin are: 1. River Liffey 2. Georgian Heritage 3. Dublin Golf Courses 4. Kilmainham Gaol 5. The Guinness Storehouse 6. Dublin Castle 7. Christchurch Cathedral 8. Trinity College 9. Merrion Square 10. Temple Bar

Being Local

Dublin people of Ireland are some of the nicest set of persons on the globe. As eager as you are to meet people there and explore, they (the locals) are even more eager to get to know you as they are super outgoing, interesting and fun. You meet new friends, live the Dublin life and enjoy the nature in all cliffs, beaches, forests, etc. Everything is so good in Dublin and they leave you with the very exact answer to your tourist question and concern.

Travelling In Dublin

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