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Delhi, one of the oldest existing cities in the world is India’s union territory. With a classic history displayed in its artistic monuments and its ancient culture and also its rising modernisation seen in its bustling markets, eating places and other best features, this fabulous city celebrates its 100 years and going, as the capital of India. It is greatly known for its great strength in arts, tourism, fashion, education, finance, entertainment, etc., which all contributes to the magnificence of its environs.

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Best Things To Do In New Delhi

Main Things You Need To Know About New Delhi


Delhi experiences five climatic conditions: • The spring which falls between February and March • Summer from the month of April to June • The Monsoon from July to September • Autumn, from September to November • Winter, which lasts between the months of December and January May (summer) is considered the hottest month of the year, while January (winter) is the coldest. The most favourable period of visitation is during the Spring and Autumn, when the weather is pleasant and at its best.

Travelling Here

There are direct flights (either international flights from other countries or domestic flights from other cities in its country) to its international airport, Indira Gandhi International airport, which is considered one of the best in the world. From the airport, there are local transport services which will take you to your destination. Also, if you are coming in from neighbouring cities, and you prefer to travel by land, then you could use the buses, cabs, or even the trains (railway). Though they are all good means, the cab is considered the most reliable, safest, cheapest and most pleasant means of transport by land.


Delhi offers a wide range of accommodations ranging from five star hotels, middle range hotels, guest houses and even tourist lodges which offer good hospitality services and comfortable stay. Some of such places include: 1. The Imperial Hotel 2. The Leela Palace 3. Florence Inn 4. Hotel Emperor Palms 5. Crown Plaza 6. Hotel Legend 7. Master Guest House 8. The Taj Mahal Hotel 9. Shangri- La’s Eros Hotel 10. Hotel Singh Empire


Eating is an attraction on its own and Delhi is not found wanting in that aspect. It is blessed with various kinds of continental and intercontinental dishes, with drinks and desserts at affordable prices. Here’s a list of a few places where you can find these meals: 1. The Rose café 2. The Big Yellow Door 3. Beeryani 4. Bukhara 5. Thalaivar 6. Lord of the Drinks 7. Summer House Café 8. Olive Bar and kitchen 9. Wenger’s 10. Punjab Grill


Delhi is a safe place for tourism though there are few things to be avoided in order to enjoy a pleasant stay. Travelling late, mostly in the evenings, should not be encouraged as it can lead to arriving late at night due to traffic. It is also advisable to book a hotel ahead of travelling and ask them to pick you from your entry point. Though it may be extra costly than taking the normal cab, this will help you avoid some “taxi drivers” who intend to play on your ignorance.

Getting Around

Though the traffic is mostly terribly congested and the fares may go up (which is negotiable), moving around the city is an adventure, where you will get to see the attractions the city has to offer, and there are many ways to do so. By Metro: The Metro, with its remodelled modernised facilities, is considered the best means of public transportation in the city because it is clean and efficient and takes you practically everywhere in the city. By Bus: The buses are cheap but mostly crowded. The city runs two kinds of buses: the government-run DTC buses which are coloured in red and yellow with big windows, and the private run cluster buses which are orange coloured. Of these two, the government-run buses are mostly preferred because they are less crowded. By HOHO: The HOHO, known fully as the Hop On Hop Off are bus services operated by the Delhi tourism, with an English-speaking guide on it, mainly for the tourists. Its name is gotten from the fact that it moves around the city and stops at pre-defined stops where passengers hop on and off the bus. It mostly operates on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) when there is less traffic. By Taxis and Cabs: Cabs in Dehli are operated via smartphone app-based cab service providers like Ola, Uber, and Meru. There are other Delhi taxis which are old but still reliable. By Auto Rickshaws: Also known as tuk-tuks or three-wheeled scooters, in yellow and green livery and with no doors and only for 3 passengers, this means of transport is cheaper than taxis and best for short trips. They are easily seen on the streets. By Cycle Rickshaws: If you are going on a short trip which is actually going to be far if you go on foot but is considerably short to use a taxi, then the cycle rickshaw is the best for you. It is best used in the Old Delhi to visit the intricate galis (walkway) to enjoy the attractions of the city. By Foot: Alternatively, you could go on foot. Although the distances are long and you might encounter beg

Top Attractions

Delhi is a great city with lots of attractive sights to behold. Every place and corner tells a story on its own through its artistic and architectural works, ancient but modernised museums, watersides, religious displays, fashion, and natural glory. You can know the city more from these places: 1. The Red Fort 2. Qutub Minar 3. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib 4. India gate 5. The Jantar Mantar Observatory 6. The Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum 7. The National Museum, New Delhi 8. National Gallery of Modern Art 9. Garden of Five Senses 10. Dilli Haat

Being Local

With its rich culture at its peak, embracing and enjoying the luxury that Delhi has to offer; from its food, nightlife, recreational activities, fashion and even its glamorous festivals is a great form of blending in. It also a nice gesture to learn the city’s language as a sign of appreciation.

Travelling In New Delhi

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