Reykjavik Tours

Everyone who visits has a story to tell at the end of their stay. Reykjavík is dense with tourist attractions and it is the hub for Iceland's best day tours. 66% of the country's population lives here, and also 1 out of every 4 people are tourists. The country is relatively small, so tourists choose to stay in Reykjavik and take the day tours to see the Northern Lights, the Golden Circle or the South Coast attractions.
The city also features a rich gastronomy, culture, history, and a vibrant nightlife. The museums, galleries, restaurants, magnificent architectural displays, grasslands, geysers, waterfalls, islands, and more speak for the city. Art is synonymous with this capital city of Iceland. And locked in their splendid display of artworks are the accounts of their famous and thrilling history waiting for seekers to unravel them. They’ve also got a reputation for their cuisine. Walk into any of the superb restaurants around and give yourself a treat of any of the glorious food listed on the menus.

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Best Things To Do In Reykjavik

Main Things You Need To Know About Reykjavik


Reykjavík is never too hot, but also never too cold. Reykjavík is a city to be seen all year round. Unlike what most people believe, Reykjavik's average temperature during the Winter is -1 degree Celsius (30 degrees Farenheit) which is really not that cold when you compare to other Northern countries. Apparently, the Gulf Current running near the city warms up the city during the Winter. The summer, however, is still the best season to visit. Summer is experienced between the months of June and August. This season is also the busiest for tourism. Spring starts in March and lingers till early June while autumn runs from September to the first week of November.

Travelling Here

50km apart, Reykjavík is served by two important airports- Keflavik International Airport and Reykjavík Airport. Keflavik International Airport receives international flights from different destinations around the world. It’s possible to fly in direct from New York City, Geneva, Toronto, Paris, Oslo, Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Montreal, Belfast, and more foreign countries. From Reykjavík Airport, you can find direct flights from Sauðárkrókur, Gjögur, Faroe Islands, Vestmannaeyjar, Akureyr, Bíldudalur, and Höfn. All two airports have good transfer and shuttle services from the airport into the city. You may want to drive into the city from neighbouring cities or rent a car. There are two main routes into Reykjavík, one through Reykjanesbraut, the other through Ring Road.


Well, it’s not only meals that get a little pricey, hotel rooms do too. However, there are decent and comfortable hostels that are more affordable and increasing in number from year to year. But if you’re willing to spend some cash then you’re free to visit any one of the luxurious hotel options you will find. Some are: 1. Capital-Inn 2. Fosshótel Reykjavík 3. Grand Hótel Reykjavík 4. Hilton Reykjavik Nordica 5. Hlemmur Square


Delicious meals are served at Reykjavík eateries. Meals in Reykjavík are served fresh but are a bit pricey. Snacks and readymade foods are a significant part of their cuisine. One of the locals’ favourites is Eina með öllucan, it’s absolutely delicious and one to kill for. There are several fast foods stops too where you can get a quick bite when you’re on the go. Other eateries and restaurants around are: 1. Apotek Restaurant 2. Fish Company 3. Fiskmarkaðurinn 4. Grillmarkaðurinn 5. Kol Restaurant


Welcome to the most peaceful country in the World. The safety of lives and properties in Reykjavik is not an issue to get worried about. The locals are peaceful and love to have visitors around. That doesn’t mean everyone’s a saint anyway. Petty crimes still occur but nothing violent. You know a city is safe when policemen don't carry guns.

Getting Around

The two most popular options to get around in Reykjavik are by foot or in a rented car. The attractions in Reykjavik are not too far from each other which makes it easy to walk from one attraction to another. The weather is never too harsh for such fun walks either. But if you want to cover more grounds, you can rent a car or a bike. There are many rental shops around where you can get one of these. If you drive, just be careful if you run into a storm as driving conditions might get dangerous. Finally, the big disclaimer: You won't be able to use Uber here. Taxis are a reliable and comfortable service, but very expensive. It's also hard to flag them down in the street (it's even hard to recognize them as they are not painted in any particular color, but only distinguished by the sign on the roof). Taxis are metered and the fare depends on how far the trip is. If you want to take a cab, you can call for a taxi on phone or place a request for one online. Reykjavik also runs a public bus system called Strætó. It is also reliable and comfortable means of getting around. Tourists can get passes for a specified number of days that allows them unlimited access to the buses without paying anything extra. Some of the buses travel even travel outside the city.

Top Attractions

This is one city that doesn’t lack fantastic and exciting hot spots to impress its visitors with. It may be a small town but it sure does have lots of big attractions to brag about. There are museums and galleries for all lovers of history and artworks, and there are parks, grasslands, geysers, glaciers, and waterfalls for all lovers of nature. There are great restaurants for tourists with great tastes and luxurious hotels for flamboyant tourists. Here’s a list of 5 things to visit here: 1. Árbær Open Air Museum 2. The Golden Circle Tour 3. Hallgrimskirkja 4. Laugavegur 5. Kolaportið

Being Local

The locals are in love with their outdoor swimming pools. Join them there for a refreshing moment under the ambience of the sun, it is one of the cheapest things to do in Reykjavik too. It is also important to say that the Icelanders seem to always be on the move in the afternoon. So for lunch, snacks will be. So come on, be a true Icelander don’t eat much for lunch. Seize the hour, the happy hour. This is when you same great food at the restaurant for a lower price. Another exciting thing about this city is the nightlife. Vibrant and always full of life. You don’t want to miss on that one either.