A harmonious blend of two distinct stories with unique cultures pressed into one and there, you have Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Peppered with a countless number of man-made attractions and a few natural ones, Budapest lures are simply irresistible. From the iconic Hungarian Parliament Building to the magnificent Buda castle, Margaret Islands, lush parks, fantastic restaurants, and a community of amazingly warm-hearted people, Budapest is the proud capital of Hungary and a chest of irresistible spectacles.
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Best Things To Do In Budapest

Main Things You Need To Know About Budapest


Budapest experiences four lovely seasons, each with its own lovely uniqueness; spring, summer, fall, and winter. The question of which month will be the best time to visit this beauty of a city depends on the tourist?s taste; like it cold or hot, airy or rainy. Spring begins in March and gives way to summer in May. Summer lasts from June until September and then comes fall from mid-September to October. Winter?s cold gradually sets in after till early March. Budapest is at its hottest in July and coolest in January.

Travelling Here

Arriving Budapest by air is the most convenient means of travelling into the city from other countries. Records show that Budapest Franz Liszt International Airport is the most popular international airport that is used by foreign tourists to enter the city. There are a good number of other international and domestic airports within the city that serve both domestic and foreign tourists. To travel by land, tourists can also use the option of getting into Budapest driving a car or boarding an inter-city bus that?s coming in from neighbouring cities within Hungary. There are also buses that come in from neighbouring countries too. The Vol†n Association control and regulate the city?s bus network along with the countries. Budapest?s train system does not only act as an excellent means of connecting other cities in the country to Budapest but also connects lots of other European countries to it. The major railway stations in the city include Nyugati p†lyaudvar station in the west, DÇli p†lyaudvar station in the south, and Keleti p†lyaudvar station in the east. There are no direct water routes into Budapest. If you wish to reach Budapest from other countries, then you have to take a ferry into Vienna and process by land or air to Budapest.


You will expect a renowned tourist location like Budapest to provide an impressive range of lovely lodging options to suit any class of traveller; well so it is! Budapest is peppered with an impressive range of exquisite hotels, apartments, and hostels, all with beautifully decorated rooms, comfortable beds, and nice bathrooms. Here's a very short of fantastic lodging options you should consider, to begin with as a first timer in Budapest: 1. The Ritz-Carition Hotel 2. Hotel Moments 3. Four Seasons Hotel 4. Aria Hotel 5. Hilton Hotel 6. Brody House 7. Full Moon Hostel 8. Gallery Stay Apartments


There are so many palatable restaurants and eateries in Budapest serving delectable and mouth-watering dishes. Budapest?s culinary is revolutionary with a blend of Russian, Mongolian, and Indian touch. Whether you want eat luxuriously, or decently inexpensive, the city's got something for you. So here's another list of some of the finest restaurants and eateries in Budapest; and of course, this is not all the best of Budapest's culinary, the list would seem endless! 1. Nobu restaurant 2. Fat Mama Eatery 3. CafÇ Kîr 4. Wasabi Extra 5. Tr¢fea Grill Restaurant 6. Costes Restaurant 7. Budapest Bistro 8. Pizzica


Budapest is considered a safe tourist destination. Although there are a few incidents of petty crimes and thefts, records show a very rare account of violent crimes. As with any other tourist destinations, tourists are advised to be careless and conscious of their environment as much as possible, especially when in the midst of bustling crowds.

Getting Around

Getting around on foot may be the best options for tourists and adventurers, so they get a piece of the city?s spectacle at their own pace, stop when charmed to, move when freed from the lure, since the streets are safe. Getting a bicycle is an even better option for wide coverage and the same amount of freedom. Buy or rent a bike in Budapest for a more adventurous visit. Budapest?s public transport comprises of trams, buses, taxis, metros, and trains. The quality of service is fairly good, but it's sure to get you to your desired location. In Budapest, holding up a ticket in hand doesn?t guarantee you a pass if it?s not validated. Tickets have to be stamped or punctured but validate it, so be sure to same to yours. You could also choose to go around with a car, but the dense traffic observed late in the evening and early in the morning could be quite comfortable, hence reducing the effectiveness of this option.

Top Attractions

For a city some consider as one of the world's most beautiful city, every lure is a top attraction; you can't just get enough of it. Making a list of top attractions is as good as making a list of all the attractions that are there in the city. But if you are new in the city, there are some attractions that you just must visit before you leave, so here's a short list of these: 1. The Parliament Building 2. The Margaret Island 3. The Buda Castle 4. Fisherman's Bastion 5. The GellÇrt Hill 6. The House of Terror 7. SzÇchenyi Thermal Bath 8. St. Stephen's Basilica 9. Vajdahunyad Castle 10. Miniversum Budapest

Being Local

Warm friendly people, beaming with smiles, and ever happy to be in the company of a foreign traveller; the locals of Budapest are an amazing group of people to meet. Learn to make a dozen or more sentences in their local Hungarian language and blend in with Budapest folks. Exchange a few pleasantries at their local markets, live in the streets exploring the city?s marvels, hang out at their popular evening bars, and slowly get immersed in their wonderful culture while your visit lasts.