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Guatemala City is the capital of Guatemala. With a large part of the city still ruralise, Guatemala City is full of culture and unspoiled natural beauties. There are mountains, natural lakes, jaw-dropping volcanoes, enchanting grasslands, and lots of other phenomenal natural sceneries you don’t want to miss, all littered in the city. Man-made cathedrals, monuments, zoos, museums, and incredible architectural edifices complement the wonderful gifts of nature to make Guatemala City one hell of beauty and a great place to spend your holidays. 
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Best Things To Do In Guatemala City

Main Things You Need To Know About Guatemala City


There are two seasons here in Guatemala City like any other part of the country –Dry and wet seasons. The dry season begins in November and stays till March. This is usually the best time to pay Guatemala City a touristic visit. The wet season takes the remaining part of the year, from May down till October. The city has a high relative humidity chiefly because of the country’s location on the map, in between the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. Guatemala City has more tourists visiting in March than any other month.

Travelling Here

The only airport the city has is the La Aurora International Airport (GUA). Not only is it the only airport in the city, but it is also the primary airport in the country. It receives various flights from Panamá, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, USA, México, El Salvador, and Honduras. There are always bus shuttles and taxis at the airports to take you into the city. Mundo Maya International Airport is the second airport in the country located in the Flores. There are direct flights from there to Guatemala City too. Although the official currency of Guatemala is Quetzal, the bus shuttles and taxis around the airport will accept dollars. There are buses and taxis in every city in the country that could take you to Guatemala City. The cheaper ones sometimes get crowded and uncomfortable for passengers. These cheaper ones are known as “chicken buses”. However, there are more comfortable buses, but of course, at higher prices.


Find several refined hotels with polished rooms that feature rooftop outdoor pools, gyms, world-class spas, and posh restaurants in the city. The hotel rooms vary in pricing depending on the quality of service offered and there’s something really decent for any budget. Some of the finest hotels around include: 1. InterContinental Real 2. Hilton Garden Inn 3. Westin Camino Real 4. Radisson Hotel and Suites 5. Courtyard, Marriott


Exclusive offers like happy hour food, special cocktails, all in cosy and well-decorated eateries are easy to come in Guatemala City. You will never fully realise how steeped in their culture the locals are until you experience their superb cuisine. Whether for casual, dates, formal outing, the locals got you covered. Here are some of their best spots: 1. AltunaCasa Chapina 2. Ambia 3. Clio's 4. Cristina de Barcelona Viva 5. Flor De Lis


Guatemala City is a safe tourist location. The locals are amiable and lovely; hardly ever getting into a fight or anything violent. But as you probably imagined, not all are saints. So be careful with your valuable and stuffs when you’re in. Report any suspicious move to the local police and adhere to your personal security tips and the whole of your stay in the city will be just fine.

Getting Around

The most common way of going around the city is by their local buses. These buses can take you to just about any place in the city. Guatemala City is divided into 21 zones. There are basically 3 major types of buses that run across the city –Transmetro, Trans urbano, and Regular Red city buses. You get less flexibility and freedom when you hop into the transmetro. They only travel through defined routes and make only a few designated stops on the way. The Trans urbano are more flexible. They make more stops and don’t necessarily follow defined routes. They are easily identified with their white and blue colour. The last of them –regular red city buses avoid passengers all the flexibility they want. They stop anywhere, follow any route, and are much cheaper –but of course, most uncomfortable. Taxis are the next common means of getting around Guatemala City. There are basically two types of taxis that run in this city –the ones with metres and the ones without. Be sure to negotiate and agree on a price before entering any of the taxis without metres. Like the taxis, another alternative of getting around here is using Uber. They are more comfortable, fast, and reliable than the taxis and buses.

Top Attractions

This city is fortified with so many wonders, sights to see, and places to explore. They’ve got amazing man-made and naturals attractions everywhere. There’s hardly an area without one of these to keep tourists engaged throughout their stay here. Just a short list of some of these fantastic places is set below: 1. Cathedral of Guatemala City 2. Ecological and Sports Park Cayalá 3. La Aurora Zoo 4. Mercado Central 5. Museo Miraflores 6. Museo Popol Vuh 7. National Palace 8. Plaza de la Constitución 9. Relief map of Guatemala 10. Torre del Reformador

Being Local

With over 90% of the population speaking Guatemalan Spanish, learning the language may be a perfect place to begin in blending with the locals. Though odd, these locals hardly trek. You will find most of the locals around here always boarding a bus or entering a taxi whenever they have to get to a place –join them, except you want to talk a pleasant walk around the streets to soak in the marvels and the natural scenes of the city. And you should really get used to the local buses. They are more common and easier to find than the luxury ones –but don’t expect any amount of comfort in them. When you are squeezed in by sweating bodies, or prod by life animals like pigs and chickens, don’t grumble, just smile and pray the bus gets to your stop as soon as possible.

Travelling In Guatemala City

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