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Located in Central America, Guatemala enjoys the embrace of the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Atlantic Ocean on the east. With such companions, it's no surprise the country has a high humidity level. Guatemala is always full of life with several festivals and holidays. Among the famous festivals include Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, Dia de la Raza, Army Day, Mother’s Day, International Worker’s Day, among others.

It has lots of wonders to its claim and is indeed one of the most beautiful pieces of Central America. It’s a country blessed with the goodness of Mother Nature, from a phenomenal landscape to lush rainforests, incredible volcanoes, fascinating mountains that reach to the sky, jagged caves, and stunning lakes. 

It’s not just all natural; there are also several man-made wonders that dot every part of the country. The iconic pyramids of Tikal, ruins of Iximche, ancient Arco de Santa Catalina, magnificent National Palace, the beautiful Flores Island, and the Cerro de La Cruz, are just a few of the country's pride. 

Then the people, amiable and warm, their culture, deep and diverse, plus their cuisine, rich and irresistible, all add up to make this country a must visit for travellers, sight-seers, and adventurers alike. 

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Main Things You Need To Know


Culture and fabulous are the two words that mark Guatemala’s cuisine, and exclusive native foods like tapado, rellenitos, pepian, champurradas, chipilín tamal and arroz en leche make that claim incontestable.

Places To Visit

You just can’t exhaust Guatemala endless wonders, they are everywhere. Volcanoes, unspoiled forests, rugged mountains and caves, plus brilliant man-made attractions are spread through the country. And of course, their beaches and ports are must see too.


Only a small part of the country is urbanized, which means the country is still a laidback and unspoiled piece of Earth. From their rich cuisine to their traditional wears, festivals and music, the Guatemalan culture is inspired by the Spanish and Mayan influences.


The main religions in the country are the Maya traditional religion and Roman Catholicism. The locals are truly an amiable people.

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Main Things You Need To Know About Guatemala

The official currency of Guatemala is Quetzal. They are the only country to use the quetzal. One quetzal is divided into 100 centavos. While there are 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 centavos, and Q1 in coins, there are 50 centavos, Q1, Q5, Q10, Q20, Q50, Q100, and Q200 in banknotes. Currently, the US dollar is equivalent to 7.71 Quetzales.
Guatemala ENGLISH
The official language spoken in Guatemala is Guatemalan Spanish. It is a variant of the Spanish language and is spoken by well over 90% of the country’s population. The rest of the populations speak at least one of the 21 Mayan languages, or the non-Mayan Amerindian languages. 
Visa Information
You’ll need a Guatemala tourist visa to get into Guatemala. This is only valid for an initial 90 days but can be extended for another 30 days. Nationals of the following countries do not require a visa to get entry into Guatemala: the USA, Canada, Australia, British, members of the European Union, Nicaragua, Honduras, and El Salvador. The visa application fee is $25 currently but is subject to change at the discretion of the authorities.
The following documents are also required:
1.An authentic Visa Application that is completed and signed.
2.A valid passport, not less than six months.
3.Recent passport photograph that is not more than three months old.
4.Receipt of payment of visa application fee.

Guatemala PLANE, BUS, CAR
Getting There
Travelling by air is the major way of getting here and there are two major airports. La Aurora International Airport (GUA) is Guatemala’s primary airport. It is located in the capital city, Guatemala City. There are flights from most part of North America, Central America, and a few other countries that fly directly to La Aurora International Airport. From the airport, you will find good shuttle services to transfer you to your hotel and to other parts of the country. Guatemala’s second airport is the Mundo Maya International Airport. It also welcomes foreign flights, however, the quality of service, though not below standard, is lower than what you will find at La Aurora International Airport. 

The country has good roadways that link it to neighbouring countries. You can drive a car or take a bus from Belize, Honduras, Mexico, or El Salvador right into Guatemala. But, as you should expect, it wouldn’t be a short trip, travel prepared. Well, apart from the fact that it’s a long journey, such a trip will pay off because there are lots of intriguing sights along the road. There’s also another way of getting in, -travel by sea. You’ll also find several ferries that travel to Guatemala from Belize.

Guatemala 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
There are two seasons in Guatemala, the wet and dry season. The wet season is between May and October. The rains don’t last too long, maybe a couple of hours at worst and the clouds clear up again. September and October experience the highest rainfall while July and August have the least. The country welcomes the least number of tourists throughout the year during this wet season. But the numbers begin to increase steadily in the dry season. The dry season starts in November and lingers till March. This is when Guatemala receives its peak travels. 

Travelling In Guatemala

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