Chania is a city located on the northwest coast of Crete, in Greek. Renowned for its 14th century Venetian harbour, waterfront restaurants, and narrow streets, Chania is one place you want to visit in a lifetime. The ancient town has a deep mystery and everyone who has ever set their foot on the island has testified to the sense of mysterious force that permeated their veins during their stay. For every extraordinary traveler, a corresponding extraordinary journey awaits you in Chania, Crete. Chania is an attractive tourist destination for sightseeing and shopping. Centered around the harbor, very many different civilizations have thrived well over the centuries in Chania. 
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Best Things To Do In Chania

Main Things You Need To Know About Chania


In Chania, April through October, which also serve as the summer are hot and dry periods. At these times, the skies are clear but every once in a while, a seasonal breeze from the North relieves the dry hot days. These months are also considered the traditional tourist visit periods. During the height of summer, temperatures in Chania can reach over 100 degrees (Fahrenheit) with slight rain to cool things. Hence, the best times to visit are in the late spring/early summer and in autumn, when the weather is not too hot because the weather in Chania is relatively influenced by Interior Mediterranean climate.

Travelling Here

Chania is served by the Chania International Airport on the Akrotiri Peninsula. You can easily get in Chania from different parts of the world. From the UK, Germany, Scandinavia and other European countries, you will get a direct charter flight to Chania. In addition, with Aegean Airlines and Olympic Airlines, you can get several flights from Athens to Chania. And as a boost, in 2015, the Chania Airport was expanded underway to accommodate more visitors. Another way of getting into Chania is by the ferry services from Athens while other methods are by bus (regular bus line operated by the KTEL company connects Chania with the rest of Crete) and by car.


Chania and its surrounding towns have wealth of accommodation for tourists and visitors. These options range from hostels to 5-star hotels. If you do not mind, there are old Venetian houses at the historical backstreets which have been renovated into hotels and are very comfortable. However, majority of these are not displayed on adverts. Conversely, you can go for lovely and reasonably-priced hotels like: 1. Iro Apartment 2. Hotel Helena 3. Kalliopi Studios Apartment 4. Ontas Traditional Hotel 5. Vilelmine Hotel 6. Arkadi Hotel 7. Kriti Hotel 8. Civitel Akali Hotel 9. Hotel Tinai 10. Hotel Candic


Chania, as the second largest town in Crete is one place you will spend a few days and it will look like you have been there a whole month. There are hundreds of restaurants and cafes in Chania where tourists can get original specialties. One of the most popular diner in Chania is the Glossitses restaurant that serves Greek cuisines with a strike of varieties.In Chania, you will get very good, creative cuisines from the restaurants, some of which include: 1. Tama; for good and interesting cuisines with eastern influence 2. Thalassino Ageri; for great fish food 3. Laganon; offers a nice pasta variety made with the best of quality ingredients 4. Coffe Lab; for delicious specialty single origin coffee 5. Salis; for creative twist on traditional Cretan and Mediterranean cuisine 6. Colombo; offers fusion Greek cuisine with an exotic touch And many others.


Generally, in Greece, there is a Tourism Police Department (another interesting part about traveling to the country). This department attends to assist every safety-related problems in case tourists encounter some. But the overall good news is that, Chania, like Greece entirely, is a very safe place to visit. The neighborhoods are even very safe to a large extent. Just ensure you stay smart and take necessary little precautions with your common sense and you will not fall victim of safety or crime-related problems in Chania.

Getting Around

Getting around Chania, Crete is pretty easy and well organized. With smaller roads and an almost non-existent road signage, you are right on track for a real adventure. In Chania, there are several means of transportation and they include coach, taxi and ferry services, buses, hire cars, etc. Generally though, if you must visit the best beaches and other interesting archaeological sites, you must have to rent a car. Many companies across the town provide this service. Travelers who find themselves on a ship that docks at Souda and would like to avoid the costly excursions offered by cruise companies can go for some cheap options in taxi, train, bus and airport trips. From Souda Port, you can connect Chania easily and cheaply. Also, from the airport, buses get to the city center every 30 minutes and 20 minutes to the city center and from the last stop, which is the city center, you can walk just 5 minutes from the old town with single tickets of 2.30 euros.

Top Attractions

As a holidaymaker, Chania has a plethora of pursuits for you. Also, it’s the prettiest town in Crete and much of what visitors will want to see are located within the Venetian fortification wall in the old town; ranging from the harbor to its cafes, museums, restaurants, churches, Minoan excavations, etc. Some of the top attractions to see in Chania include: 1. Venetian Harbor 2. Firkus Fortress 3. Limnoupolis Water Park 4. Samaria George 5. Boat Trips 6. Chania Archaeological Museum 7. Agii Apostolic Beach 8. Segway Tours

Being Local

Do you know there are some Greek foods you have to try before you die? And how do you get these dishes, at least in their best and original tastes if not in Greece. Chania is one place that affords you such lifetime opportunity. In addition, aside the meal, being a local in Chania is not much of a hard work as long as you relate well and explore the length and breadth of the town during your stay. The town, its activities, the sights, the cafes and shops you visit during your visit to Chania will leave you with a landmark memory as you absorb the basic understanding of the culture, the lifestyle and tradition of the local Chanians.

Travelling In Chania

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