Athens Tours

As old as time, yet suffering the beauty syndrome, Athens ranks as one of the most triumphant and ravishingly astonishing cities in the world. It is not just Greece's capital, it is a world capital invaded by museums of delicious exhibits, history, intellect and archaeological beauty, believe it or not, Athens has a sinister of unmatchable outburst of Western Civilization. Every year, tourists greater than the entire Greek population swarm the city to behold and commune with its natural and unique feel in the food, music, artifacts, history and clamorous street life.

Athens is a hidden paradise, and you will have no regrets. So, have fun and burn all stress with a journey of adventure sailing round Athens in a hop-on hop-off tour or in other tours around the city which will definitely meet your demands for a rewarding holiday.

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Best Things To Do In Athens

Main Things You Need To Know About Athens


Athens boils all year round with Open-air theatre festivals, cultural activities and carnivals. Spring is from April to June and the atmosphere is quiet because the crowd is thinner, so if you hate crowds, spring is your best slot. Summer comes late July and August with a lush of burning heat at daytime and a hush of mild cold at night. Aside from this, you may still visit Athens in October and November which is Fall season, and the weather is chilly and warm.

Travelling Here

Over time, for the majority of tourists, the best way to arrive at Athens has been by flight, and this has led them to one of the fleet of International Airports that Athens houses. The new airport of Athens Eleftherios Venizelos being one of the best in Europe has been tourists’ best stop. Once at the airport, Athens can be found graciously opposite the main exit of the airport and buses that will take you to your desired location. Other alternative routes are by train, car or ferry which cruises from various ports of Italy like Venice, Ancona, Bari, Brindis and Otranto and if you’d prefer the train journey through the Balkan Peninsula.


Housed on dazzling streets right in the heart of Athens are luxuriously styled hotels masked with classy decors and comforting furnishings that ushers a feeling of home. The rates are massively reasonable and the service is professional; probably, this might be what impresses you most. Amazingly, they also come with free Wi-Fi and beautiful features like cable TV, swimming pools, airport shuttle, spas, fitness center and creamy restaurants. You should consider choosing one of these; 1. The Zillers 2. Quinta 3. Inn Athens 4. Alice Inn 5. City Circus


Athens takes pride in not only its historic beauty and landmarks but its irresistible dining and wining journey of culinary appetizers in a convivial atmosphere. Their menu crisply has something for everyone’s desire and taste, and they are family friendly. You should take out time to try the Athenian yoghurt especially when sprinkled with toasted walnuts, topped with honey and drizzled with desert, the taste is out of this world, and you’ll need a minute to realize you’re eating one of the best, dense and dreamiest ice-creams. Their seafood which is a mouthwatering theme of the aquatic offers a fresh, rich and flavorful taste of the sea. The following 10 are particularly a selection of the best restaurants to try: 1. Mpakalotaverna 2. Vlassis restaurant 3. Mama’s Boy restaurant 4. Bone Island Grillhouse 5. Rafferty’s of Athens


Be sure to observe total care while at the city especially once the sun goes down to avoid being harassed by pickpockets as some areas are unlit and the low light makes it easy for them to spot and target people walking by. Be sure to adhere to safety rules and stick closely to your tour guide as they can help evade the dangerous parts.

Getting Around

There is a flux of good and effective public transportation network that will get you go where you need to. The metros, buses, trams, ferries and taxis ease cruising around the capitals major streets and long distances. However, if you wish to have a closer view of its top attractions and vibe of the city, travelling on foot is an accelerated adventure as many of the main attractions are located on the main streets and central Athens. But if you wish to break from the hustle and bustle of the city, you might consider hiring a bike or a car. Hiring a car however comes with its disadvantage as you’ll have to battle with the city’s heavy traffic and you could be disappointedly trapped in there for long thereby altering your adventure. You could see what real Athens is on a bike and it has become a very popular way of discovering the city.

Top Attractions

While in Athens, seize the opportunity to discover the birthplace of famous exhibits crested within its walls. Take a journey to the birthplace of the renowned Museum of Greek Gastronomy, Cycladic Arts, History, Intellect and Theatre. Here is an overview of its most visited spots: 1. The Acropolis 2. The Historic Parthenon 3. The National Archaeological Museum 4. Lycabettus 5. The Agora

Being Local

Meet Athens with the eyes of a local and get to see Athens outside the tourist zone while exploring its mecca street arts which is a mixture of a glorious past and present civilization battered with surreal sights and world wonders. Ok. This place is pretty loaded but being a local starts with eating and living local. So, don’t miss the opportunity to spend an evening the real Athenian style by enjoying a film in one of the famous summer open-air cinemas under the stars surrounded by jasmine and bougainvillea trees in the city centre while gulping a cold drink under the Athenian Sky and witness a marriage of flavours, aromas and culinary delights the Athenian way. This is Athens. Explore.