Greece: Ancient Glory

The glory of Greece resounds in almost every street and corner within the country. From its formidable monuments, timeless architectural attractions, flawless artworks, to some of nature's finest beaches, Greece is so blessed with dozens of tourist attractions. Greece remains the home to some of the world's finest minds, and philosophers of the medieval age and cradle of Catholic civilization. It is home to men like Archimedes, Aristotle, Anaxagoras, Empedoeles, Erasistratus, Hippocrates, and so many others. A proud culture rich with arts, philosophy, politics, food, sports, theatre performance, and lots more adds up to visit down here a must. Some of the major cities in Greece that attracts most tourists coming into the country include Larissa, Thessaloniki, Patra, Volos, and of course the legendary city of Athens which is the capital city. Greece is not just a country; it is a collection of everything beautiful, a paradise to explore, and just the perfect vacation spot for everyone.

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Main Things You Need To Know


Greece also uses the Euro, no need to exchange your money if you're already in Europe!


As most countries in EU, Greece is also part of the Schengen visa.

Main Airport

The "Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport", located in Athens is Greece's main airport.


Start learning some Greek! You won't find many other languages in Greece.

Best Things To Do In Greece

Main Things You Need To Know About Greece

Greece is also one of the 19 countries in the world that use the Euro as its official medium of exchange within the country. It is valued at 1.20 Euros to the US dollar. Tourists from foreign countries that do not use the Euro will find it helpful to change their cash to Euros before entering Greece. However, this can also be done easily within the country, so there’s no cause for alarm.
Greece GREEK
Greece's official language is "Greek." It is spoken by almost the entire country's population. English is the next widely spoken language with just a little above 50% of its citizens who can understand it. A very few population can understand Italian, German, and French. With over 99% of the population of Greece speaking Greek you might need the assistance of a local guide to help you get around and teach you a few things in Greek especially if you neither speak Greek nor English. 
Visa Information
There are different tourist visa options for all visitors depending on which country they are from and how long they intend to spend in Greece. In 2000 Greece joined the European Union and started to use the Schengen Visa for tourists. This act allows nationals of EU member states who have signed the treaty with Greece plus certain other countries to gain entrance into Greece with a visa. So before applying for a Greece Schengen Visa, please confirm if you will need one. The general requirements for a Greece Schengen Visa include: 1. A duly filled and signed copy of the visa application form. 2. Two recent passport-sized photographs. 3. Your valid passport. The passport must remain valid for a minimum of three months after the end of your visit. 4. Medical evidence to show that your presence in the country will not be a threat to the public. 5. Proof of having sufficient funds to cover all expenses while you remain in the country. Visa fee for tourists from countries that require a visa to gain entry into the country and who are above the age of 12 is placed at 60 euros. Greece Schengen Visa is free for those below the age of 12. Nationals of Moldova, Ukraine, and Russia get to pay a reduced fee of 35 euros for each application made. The visa is valid for a period of 3 months but can be extended up to 90 days depending on your nationality. Different countries have different rules that apply to visa extensions, while nationals from some countries can apply for a visa extension, nationals from some other countries cannot. So be sure to confirm if you can be granted an extension to plan your visit properly.
Getting There
Travels into Greece are possible by air, land, and sea. Entering Greece by air is convenient, reliable, and fast. The country’s largest airport, Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport, located in Athens handles the highest number of tourists in the country too with over a million visitors coming into the country monthly. There are other reliable international airports located in the country like the Makedonia International Airport, Nikos Kazantzákis International Airport, Diagóras Airport, and the Ioánnis Kapodístrias Airport to help tourists escape all the busyness of the Athens’ Airport. Considering Greece sits comfortable among the world’s top 20 most visited countries, there are so many countries in the world that have direct flights into it, and most international flights are handled by the Makedonia International Airport in Thessaloniki and Elefthérios Venizélos International in Athens. Travelling by land in buses and cars is a feasible option from neighbouring countries like Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Turkey. This means if you intend to cross the Greek border by land, then you have to be in any of these countries. Greece has good road networks that connect it to its neighbours. It’s normal to find several regular border checks at the legal crossing points, but these checks are usually waived for nationals of any EU member state.  Trains also carry tourists and travellers alike from neighbouring countries like Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey to Greece. It is arguably the best the most convenient option, and it fares well with travellers with bulky luggage and bags.  Greece can also be reached by water routes. There are ferries that enter Greece from Cyprus, Egypt, Israel, and Italy, Turkey. All these countries have at least two entry routes. For all lovers of adventures, sailing the white waters of Mediterranean Sea is a fine way to start your trip to Greece’
Greece 90 DAYS
Peak Travel Periods
Greece is just one of the few countries in the world to welcome an endless seam of foreign tourists all year round, whether in winter, summer, or spring there is always something for everyone. The crowd drops a little bit during the cold winter, but Greece never runs out of tourist options even during this period. June to August welcomes the highest number of tourists in record. The weather is usually very warm at this time but with over 200 inhabited islands with beautiful beaches, what better way to soothe the summer’s heat than a refreshing sunbath on one of these excellent beaches?

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