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In a country celebrated for its lush jungles, rugged mountains, and amazing coastline sit gallantly, one of the world’s best spots and attractions -tall and proud. Welcome to Quito, the land blessed with a rich heritage and culture, fantastic restaurants, signature foods, and a group of amazingly warm-hearted people. To add to its charm, Quito stands at 2800 meters off the sea level and claims the highest capital in the world. So it’s not just its colorful culture or historic sites and spots that make Quito so much of an excellent city to want to be, it’s also the city’s natural landscape that gives it a good reason to make its boast. Quito is the proud capital of beautiful Ecuador and the first city to be called a UNESCO World heritage site.
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Best Things To Do In Quito

Main Things You Need To Know About Quito


With a humidity of up to 87%, cloud cover of 85%, and 100mm of rain on the average, Quito has an average temperature of 14˚C and has a hot but loveable weather all year round with slight changes through the year. Quito experiences two seasons: summer and winter. The sun is at its peak in the month of August and the rains in the month of February.

Travelling Here

You can fly direct into Quito and touch down at Quito’s Mariscal Sucre International Airport if you are coming in from outside the country. Mariscal Sucre International Airport does not only operate international flights, but it also serves domestic flights coming into the capital from other cities. You can book a flight into Quito from cities like Guayaquil and Santo Domingo, or enter the capital by land through any of the several road links opened. Terminal Quitumbe provides transport services by bus to all tourists and visitors to the south of Quito while Terminal Norte Carcelén is the main bus company that serves the north of Quito where most attractions are spotted. Other major bus companies that offer transport services in the city include TransEsmeraldas, Transportes, Reina del Camino, and Flota Imbabura among others.


Quito has so many superb lodges, guesthouse, and hotels to stay. Some of the finest guesthouses in Quito include Blue House, Hotel El Relicario del Carmen, La Casona de Mario, Hostal de la Rábida, Hostel Revolution, and Casa Helbling. Best hotels include Hotel Quito, Mia Leticia, Fuente de Piedra II, Hotel Real Audiencia, Plaza Grande, El Cafecito, and Vibes among a whole lot of others.


Taste Quito’s signature wines, and some of the finest traditional foods in any of the several exquisite restaurants around Ecuador’s largest city. Quito’s restaurants serve one of the finest meals including delectable seafood dishes in all of Colombia. Check out Cafetería Modelo, Café Dios No Muere, Jürgen Café, Café Mosaico, and Octava de Corpus among others for a delightful bite.


Although there are records of petty crimes and robbery within the city, Quito is still a safe destination for tourist on the whole. There are tourist police littered all over the Northern parts of the city that patrol it to maintain law and order. So once upon Quito, be sure to keep a close watch at your belongings, never get too loose, and avoid any action that might make you a target like giving out money in public or going around with expensive valuables or huge amount of cash. Provision is made to equip tourists with an English online tool that enables them to report any case of emergency for a quick response.

Getting Around

Getting around the city is done quite easily even when you do not have your private vehicle. There are several commercial taxis and buses to get visitors around the city and to almost every part of Quito. There are affordable, convenient, and reliable. Plus the drivers are really nice and welcoming. Or you can decide to hire a bike and cycle through the marvels the city offers at your own pace. The streets of Quito are generally peaceful and safe during the day with lesser crime records. You will find in beautifully Chimbacalle neighborhood trains that ride to most of the tourist destinations in the southern parts of the capital.

Top Attractions

There is never a dull moment in Quito because there are just so many must-visit spots dotted all over the city. So when you visit Quito, slow down your pace a little and discover both the beautiful natural and man-made attractions in the city. Arguably among the superb must-sees in Quito, the top 5 attractions are: 1. Museo del Banco Central: The Museo del Banco Central museum which lies between Parque El Ejido and Casa De La Cultura is perhaps the most renowned museum not just in Quito but in all of Ecuador. It is home to some several gold works of art, as well as enchanting relics, and is just the right spot to begin your tour. 2. Teleferico: The world’s second-highest cable car, dangling at some impressive height of about 4000 meters to the sky is just another one of several magnificent attractions in Quito. 3. Parque La Carolina: This should be your last stop if you love to end your tour one of Quito’s best parks, where you can sit for a while, engage in any of the recreational games and sports, or treat yourself to a local plate of sweet food. Parque La Carolina is a great option to consider when you come visiting. 4. The Old Town: Step into the Old Town and you are teleported into the early 1500’s and 1800’s with its ancient architectural buildings and layout. 5. The Heights: Climb to the apex of Basilico del Voto Nacional to take a peep at Quito’s unique landscape, all to where the clouds touch the lands and mountains. But if you wish to see more, then maybe you should try a higher and more opened height; like the El Panecillo hill. Hold your breath for a while and just stare.

Being Local

Meet and blend with lively and amiable locals in Quito. Learning how to speak a couple of sentences in their local language is a perfect place to begin to blend into their culture. Although most locals can speak and understand English to a reasonable extent, getting to speak a little Spanish with the locals will make you experience a little taste of what it’s like to be a local. Exchange a few pleasantries at their local markets, hang out at their popular evening bars, attend evening shows, and live in the streets. You can be sure that the Ecuadorians in Quito are really friendly and will always love to offer you some assistance.

Travelling In Quito

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