What to do in Mindo

Mindo is a small beautiful town, situated at the Andes foothills of Ecuador, northeast to Quito. This town is surrounded by a mesmerizing subtropical cloud forest which is a habitat for the various species of birds, butterflies, and other mammals.  Its water bodies, home to reptiles and amphibians, are outstanding as well, as they leave you appreciating nature’s beauty. This town is famously known as one of the best eco-tourism centres.
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Best Things To Do In Mindo

Main Things You Need To Know About Mindo


The hottest months of Mindo are in September, August, and January, though late September is the warmest. However, the best time to visit is during the fall, March to May, and also January. Be aware that Mindo is really humid, so a warm weather will feel much warmer here.

Travelling Here

There is no direct air flight to Mindo as that would have been the quickest. Nevertheless, since Quito is a day trip to Mindo, approximately a 2-hour trip, there is a direct bus from Quito International airport to Mindo, for international tourists. However, for locals at Quito, there are also direct buses inside the city to Mindo. The bus company, Flor de Valle/Cayambe usually departs from Terminal Terrestre Notre, La Ofelia, and it’s still a 2- hour journey. Santo Domingo also provides a direct bus drive in and out of Mindo. Also, cars and drivers can be rented from the transportation company if the buses are not available.


Mindo offers classy and relaxing accommodations for tourists who are looking to get away from the normal traffic, to enjoy nature’s beauty; few of which are listed below: 1. Coffee lodge spa 2. Las Terrazas de Dana lodge 3. Hosteria Saguamby Mindo 4. Terrabambu lodge 5. Sisakuna lodge


For tourists who are foodies, Mindo is known for its great dishes; from their breakfast coffees, main Spanish dishes to their impressive chocolate desserts. It has both local and international cuisines. It also offers exotic drinks and beers to those who want to enjoy a night out before retiring the day. These dishes and drinks can be gotten from: 1. La Mecha Pizzería 2. El Quetzal de Mindo 3. Arepera 4. Padrino’s 5. El Nómada


The town is very safe for tourists. Crime records are very small and police offers check the town regularly. Still, it is safe to be cautious, especially women, when walking alone. It is also advisable to travel light.

Getting Around

Bycicles and taxis are the primary means of transportation in this town. Taxis should be really cheap too. Alternatively, tourists can walk almost anywhere, appreciate the town’s beauty and take photos as well. Tarabita (cable cars) are also used for rides into the hills above Mindo cloud forest, to enable an easy view of the town’s beauty from the air.

Top Attractions

Mindo breathes tourism; it is a paradise for eco-tourism. If you are looking to get away from the normal hectic life, traffic and noise, and you’re in need of a place where you’ll be able to appreciate Mother Nature, Mindo is the place for you. It is considered one of the most visited tourist towns in Ecuador, and though it speaks volume for nature lovers, it has other attractions. 1) The Butterfly Garden There is also a butterfly farm where you can go to observe the butterflies in their beauty. The pleasure of witnessing the hatching and raising of these beautiful insects is also guaranteed. 2) Birdwatcher’s paradise in Mindo: Due to the presence of over 45o species of birds in Mindo, tourists, who are birdwatchers and early risers, come in to view the birds. These birds are found mainly at the Mindo Nambillo cloud forest. Some of the birds include Scaled Fruiteaters, Mandibled Toucans, Toucan Barbers, Giant Antpittes, and Cock-of-the-Rock; out of which the latter is the most popular in Mindo. 3) Mindo Nambillo Cloud Forest This forest is known for its lustrous natural beauty, with over 20,000 hectares of land as its own. It is located at the Andes Mountain. This forest is a habitat for the birds, butterflies, mammals and orchid garden. Tourists could go on activities like zip lining, hiking through the Forest Mountains, bird watching, and trekking. 4) The Mindo Nambillo river/waterfalls This is found in the cloud forest. Using the tarabita (cable cars), this river can be viewed from the mountain top. This river serves as a home to reptiles and amphibians. Mindo is also known for its mesmerizing waterfalls, as Nambillo Cascada is the most popular waterfall. When tubing down the river, the sounds of the running water around and the flapping wings of the hummingbirds is a melody. Swimming is also allowed at the waterslide areas which drop into smaller pools in the Nambillo Cascada. 5) Chocolate Factories and Tours Another exceptional

Being Local

Even though English is spoken a bit in Mindo, learning new words in Spanish will help the tourists to blend well into the town. Participating in other recreational activities like hiking, birdwatching, among others will also go a long way.

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