Artistic, beautiful, magical, natural, historic, and energetic; Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, stands tall and proud among others in Ecuador. Historic buildings, natural parks, magnificent churches and cathedrals, are easily spotted over the entire city, almost not sparing any corner in the streets without a slice of fun and excitement. Guayaquil is simply a land blessed with so many perfect spots; you can’t go wrong paying a visit to this city.
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Best Things To Do In Guayaquil

Main Things You Need To Know About Guayaquil


From January to April Guayaquil experiences heavy rainfalls, a high humidity percentage, and hot climate. However, the weather gets comfortably sweet for the rest of the year with cloudy days, breezy nights, and lesser rainfall, making the best times to visit and explore the marvels of Guayaquil. Generally, Guayaquil has a very good weather all year round.

Travelling Here

Land, sea, air, how do you want it, they’ve got it all. José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport considered the best in the continent makes entry into Guayaquil possible by flight. And with the lure of the Galapagos Islands just a few meters away from this terminal, this is just the perfect gateway not just into Guayaquil but Ecuador by extension. Guayaquil also has one of the major seaports in the continent. In fact, it’s the biggest and most important seaport in Ecuador. Tourists and foreigners alike can gain entry into Guayaquil through this means. Of course, you can find reliable and convenient buses to take you into the country from all major cities including all neighbouring cities and countries too. Perhaps this might be considered as the best option for all enthusiastic sightseeing lovers. As it also offers them the opportunity to absorb all the wonders lined at the sides of the road.


Guayaquil has so many lodging options, and you will always find a decent one that suits your pocket. Need a good and quality service for a considerably low price? then check out any of the following, but of course, it’s not limited to these alone; Hotel Rio, Hotel Berlín, Hotel Alexander, or Suites Guayaquil. Lodging options at mid-range include La Fontana, Marriott Courtyard Guayaquil, Iguanazú, and many others. For the best of luxury, then you can stop by any of the city’s 4-star rated hotels like Unipark Hotels, Best Western Hotel. Or go 5-star at Hotel Continental, Grand Hotel Guayaquil, Hilton Colón International, or Grand Hotel Guayaquil.


With border next to the South Pacific Ocean, it’s no surprise that Guayaquil’s best recipe are seafood meals, but do not underestimate their meals. Eating in Guayaquil is not really all about the Guayaquil’s culture, meals offered at their cuisines and restaurants has a tantalizing magic of West African, Italian, and Unique Spanish touch. They’ve got exquisite cuisines and restaurants like Burger King, Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonald’s, and Pizza Hut.


Like in most major cities, tourists in Guayaquil should be aware that they are always at risk of been victims of petty thefts, bag snatching, pick-pocketing, and the likes. The police do their best to keep the city as safe as they can make it, but don’t forget your security begins with you. Keep a low profile, never take out your wallet in the open, refrain from moving around with your expensive accessories and valuables, plus avoid lonely streets when it’s late into the night.

Getting Around

Get around Guayaquil by taxis, bus, car, or by Metrovia makes it easier to go round the city. You can decide to do it yourself by hiring a car just outside the Guayaquil’s airport and use GPS to navigate your way through the city, so you move at your pace and make stops wherever you choose to. Easy to spot ‘taxi amigos’ and standard taxis pick you up from where you are to where you want to go with no stress at all for a comfortable price. The cheapest means of getting around the city is using the bus system. It is a convenient way of moving from one spot to and another in Guayaquil. Metrovia takes you from the north to the south and from the north to the west at a comfortable fare.

Top Attractions

Guayaquil has lots of charming natural and man-made places to visit. Some top attractions in the city include: 1. Cerro Santa Ana 2. Malecón 2000 3. Museo Presley Norton 4. Parque Histórico Guayaquil 5. Plaza Lagos 6. Iguana Park 7. Lighthouse 8. Guayaquil Metropolitan Cathedral 9. Zoo el Pantanal 10. Plaza Lagos

Being Local

Live in Guayaquil like a local. Grab a bite of Guayaquil signature pan de yucca and the Ecuadorian ceviche, and of course, you just can’t escape the seafood here. You can meet and make lovely friends here. It’s easy to find locals who will be excited to show you around. Learn their history and get immerse in their colourful culture. Be assured that you will be glad you did.

Travelling In Guayaquil

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